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지민이가 스키장 가냐고 물어봐줬다 #김데일리 방탄소년단's photo on Kylie
07 Dec, 08:34 AM UTC
Alluring Ivy ✨
I ain’t ever bought a single product from her company but I can admit Miss Kylie Jenner Lowkey did that with the co…
07 Dec, 01:45 AM UTC
Me watching y’all argue about Kylie Cosmetics THE HOOD ORACLE's photo on Kylie
07 Dec, 01:12 AM UTC
La Bronze James
that brings me to something @urbandoll and I pointed out about Kylie’s swatches. I’m not sure what the fuss is abou…
07 Dec, 03:05 AM UTC
Blending Queen
I’ll give Kylie my coins when she starts acting like she actually cares about the ppl and culture she steals from Everyday
07 Dec, 02:25 AM UTC
FreshFaceHoney 🐝
I’m not saying this to bash Kylie at all. Let’s just be clear that before Fenty Beauty came, nobody was doing this…
07 Dec, 12:38 AM UTC
The amount of black girls on my snap tryna hype this product knowing full well Kylie didn't give a damn about inclu…
07 Dec, 01:17 AM UTC
Alluring Ivy ✨
Kylie only had highlights eyeshadow and lipstick so for the first actual launch it’s a good start. Y’all don’t like…
07 Dec, 02:03 AM UTC
Please let it be known KYLIE WOULD NOT HAVE HAD "30 inclusive shades" if it wasn't for Fenty beauty's sale results,…
07 Dec, 12:48 AM UTC
06 Dec, 09:14 PM UTC
kylie minogue
👉🏻 #Repost kylieanngram ・・・ Happy 13th anniversary #Ibelieveinyou!!! 🎶🙌🏻✨💫⭐️💜 #kylieminogue on Twitter">#kylieminogue #kylie
06 Dec, 04:07 PM UTC
Beautiful Tgirls XXX
Hot Tgirl Kylie Maria🔥🔥🔥 Beautiful Tgirls XXX's photo on Kylie
06 Dec, 05:46 PM UTC
Our Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealers give a luminous finish that looks just like your skin! Pictured: Jasper, a rich…
07 Dec, 02:00 AM UTC
folake aina
Yall saw the end of kylie cosmetics with the launch of fenty beauty, while kylie saw where she gon find her next ideas
07 Dec, 01:10 AM UTC
y'all remember when Kylie gave those kids $100 for 2 cups of lemonade 😂
07 Dec, 02:38 AM UTC
@ImLaVizzo @TheeOnlyOciera kylie cosmetics literally has been shaking since fenty dropped. i don’t even think compl…
07 Dec, 03:21 AM UTC
your weave stink
me watching y’all be shook over anything Kylie comes out with when it’s just repackaged and overexpensive Colourpop…
07 Dec, 01:04 AM UTC
LMAO Kylie Jenner is a fucking joke. How are black women supporting her?????
07 Dec, 02:28 AM UTC
Jas Frost⛄️
Kylie has 30 concealer shades now 😳... Rihanna applied pressure and now everyone’s trying to diversify. Too late 🙅🏾‍♀️
07 Dec, 12:06 AM UTC
Kylie think she slick coming out with 30 shades of concealer. We still buying Fenty, girl.
07 Dec, 12:08 AM UTC
🔥The Breast GIFs🔥
✔Check out ALL my gifs of the stunning, Kylie Page! ↪🔥The Breast GIFs🔥's photo on Kylie
07 Dec, 01:04 AM UTC
@tragicactress @KayymDee @MakeupIcon @kyliecosmetics No it is impressive, there were brands with deep dark shades b…
07 Dec, 01:06 AM UTC
Mohla by si uz dopici ta Carrie přestat hrat na Kylie? Vypada mozna tak jak zmalovana pica,at toho fakt necha. Prosim
07 Dec, 06:33 AM UTC
ตอบช้าเค้าสอบบบบ 🔥
Kylie Skin Concealers ออกใหม่ด้วยจ้าาาาาา มีทั้งหมด 30 สี 💗 เดียวมาเปิดพรีพร้อมลิปน้าาาาาา เล็งไว้เบย 🍑
07 Dec, 08:18 AM UTC
emma kaohi
Everyone: If Kylie comes out with concealers/foundations she better have a good shade range Kylie: *has a bomb shad…
07 Dec, 12:43 AM UTC
Ani Caribbean
Shawty bad as hell, yeah. With them Kylie Jenner lips.
06 Dec, 12:29 PM UTC
Votre Kylie toute sa vie c’est sucer Rihanna enft 👑's photo on Kylie
07 Dec, 01:22 AM UTC
Ambassador for the Ugly-Fine Committee
Kylie's shade range is bomb but I think a foundation launch would have been a better fit, bc I don't really think t…
07 Dec, 08:36 AM UTC
The Ancient One
Only because Fenty did it first. Let’s not act like Kylie actually cares about providing shades for all.
07 Dec, 07:59 AM UTC
Y'all mad Kylie Jenner added more diverse shades to her makeup line, but y'all would've been even more mad if she d…
07 Dec, 08:33 AM UTC
Omgggg my Christmas presents for Kylie 😭😭 I'm so excited for her to open them
07 Dec, 08:48 AM UTC
mais Kylie cette vieille meuf😭
07 Dec, 08:01 AM UTC
Kylie worried cause Rihanna taking all her coins
07 Dec, 08:31 AM UTC
King Alexandria.
Rihanna is the Olympics, Kylie can't even get in the stadium lol
07 Dec, 08:48 AM UTC
Kylie Jenner really dropped a concealer range wow did fenty beauty really have her that shook
07 Dec, 08:45 AM UTC
@xopa_l Ееее помогает
07 Dec, 08:43 AM UTC
manon ♡
Kylie qui sort des fond de teint c'est cool mais trouver sa teinte sur internet ça va bien être galère
07 Dec, 08:48 AM UTC
Only strawberry girl can use them sorry Kylie @kyliecosmetics Tuana's photo on Kylie
07 Dec, 08:48 AM UTC
Lisa Chang
First fabulous gay couple to book Kylie Minogue for their wedding gets me on a 16hr flight back Down Under. YAY Australia!
07 Dec, 08:48 AM UTC
India Byrd
Y'all, @kyliecosmetics ain't PLAYIN WITH YALL NO MORE! So happy to see concealers for EVERY SHADE OF PERSON. Some o…
07 Dec, 08:48 AM UTC
manliligaw ni yusuke @ CF B-B04 CripDep
@noctilin !???!?!?!? W H AT aaaaaaaaAaa i only had enough for the planner only T___T
07 Dec, 08:48 AM UTC
Anyone else think the new Kylie concealers look so much like the @JeffreeStar velour liquid lip tubes just in silver? 😳
07 Dec, 08:48 AM UTC
Kylie Minogue - Spinning Around (iTunes Festival) [Audio]
07 Dec, 08:47 AM UTC
I don't really like Kylie's makeup but some of her concealer shades still look like lipsticks to me
07 Dec, 08:47 AM UTC
La Kylie Jenner aucune personnalité avec toutes ses teintes de fdt comme a fait rih 🤚🏼
07 Dec, 08:47 AM UTC
King Alexandria.
Kylie started advertising her makeup for women of color after Fenty Beauty dropped. Case closed. Don't @ me.
07 Dec, 08:47 AM UTC
@browncock11 Nicki will bury your face in her ass and pussy and Kylie will probably ride you when your cock is rock…
07 Dec, 08:46 AM UTC
Listening to Kylie Minogue before an exam, what a game changer💪🏽🎼
07 Dec, 08:45 AM UTC
@blackflag23 Eggnog instead of mayo.
07 Dec, 08:44 AM UTC
Rihanna pushed and pushed for the makeup world to have a clear diversification. Kylie is only following in her foo…
07 Dec, 08:44 AM UTC
Born Culture
📷 celeb-cafe: Kylie Jenner Shows Off Small Baby Bump Under Loose Christmas Sweater During Shocking...
07 Dec, 08:44 AM UTC
It’s 2:43 am and sum girl wanna be in my mentions talking mess abt Kylie
07 Dec, 08:43 AM UTC
Celina Song
we all know you’re pregnant kylie
07 Dec, 08:43 AM UTC
@HBoogiee Yh I get that but my point is other brands still do that so the point is still valid might not apply to k…
07 Dec, 08:42 AM UTC
@notonedead @xopa_l из бантанов можно целый зоопарк собрать
07 Dec, 08:42 AM UTC
beauty tips
Please RT #beauty #makeup ##skincare They're Here! Kylie Jenner Just Dropped 4 New Fall Lip Kits
07 Dec, 08:41 AM UTC
are you serious???? Kylie coming out with foundation now?! 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
07 Dec, 08:41 AM UTC
lil booty vert
Kylie's packaging always looks so ugly omg
07 Dec, 08:40 AM UTC
kayleigh cutway
Stop hatin on Kylie cause she expanding. If you TRUELY don’t like the product I’d like to see you take the damn tim…
07 Dec, 08:40 AM UTC
Kylie qui sort 30 teintes de concealers le 13 décembre j'ai hâte de voir ce que ça va donner.... Après je me doute…
07 Dec, 08:40 AM UTC
Erika Jackson
girl on guy porn kylie ireland pornstar
07 Dec, 08:40 AM UTC
Saraya Beric
Maybe I need to start up my wedding entertainment business again. Can do Kylie and Adele in a string quartet 🎻🎶 #marriageequality
07 Dec, 08:39 AM UTC
Why do I feel like like kylie cosmetics is just out here coming out with products which are so similar to other bea…
07 Dec, 08:39 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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