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Admin Suspension means I can't attend AGM of the NEC, to which I have just been elected, at Liverpool conference next week. No link of course to my appearance in @AJIunit's #LabourFiles series exposing multiple abuses within Labour. First one out tonight. Not to be missed! 2/3
22 Sep, 03:55 PM UTC
Al Jazeera Investigations
If you've missed the airing of #LabourFiles, here is a little snippet from our news coverage. The full-length investigation will be uploaded tomorrow. @AJIunit's photo on #LabourFiles
22 Sep, 09:33 PM UTC
Al Jazeera Investigations
"Astonishing." "Shocking." "Oh, my word." Some of the words from our contributors as they encounter the #LabourFiles. @AJIunit's photo on #LabourFiles
22 Sep, 11:16 AM UTC
Tory Fibs
As you watch #LabourFiles tonight keep in mind that 4 hours ago Starmer’s Party suspended a Jewish woman from their NEC for being a socialist.
22 Sep, 09:18 PM UTC
Xen Mint
The shocking thing about #LabourFiles on Al Jazeera is that the entire UK mainstream media remain not just silent about the abuse it evidenced, but are 100% complicit in it
22 Sep, 10:01 PM UTC
Asa Winstanley
Breaking: Al Jazeera (@AJIunit) has obtained a massive new trove of Labour Party documents which expose the Israel lobby's thuggish role inside the party. #LabourFiles https://t.co/1GQZqwEN0j
22 Sep, 08:05 PM UTC
Silvi Vee 💙
If you are confused about why so many Labour Party members active between 2015 and 2019 feel such animosity to the party they worked so hard to get into power, watch the #LabourFiles to see how we were betrayed, vilified, lied about and in some cases threatened. It's shocking.
22 Sep, 09:23 PM UTC
Cllr Sam Gorst 🕊⚖ #EnoughIsEnough
After watching the #LabourFiles investigation on @AlJazeera. I brought back some of lowest points in my life. I brought back attempted suicides due to Labour's persistent attacks on me. They tried to grind me down. My mental health, family and job were all affected.
22 Sep, 10:20 PM UTC
Simon Foster
As an ex-employee of the Labour Party I can genuinely say that nothing in the #LabourFiles surprises me. The party bureaucracy is primarily concerned with protecting their factional mates, rules are never applied consistently, and overt bigots are rewarded with top jobs.
22 Sep, 09:14 PM UTC
Dan Wood
The man on the left had a letter signed by 29 leading Charedi rabbis, defending him. The man on the right has waged war on labour Jews and removed more from the party than all previous leaders combined. Who's the antisemite? #LabourFiles https://t.co/fKAkekC32u
22 Sep, 09:00 PM UTC
James Foster
The Al Jazeera #LabourFiles documentary will be triggering on many levels. Sad & angry in equal measure. Many good people treated appallingly throughout ‘The Corbyn Years’- not least the man himself (& still today!!!) - simply for wanting a country that worked ‘For The Many’.
22 Sep, 08:38 PM UTC
Philip Proudfoot
It’s the human cost of the smearing on #LabourFiles that’s difficult to overstate. When I was smeared across Twitter, it made my stomach turn inside out, I couldn’t sleep, you don’t know what to say or do, it’s so disconnected from who you are and what you stand for. Brutal
22 Sep, 09:58 PM UTC
Dave Anderson 💙
The fact @OborneTweets is such a key figure in #LabourFiles documentary lends it real credibility, Oborne is not @uklabour, he’s not a socialist and he’s no friend of the anti-establishment left, but he is an honest and very credible journalist.
22 Sep, 09:41 PM UTC
Heather Mendick
Absolutely nothing in tonight's #LabourFiles surprised me. It is why I feel so angry and hope-less much of the time. But it is cathartic to see what we knew was happening but were repeatedly told wasn't happening documented so clearly.
22 Sep, 09:53 PM UTC
Every single "journalist" who reported lies about Jeremy Corbyn needs to watch the #LabourFiles & apologize
22 Sep, 09:48 PM UTC
That was a good first part of Al Jazeera's #LabourFiles. Three main takeaways. 1) The Labour right has never tried to fairly compete with the left. It was always secret dealings, slander in collaboration with the press, and plotting helped by the corrupt party bureaucracy.
22 Sep, 09:40 PM UTC
Asa Winstanley
Israel lobbyist and Labour NEC member @lukeakehurst intervened to protect right-wing party activist Luke Stanger from expulsion, despite credible accusations of harassment and abuse. #LabourFiles https://t.co/1GQZqwEN0j
22 Sep, 08:18 PM UTC
Michael Murphy
The #LabourFiles on @AlJazeera revealing how #JeremyCorbyn & his supporters were undermined at every turn by the @UKLabour right wing and how that campaign continues under #KeirStarmer today. Really interesting to see if any of it is reported in the UK media, I suspect not!
22 Sep, 08:57 PM UTC
Mrs Gee #UpTheWorkers
Seriously think I'm having PTSD, watching #LabourFiles. We went through every *day* of this Just like for those poor people interviewed by #AlJazeera this has been a traumatic number of years. While we *paid* them they were cheating & scamming us. Fuck them all #ItWasAScam
22 Sep, 09:26 PM UTC
Solma Ahmed #betterworld
Just finished watching the first part #LabourFiles on @AlJazeera The length that the right wing go to is actually frightening. I found I couldn’t breathe at times. Then I remembered what they did to me. After reading report I understood why. I cried for days. Feel awful.
22 Sep, 09:06 PM UTC
Jason Reid
Wow. Just wow! #LabourFiles
22 Sep, 08:29 PM UTC
Philip Proudfoot
The revelations in #LabourFiles reveal that the worst, most anti-democratic cretins are now in charge of a party that could well win the next election.
22 Sep, 09:24 PM UTC
Komrade Kameron
Seriously, watch #LabourFiles if you can. Al Jazeera are finally telling the truth about the scum who sabotaged Labour. It's so weird to see a real documentary about this, when the entire UK media and PLP gas-lit us all for years.
22 Sep, 08:25 PM UTC
Asa Winstanley
Former Brighton Labour activist Damian McCarthy was harassed online, over the phone and even in person by anti-Palestinian activist Luke Stanger -- who was protected by NEC member Luke Akehurst. McCarthy's father died not long afterwards: #LabourFiles https://t.co/1GQZqwEfaL @AsaWinstanley's photo on #LabourFiles
22 Sep, 08:20 PM UTC
Frank Owen's Legendary Paintbrush 🟨🟥🥀🇵🇸🇾🇪
Thanks to Jeremy Corbyn, I was proud to become a member of the Labour Party. Today, I wouldn't piss on the Labour Party if it was on fire. Anyone who watched the #LabourFiles will know why.
22 Sep, 10:30 PM UTC
Nadia 🇵🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
#LabourFiles #AlJazeera Keir Starmer absolutely would behave this badly in power. @OborneTweets Shockingly bad behaviour endorsed up to the highest levels. Disgusting
22 Sep, 08:57 PM UTC
Just smile.
Absolutely horrific viewing. We all knew the whole anti Jeremy Corbyn agenda was organised. But to see apartheid israel operatives behind it is just horrendous. And to think our media continued the lies and smears 🤮🤮🤮 #LabourFiles #TheLabourFiles
22 Sep, 08:48 PM UTC
david white
At last the dirty tricks used by leading Labour bureaucrats to purge loyal and decent members from the party are exposed in Al Jazeera’s #LabourFiles. Until now most of the media has been silent on this. It’s important it be generally known that this has been going on.
22 Sep, 09:24 PM UTC
Teri 💙♿️ #RMT
Al Jazerra #LabourFiles I would say I’m shocked but I’m not. There’s zero difference between Tories and Labour. Both are corrupt. There were some heartbreaking scenes. Activists defamed and life’s torn apart. They will never get my vote. #LabourCorruption destroys life’s. https://t.co/8yPwzuQrR1
22 Sep, 09:32 PM UTC
Mrs Gee #UpTheWorkers
Think we can start countdown to Al Jazeera being attacked as antisemites, for being journalists & doing their job with #LabourFiles investigation Expect the usual suspect smearers to be out in force at 9pm tonight. And never forget #ItWasAScam to prevent a socialist Labour Gov
22 Sep, 02:37 PM UTC