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🚨🚨 | BREAKING: Labour is opposing vaccine passports - Starmer spokesperson
21 Jul, 02:47 PM UTC
Alain Tolhurst
So health minister Helen Whately has turned up to the Commons to announce NHS pay rise, then didn't announce the NHS pay rise, and when Labour's Rosena Allin-Khan criticised her for not announcing it she, you guessed it, attacked her for the "tone" she used to her.
21 Jul, 01:08 PM UTC
Pippa Crerar
Boris Johnson asked by Labour leader about whatsapp messages suggesting that over-80s were dispensible during pandemic. He begins: "What has changed since we were thinking in those ways..." Is that an admission?
21 Jul, 11:20 AM UTC
All Elite Wrestling
.@The_MJF wastes no time for Labour #2. And OMG it's @thekingnickgage! Tune into @tntdrama NOW to watch #AEWDynamite #FyterFest Night 2 LIVE! @AEW's photo on Labour
22 Jul, 12:18 AM UTC
Priti Patel
Yesterday Labour voted against laws to deter illegal entry & remove foreign criminals. Today @lisanandy criticised work with France to deter Channel crossings. Now @LouHaigh wants me to halt the deportation of rapists & murderers. They are on the side of the criminal minority.
21 Jul, 03:54 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Pure & simple racism & anti-Palestinian bigotry from a former Labour MP & prominent Israel supporter in the UK. Gaza & Gazans reduced to ‘terrorists’. As @PeterBeinart wrote this week, anti-Palestinian bigotry is almost unremarkable & normalized in many pro-Israel circles.
21 Jul, 02:24 PM UTC
Aaron Bastani
Am told David Evans blamed Labour’s terrible financial position on the Corbyn era leadership at yesterday’s NEC meeting. Worth reiterating that he inherited a party which had reserves of £13.5 million the previous year. Keir S not the only specialist in excuses!
21 Jul, 06:26 PM UTC
Labour MP Apsana Begum is on trial for jumping the council housing queue. Rishi Sunak owns 12 houses, Robert Jenrick owns four and Jeremy Hunt 'failed to declare' the bulk purchase of seven luxury flats.
21 Jul, 09:53 AM UTC
Labour had £13.5 MILLION in reserves at end of Corbyn leadership – now party almost broke
21 Jul, 09:58 AM UTC
Labour Muslim Network
This is pure Islamophobia by a former Labour MP and should be condemned by every public figure with a conscience. Islamophobia is not only rife in our society, it’s mainstream in our politics.
21 Jul, 04:19 PM UTC
BBC Breaking News
UK Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to self-isolate after one of his children tests positive for Covid
21 Jul, 01:46 PM UTC
Rupert Lowe
It's clear that vaccine passports are utterly useless as vaccinated people are still getting infected and spreading the virus. Even the Labour Party seem to understand this and are seemingly against the plans. Why can't Johnson?
21 Jul, 03:01 PM UTC
Dr Woofter Superior
So Labour now believe you need a passport to enter a nightclub, but not to vote. ACTUAL LOL.
21 Jul, 05:52 PM UTC
Candace O’s Struggle Edges
Tomorrow, I’m scheduled to attend the Labour Court & face off against my former employer VMware in my racial discrimination lawsuit against them. I wasn’t allowed to subpoena witnesses, there was no Discovery, & I might not be able to have a stenographer present. (1/3)
21 Jul, 04:03 PM UTC
Council Estate Media
If anyone in the Labour Party is fed up with Sir Keith Starmer, leaking the Forde report would be the best way to get rid of him 👍
21 Jul, 05:49 PM UTC
🥀 Keir Starmer and Labour have no plan to get our country through the pandemic - they just snipe from the sidelines and play political games #PMQs @Conservatives's photo on Labour
21 Jul, 02:12 PM UTC
Labour's finances were a mess until Corbyn took over. This can be checked easily by access UK Labour public accounts. It's been downhill fast since Starmer took over. Poor mgt of party financies is a killer attack line for Tories come the election, which will come before 2024.
21 Jul, 09:28 AM UTC
مجھے جانور بہت اچھے لگتے ہیں۔ میں عید کے دن meat eat نہیں کرتی۔ مجھے بہت pain ہوتا ہے لیکن کھاتی میں صرف Beef steak ہوں اور چھوٹے بچے مجھے جانور سے بھی بدتر لگتے ہیں اسلیے میں child labour رکھ کر انھیں مرتی بھی ہوں۔۔۔۔ @GFarooqi
21 Jul, 06:01 PM UTC
Jaiveer Shergill
No one died to due to O2 shortage No one died standing in line during demonetisation No farmer died during protest against black farm laws No migrant labour died enroute home Because: BJP Govt conscious died long time ago !! “Betray, Cheat & Mislead” is BJP Motto
21 Jul, 06:25 AM UTC
Jay Beecher
LABOUR Admits Bullying, Misogyny And Antisemitism Amongst Liverpool Councillors – Council Could Soon Be Placed Under National Party Control
21 Jul, 08:17 AM UTC
Ellie Baker
Labour expels Loach and keeps Blair Madness
21 Jul, 04:09 AM UTC
BBC Politics
Will PM apologise for allegedly saying "Covid is only killing 80-year-olds" last autumn? asks Labour leader Keir Starmer Boris Johnson says "nothing I can say... can make up for the loss and suffering people have endured" #PMQs @BBCPolitics's photo on Labour
21 Jul, 11:46 AM UTC
MSG Fan Club
Children are the future of the Nation, help the needy people to educate their child instead of labour. Let's join our hands to end the Child Labour. #MissionSmile #EndChildLabor
21 Jul, 02:17 PM UTC
Damien Willey
Labour had £13.5 MILLION in reserves at end of Corbyn leadership - now party almost broke via @skwawkbox
21 Jul, 11:31 AM UTC
Martin S
Labour's 9 hour NEC meeting was held yesterday on Eid, Muslim members were forced to choose between celebrating with their loved ones or attending the meeting. It's like holding an NEC meeting on Christmas Day🤮 The Labour hierarchy is institutionally Islamophobic
21 Jul, 08:53 PM UTC
Nan's forces gang
Please retweet to let labour supporter know we are watching this trial
21 Jul, 08:13 AM UTC
Socialist Voice
Right now, Tories are running a dangerous experiment by lifting coronavirus restrictions, while planning 'Covid passports', tax hikes that will hit young people, and jailing journalists for up to 14 years Labour's priority? Focus on proscribing left-wing groups and party members
21 Jul, 10:15 AM UTC
Sophie Corcoran
Marcus rashford dodges tax, will happily play in countries that gay people can be killed for being gay and is sponsored by companies that have been known to use slave labour/unethical working practices. He’s no saint.
21 Jul, 09:32 PM UTC
Edwin Hayward 🦄 🗡
Tory idiocy on full display, courtesy of the Daily Mail. Labour didn't rise to the Freedom Day bait, fortunately.
21 Jul, 10:21 PM UTC
Labour Campaign to Awaken the Great Old Ones
21 Jul, 09:15 PM UTC