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خالد بن طلال
#مسابقه_الوليد_شفاه_الله_صفر السؤال: من هو القائد الذي فتح الصين؟ ملاحظة يجب كتابة يوزر المستخدم للمتسابق مع الإج… https://t.co/pFSw9ok5Z1
17 Nov, 07:02 PM UTC

Gabby Douglas

Shane Ravello 🇹🇹
We should've known Gabby Douglas wasn't to be trusted after she got on National television and tried to convince us… https://t.co/IKxxLtxNMJ
17 Nov, 11:38 PM UTC


Please give what you can tonight and share this story showing what the #ChildrenInNeed donations did for this lovel… https://t.co/CuFF1KnXQQ
17 Nov, 10:21 PM UTC


楽屋1番乗り系YouTuber(音あり) #ufes
17 Nov, 08:46 PM UTC


aLec robBins ☔️
every single word in the sentence "homestuck tumblr fandom doxxed dril" would require at least 4 hours each to explain to my dad
17 Nov, 08:16 PM UTC


Vignesh ShivN
Happy Birthday to a woman I really look upto 😇😇 Stay Bold😍stay beautiful😘 jus keep creating that stunning story… https://t.co/ncRi21AKUx
18 Nov, 03:01 AM UTC


Salman Khan
All the best @IndSuperLeague. Looking forward to a great season. I am ready to rock the opening ceremony @starindiahttps://t.co/QrGK2s9QZm
17 Nov, 12:55 PM UTC

Top Trends in USA


Barstool Sports
This ref is at least 99% electric eel 1% human being
17 Nov, 06:59 PM UTC

Stage 2

Kevan Kenney
How did @BTS_twt feel on the @AMAs stage today? They just told us backstage! #BTSxAMAs
18 Nov, 12:10 AM UTC


【サザエさん】 カツオ、論破される マスオ、ハブられる
17 Nov, 10:25 AM UTC

Ryan Seacrest

BTS visited 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest!' today ahead of their AMAs performance this weekend https://t.co/n66cLecAxF
18 Nov, 02:00 AM UTC


Jorge Verstrynge
Por haber sido secretario de comisiones de estudio, de acción territorial, organización y, finalmente, secretario g… https://t.co/4giSdrdj90
17 Nov, 03:10 PM UTC

End 1

Mike Golic
Wow, the start of mike and mike to the end....I have the greatest family
17 Nov, 05:04 PM UTC

Austin Rivers

Bleacher Report
Bron cooked Austin Rivers 😬
18 Nov, 02:50 AM UTC

Music Bank

TWICE(트와이스) "LIKEY" Stage @ KBS Music Bank 2017.11.17 https://t.co/nvhciCInfD #TWICE #트와이스 #LIKEY
17 Nov, 09:52 AM UTC


Richard Engel
Our investigation into how President Trump made millions from a building tied to organized crime. @Reutershttps://t.co/9CRSu2vnhQ
17 Nov, 12:22 PM UTC

Top Trends in Japan


永年に渡り“ブルマ”の声優を務めて頂いた鶴ひろみさんがお亡くなりになりました。 あまりにも突然のことで、信じられず、なかなか言葉が見つかりません。 鶴さんは、たくさんの勇気と優しさを届けてくださいました。 本当にありがとうござい… https://t.co/ALj6Ut2ocI
17 Nov, 09:50 AM UTC


今日はミッキーとミニーのお誕生日。 どうやらふたりともサプライズを用意しているみたい♡ https://t.co/Br03J12inP #ハッピーバースデーミッキー #ハッピーバースデーミニー
17 Nov, 11:01 PM UTC


らんまの30周年なのに、 うっちゃんいなくなって。 言葉も見つからず一日を過ごしたけど、 大動脈剥離という、きっと想像をこえる激痛の中、車を停めてハザード点けて、ちゃんとしまつをつける鶴さんらしさに ただただ、姉さん最期までカッ… https://t.co/fjUexJcEQ2
17 Nov, 10:08 AM UTC


★「アイ★チュウ」×「A3!」コラボキャラクター公開★ 本日から3日間に渡ってコラボキャラクターを公開していきます!第1弾は…「春組・佐久間咲也&F∞F・愛童星夜」「冬組・有栖川誉&ArS・折原輝」です♪… https://t.co/lxrJDdbKa3
17 Nov, 09:00 AM UTC


F18戦闘機が空に男性器… 米海軍、パイロットを処分 https://t.co/Shi6pN8z8d @afpbbcomさんから
18 Nov, 12:37 AM UTC


🇺🇸RTで1,500円分のマックカードがその場で当たるチャンス‼️✨😊→①公式をフォロー②この投稿をRT③結果が @Love_McD から届く❗詳細は https://t.co/txu7fPYbBAhttps://t.co/0aCPlCan1a
17 Nov, 11:00 AM UTC


music station
THE RAMPAGEの皆さんからコメントが届きました🤣 隣にいるメンバーの印象を一言で教えてくれました😎 最新曲「100degrees」のパフォーマンスもお楽しみに✨ #Mステ #THERAMPAGE
17 Nov, 11:02 AM UTC


music station
今日もMステの裏側こっそり見せちゃいます!その1 #THERAMPAGE Mステ2度目の出演で入念なリハです😊 #ウラステ https://t.co/6MbVA5u8FQ
17 Nov, 09:09 AM UTC


1部ありがとうございました!! うちわとかボードとか見えて嬉しかったよ!!!!!(´°ω°)✨ 午後からはレインボーエリアです!待ってるねぇ #ufes
18 Nov, 05:29 AM UTC

Top Technology Tweets

Selena Gomez
Wolves video x @marshmellomusic is out now! Watch it first on @applemusic. 🐺 https://t.co/gKCG3e9ef0
17 Nov, 04:08 PM UTC
Marques Brownlee
Roadster 2 0-60 in 1.9s 0-100 in 4.2s 250+mph 620-mile range 0 regrets You got me, @Tesla @elonmusk
18 Nov, 12:14 AM UTC
Narendra Modi
What are your ideas for this month’s #MannKiBaat, which will be held on Sunday, 26th November? Share them with me o… https://t.co/z1QmFkz0G5
18 Nov, 02:33 AM UTC
We’ve discovered thousands of worlds orbiting around other stars including many that are similar in size to Earth.… https://t.co/4j5Y6v0rub
17 Nov, 05:21 PM UTC
Richard Dawkins
Please sign the petition. https://t.co/yjl3FkEL8k
17 Nov, 03:15 PM UTC
Marques Brownlee
NEW VIDEO - Let's Talk About Tesla Roadster 2020! https://t.co/uH1TDuSAlV - RT!
17 Nov, 08:41 PM UTC
The Verge
This robot can perform backflips
18 Nov, 01:41 AM UTC
Neil deGrasse Tyson
This is what happens when you name your kid Orion and give him the StarTalk Book on his 3rd birthday: [Video; 6min] https://t.co/ssmT1bKGm4
17 Nov, 02:29 PM UTC
RT to #WIN a Samsung Galaxy A3 from BT Mobile to celebrate our #BlackFriday event! Daily prizes 😊 T&Cs apply:… https://t.co/1TtRDX6eSt
17 Nov, 01:00 PM UTC

Top Business Tweets

Topher Spiro
BREAKING: Murkowski is a no on the tax bill unless Alexander-Murray passes first. (NARRATOR: It won't.) https://t.co/XARx2GLNNR
17 Nov, 04:04 PM UTC
Jake Tapper
A reminder of the many women who have accused the president of sexual harassment or assault:… https://t.co/8H7DCoFnNV
17 Nov, 04:14 PM UTC
Paul Krugman
Do not circulate this chart. Orrin Hatch will be very angry and use bad words. https://t.co/bZtjDozxG4
17 Nov, 11:04 PM UTC
2017 has been a major year for BTS. A look at the K-pop group's success, by the numbers: https://t.co/3a9CyuAZ8V
17 Nov, 08:31 AM UTC
Paul Krugman
If there were any doubt about who this serves, the special tax break for private planes should settle it https://t.co/mVbcQc0xeQ
17 Nov, 02:00 PM UTC
Bill Gates
Access to state-level health trends in India will be a game changer for policymakers and practitioners:… https://t.co/Qz2pibtyXE
18 Nov, 01:31 AM UTC
Matt McDermott
Under the GOP tax plan, teachers can't write-off their school supplies but billionaires can write-off their private… https://t.co/vA27Usx64G
17 Nov, 01:26 PM UTC
Baijayant Jay Panda
How abt explaining to the masses the importance of improved country ratings? Impact on credit, investment, job crea… https://t.co/eq03OVIkIJ
18 Nov, 03:35 AM UTC
Jared Kushner failed to disclose outreach from Putin ally to the Trump campaign, sources say.
17 Nov, 11:46 PM UTC

Top Culture Tweets

D N A #BTSxAMAs rehearsals. ✅ Sunday at 8/7c on ABC. https://t.co/RpxJ52fGGj
17 Nov, 09:05 PM UTC
To celebrate our first U.S. TV performance at the @AMAs this Sunday… #BTSxAMAs pins + patches  now available:… https://t.co/HupiugcPdd
17 Nov, 08:54 PM UTC
\12日間限定/ #ホットミルク無料プレゼント ♪ フォロー&リツイートで、11/20まで 毎日抽選で【1万名様】に #ホットミルク がその場で当たります(^^) 10日目は11/19 10:59まで!#ローソン #マチカフェhttps://t.co/aGnvaFbmDU
18 Nov, 02:00 AM UTC
Miley Ray Cyrus
Damn. My man lookin hunky as f❤️ck! ❤️💕❤️💕
17 Nov, 04:31 PM UTC
Simone Biles
shocks me that I’m seeing this but it doesn’t surprise me... honestly seeing this brings me to tears bc as your tea… https://t.co/sDwKBr4eOI
17 Nov, 10:50 PM UTC
【お知らせ】12月6日(水)発売予定のTrickstarの楽曲試聴を開始しました! 『BREAKTHROUGH!』と『DIAMOND SUMMER』の2曲です♪ https://t.co/3VSRaDdD8b
17 Nov, 09:00 AM UTC
★「アイ★チュウ」×「A3!」コラボキャラクター公開★ 本日から3日間に渡ってコラボキャラクターを公開していきます!第1弾は…「春組・佐久間咲也&F∞F・愛童星夜」「冬組・有栖川誉&ArS・折原輝」です♪… https://t.co/lxrJDdbKa3
17 Nov, 09:00 AM UTC
Which #AMAs performance are you most excited to see? Vote! https://t.co/WUJt0EYtGb
17 Nov, 11:40 PM UTC

Top Sports Tweets

James Comey
“The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, whether i… https://t.co/GlAg1BWFbO
17 Nov, 08:31 PM UTC
One final sign-off.
17 Nov, 03:32 PM UTC
LeBron James
Mama we sure did!! 330 where we come from. https://t.co/MCqianUaoc
17 Nov, 06:21 PM UTC
Cristiano Ronaldo
If you missed out on the first drop of my Mercurial CR7 Melhor, you can get them again now in Europe here … https://t.co/JfyN9ao8iF
17 Nov, 08:29 AM UTC
Class is in session. #SCtop10
18 Nov, 03:01 AM UTC
Manchester United
Jose Mourinho tells #MUTV that Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marcos Rojo are all in contention to feature agai… https://t.co/cEWEaNw9Gf
17 Nov, 01:44 PM UTC
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