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"This is gonna be somethin' you DO NOT wanna miss." @ClintBowyer, @TylerReddick and @jamiemcmurray take a few @iRacing laps around the LA Coliseum during NASCAR Race Hub. @NASCARONFOX's photo on la coliseum
14 Sep, 10:57 PM UTC
These guys know a thing or two about the LA Coliseum. They're excited for the 2022 Clash in California. @ReggieBush | @MattLeinartQB | @CFBONFOX | #NASCAR @NASCARONFOX's photo on la coliseum
14 Sep, 10:36 PM UTC
Barstool Sportsbook
There’s going to be a NASCAR race INSIDE the LA Coliseum @rubbinisracing @BSSportsbook's photo on la coliseum
14 Sep, 10:56 PM UTC
FOX Sports
BREAKING: The 2022 #NASCAR Clash will be held at at the LA Coliseum in California. FOX: NASCAR's own @bobpockrass breaks it down.
14 Sep, 10:38 PM UTC
Elijah Burke
The LA Coliseum is a great move! BTW if you don’t want to be stuck in traffic for the green flag I suggest you leave now
14 Sep, 10:44 PM UTC
Noah C Cornelius
I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that NASCAR is racing at the LA Coliseum one before the SUPER BOWL. With eyes already being on LA for the largest sporting event in America, this is a BIG opportunity for NASCAR to get attention—especially with the Next-Gen car👀
14 Sep, 10:46 PM UTC
Matt Weaver
Anderson Speedway Oxford Plains Speedway If the LA Coliseum can come close to that kind of race, we're in for a good time. I see that potential here.
14 Sep, 11:14 PM UTC
Jay Ward
@NASCAR I'm just hear to say that we had Piston Cup Racing at LA Coliseum back in 2006... 😎🏁
14 Sep, 11:00 PM UTC
Ryan McGee
Congrats to #NASCAR landing next year's Clash in the LA Coliseum. I say make them run the @XGames Rally Cross course!
15 Sep, 12:25 AM UTC
Jenna Fryer
#NASCAR shifts Clash to LA Coliseum in 2022; uses footage of 2006 Rose Bowl in hype video for race (unless USC painted its field Texas colors and Reggie Bush came back?!) @JennaFryer's photo on la coliseum
14 Sep, 11:33 PM UTC
Brian Bonner
Let’s not forget that the LA Coliseum is the stadium where Supercross was born with the 1972 Super Bowl of Motocross
15 Sep, 12:14 AM UTC
The Racing Plug 🏎🔌
Dodge Raceway walked so the LA Coliseum could run
14 Sep, 10:59 PM UTC
Jacob Ullman
It’s pretty amazing when worlds collide! The first race of the 2022 Nascar season will be inside the LA Coliseum on February 6th. This will be an awesome and unique event. Thanks to @MattLeinartQB and @ReggieBush for welcoming the world. Can’t wait!
15 Sep, 12:15 AM UTC
STORY: #NASCAR is taking its annual Clash event to the @lacoliseum in 2022:
14 Sep, 11:24 PM UTC
Daniel Kriete
As announced on RaceHub, The Busch Clash will move to The LA Coliseum on Feb 6th #NASCAR
14 Sep, 10:32 PM UTC
Always Race Day
NASCAR announces on Race Hub that it will begin its 2022 season with the Busch Clash at the LA Coliseum. Race will be ran on Sunday, Feb. 6.
14 Sep, 10:45 PM UTC
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15 Sep, 12:36 AM UTC
@DFM6767 @nishiodan The LA Coliseum is a dump and I never see a good crowd there. I don’t understand why they think they should be such a premier program with crap facilities and tepid/fair weather fan base.
15 Sep, 12:50 AM UTC
Aaron Creed
@MattWeaverAW If SRL ends up being at Irwindale the evening before, I hope you can convince many of our friends that will be at the LA Coliseum the next day to come. 😉
15 Sep, 12:36 AM UTC
With the announcement today about Nascar going to the LA Coliseum, I'm seeing dozens of people complaining that they didn't chose a local short track. Look, Nascar ain't tiny. Your middle of nowhere, 1500 local population town, 1/4th mile bull ring can't host an event that big.
15 Sep, 12:35 AM UTC
Alan Nadeau III
LA Coliseum is literally Bowman Gray but on a bigger scale
15 Sep, 01:12 AM UTC
Trey Songz Diamondsz
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15 Sep, 01:10 AM UTC
Trey Songz Diamondsz
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15 Sep, 01:07 AM UTC
Lucas Caylor
some nascar fans gotta get over the LA Coliseum thing. It's a new short track, it's a night race, it's a goofy exhibition event that really serves no purpose other than being a relic of the "good old days." It's everything that part of the audience loves, except it's in LA.
15 Sep, 01:05 AM UTC
Justin Nguyen 🏈🏁
Throwback to when the LA Coliseum held a 500-lap midget race on July 1, 1947. Danny Oakes initially won, but Duane Carter was declared the winner after a four-day review by AAA. Second photo source (a practice session): Wilmington Daily Press Journal, June 28, 1947
15 Sep, 12:29 AM UTC
E. Bell
The Piston Cup Championship race walked so racing at the LA Coliseum could run.
15 Sep, 12:24 AM UTC
Christopher Estrada
Sometimes, I've thought about #NASCAR needing to put itself & its stars in places we wouldn't expect. Racing at the LA Coliseum fits the bill. But it doesn't have to be just the venue...
15 Sep, 01:04 AM UTC
Shake IT News Digest
Clint Bowyer was already pumped about NASCAR’s newest venue while iRacing at LA Coliseum
15 Sep, 01:02 AM UTC
Heather Williams
🚨🚨#NASCAR is officially headed to the LA Coliseum for the Clash. ➡️ 📺 Chris and I talked about the possibility last week on The Backstretch. ⬇️ @WCYB_Heather's photo on la coliseum
15 Sep, 12:47 AM UTC
Brennen McCall
NASCAR at the LA Coliseum sounds unreal
15 Sep, 12:46 AM UTC