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Keir Starmer
This is a turning point for the Labour Party. Change starts now. @Keir_Starmer's photo on Labour
07 May, 10:23 AM UTC
Parody Boris
So there we have it - I lost 500 seats, which Tory MPs agree is a good result for me, but a poor perfirmance by Labour. Now I can get back to ruining the country.
07 May, 10:34 AM UTC
(((Dan Hodges)))
Another thing to note. Labour said Angela Rayner wasn't at the Durham Event. The memo detailing the event literally has her listed at the top as one of the two "Principles".
07 May, 04:53 PM UTC
Chris Bryant
Just a reminder of what the Mail said would be “disaster” for the Tories and “triumph” for Labour along with results so far. Yesterday was a disaster for the Tories under Johnson and a triumph for Labour under Starmer. Johnson’s buoyancy is a lie. https://t.co/NbNxHBtdcD
07 May, 10:58 AM UTC
Pippa Crerar
While Labour struggles to get a grip on #beergate, I’m told that fines for the Downing Street Christmas bash that kicked off the whole #Partygate scandal have started to drop… https://t.co/XAlyZ9mExF
07 May, 06:07 PM UTC
Auschwitz Memorial
8 May 1896 | Stanisława Leszczyńska was born - a Polish #midwife, prisoner of the German #Auschwitz camp no. 41335. At the female infirmary in Birkenau she received childbirths trying to save #women in labour & refusing to kill newborn babies. She passed away in 1974. @AuschwitzMuseum's photo on Labour
08 May, 05:00 AM UTC
John Edwards
Is anyone else hoping that @Keir_Starmer gets a police ticket for partying, is forced to resign and one of the few socialists left in Labour becomes Leader taking the Party back to its historic roots representing the interests of ordinary working class people?
07 May, 11:34 AM UTC
Cllr Wayne Dixon
The moment it was announced. Sadly the Labour candidate (Maroon suit) couldn’t even shake my hand. My Wife’s reaction is gold 😂. https://t.co/P9IVB1rAlk
07 May, 08:24 PM UTC
Tom Harwood
Labour kept telling us there was an incidental curry ordered during work We now know that is not true. The day’s op note - whilst recognising the national lockdown in place - listed the curry as a pre-planned social event. And no further work afterwards. https://t.co/mZAFTbjx0C @tomhfh's photo on Labour
07 May, 05:06 PM UTC
Adam Brooks 🗽
So while Labour had a boozy Friday night social, me and my staff were freezing outside of the pub, serving the poor customers wrapped up in coats & blankets, whilst not taking enough to pay the bills. They knew it was all b****** too. The whole of Parliament did. https://t.co/behRKDEOrv
07 May, 05:59 PM UTC
Tory Fibs
Labour won 32 new council seats in England. It represents 9% of the seats the Tories lost. 91% of the seats the Tories lost went to smaller parties.
07 May, 05:25 PM UTC
Jackie Palestinian Lives Matter Schneider 🌹
It was entirely predictable that Labour lost Harrow. The right wingers spent more energy attacking & suspending the brilliant community champion @PamelaFitzNWC than they did fighting Tories. This is what enables Tories. Solidarity Pam.
07 May, 11:43 AM UTC
Lewis Goodall
Labour’s sudden progress in Westminster is quite something, @lewis_goodall's photo on Labour
07 May, 01:43 PM UTC
Sky News
"We've made huge strides" Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting praises Labour's "remarkable" results in the #localelections2022 but warns against "complacency" as "more work is needed to win the next general election". https://t.co/rVaCMC4Tkp Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 @SkyNews's photo on Labour
07 May, 07:58 AM UTC
Helen Salmon Alliance for decency#johnsonout
The media, particularly the BBC are anti Labour. They are talking up the Starmer issue. It’s so bloody blatant.
08 May, 06:04 AM UTC
Andrew Parnall - Brexit can't/won't work, ever!
I'm probably going to be unpopular, I may lose a few followers, but I have to say Corbyn & his acolytes are probably why @UKLabour didn't do better. Not voting for Labour because of Starmer is handing it to the Tories. You're why the Tories are still in power, sort your shit out https://t.co/rC6lb8XYVL
07 May, 01:37 PM UTC
Phantom Power
Revealing that Lord McConnell’s solution to Scotland’s constitutional question is not to ask the Scottish people with a referendum but to ‘park’ democracy. The unelected peer misleadingly claims Scottish Labour is entirely pro-union when multiple polls show 40% back independence. https://t.co/6feqhRYFLJ
07 May, 04:05 PM UTC
Last week Tom was asking what parties are. Now all of a sudden he’s Columbo. Service doesn’t work like that, Tom. You’d know that if you’d ever done honest days work. If anything this demonstrates that Starmer and Labour respect hospitality staff and workers. https://t.co/PlJuEpEV2S
08 May, 06:48 AM UTC
Will lefty’s & Labour MP’s stop going on about London election results making out it’s a working class city that have had enough of Tory London is now an immigrant & ethnic saturated shit hole where the majority are not working class, they’re Benefit Class So would only vote👇 https://t.co/BrhrNCFWVF
07 May, 08:24 AM UTC
Gavan Reilly
POLL: Sunday Independent/Ireland Thinks (May 6, MoE 3%) Sinn Féin 34 (+1 in four weeks) Fine Gael 23 (+1) Fianna Fáil 16 (-2) Soc Dems 4 (-2) Labour 4 Greens 4 (+1) PBP-Solidarity 3 (+1) Aontú 3 Inds/others 8 (-2) https://t.co/Zkok403wsH
07 May, 07:20 PM UTC
Rebellion or Extinction - Join a Union
FINAL RESULTS are in: Left Labour won in London. Except where Blue Labour was standing (Croydon, Harrow) Blue Labour lost in the north. And Midlands LEFT Labour won in Wales Real Labour won in Worthing A genuine LEFT party won in NI Starmer announces new purge of the left
07 May, 10:53 PM UTC
Prof Gayle Letherby 💙 #PeaceAndJustice
I don't think any politician should be doorstopped (for their own safety and that of their neighbours). It seems the mainstream media agree with me now we don't have a socialist leading Labour.
07 May, 11:17 PM UTC
Toby Young
Keir Starmer is in very hot water after the Mail on Sunday obtained a secret Labour Party document which appears to blow apart his version of events over 'Beergate'. https://t.co/sCGqkSqHzV
07 May, 10:20 PM UTC
Sometimes Timothy
@2201Mark @RealJamieKay @LBC I think you'll find Labour are still in opposition because many of the plp and hq actively worked against Corbyn in both GEs, but I understand how those facts don't fit your narrative, so best to pretend they don't exist https://t.co/o33gl4Zjle
07 May, 03:58 PM UTC
GB News
A leaked document reveals the curry enjoyed by the Labour leader and colleagues in April 2021 was planned in advance on the schedule for the day's campaigning https://t.co/dSKIQd0G6J
08 May, 04:15 AM UTC
Donahue Rogers
@ThatJohnJones @UKLabour @Keir_Starmer "shouldn't this result in expulsion from the Party?" 172 members of PLP who conspired against Jeremy Corbyn and membership that supported him, even to the point of sabotaging own election campaigns because preferred tories to transformative Labour govt Yes, I think it should https://t.co/MLnv3CxPNM
07 May, 07:45 PM UTC
Peter Brookes
My cartoon Saturday @TheTimes. In the #LocalElections2022, Labour didn’t do well enough to indicate future success. #LongCorbyn #KeirStarmer #beergate @BrookesTimes's photo on Labour
07 May, 10:53 AM UTC
Dr Dianne Regisford
… 🌻… Greetings!The #Elections2022 results are in! Team #VoteDianneRegisford came a close second in Holywell. 🌻: Green 364 votes 🌻: Labour 497 votes. A difference of 133 votes. I stand to serve and stand by our rallying call! Now! IsThe Time: People~Power~Planet @greenoxford https://t.co/BUoJCwPT7t
07 May, 02:26 PM UTC
Andrew Fisher
Labour put out this 'attack' ad shortly before #LocalElections2022 Labour made net gains of 29 councillors across England The Lib Dems made net gains of 191 councillors in England 🤔 https://t.co/PvGThf5hr9
08 May, 06:49 AM UTC
Saul Staniforth
Jonathan Powell, Blairs one time Chief of Staff: "Keir Starmer doesn't tell lies". Starmer told multiple lies to Labour Party members in order to get elected leader. I guess Powell doesn't think they count? https://t.co/JMJ50yNjrt
08 May, 06:24 AM UTC