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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Yep! I rent, borrow, and thrift my clothes. (It’s also environmentally sustainable!) 🌎 The Post is just mad that you can look good fighting for working families. Sequins are a great accessory to universal healthcare, don’t you agree? ✨😉
22 Feb, 06:12 PM UTC

Democratic Establishment

Bernie Sanders
I've got news for the Republican establishment. I've got news for the Democratic establishment. They can't stop us.
22 Feb, 01:02 AM UTC


eu fiz um vídeo maquiando a minha avó,é isto @linsph_'s photo on Vescovi
21 Feb, 09:28 PM UTC


syndrome may be down but my money is up @BrendanDaGawd's photo on Jayda
21 Feb, 07:55 PM UTC


IMT Benji
a moment of silence please we just lost 24/7 lofi hip hop beats to chill and study to
22 Feb, 04:36 PM UTC


𝐴𝑙𝑖 ✯
jsuis mort en 1 claque elle lui a enlever toute la farine @YunooAli's photo on Alexis
22 Feb, 01:47 PM UTC


I thank God for it all.
22 Feb, 09:04 AM UTC


Mark Phillips
3 signs you should jump in while your friend is fighting 🤣😭🤦🏾‍♂️ @SupremeDreams_1's photo on Brunson
22 Feb, 09:53 PM UTC


Niggaz Be WILIN
If I ever have a baby don’t congratulate me nigga I fucked up
22 Feb, 05:08 PM UTC


ABP News
Watch: When @RubikaLiyaquat suggested Swara Bhasker to read CAA #HSS2020 @ABPNews's photo on Swara
22 Feb, 06:06 PM UTC


MI CASI MUERTE [ABRO HILO] Todo empieza el 8 de noviembre del 2018, estaba embarazada de 5 meses y medio aprox. Me levanté para ir a la facultad y sentía un súper dolor de cintura, pero pensaba que era normal ya q en el embarazo era re normal ese dolor +
22 Feb, 12:34 AM UTC


ra @flat_fish_'s photo on Jota
23 Feb, 05:49 AM UTC


Kaylin Brown✨
YOUR nigga should not have other bitches feeling like they got 1 up on you! IDC IDC Cause 9/10 he entertaining her
22 Feb, 07:08 PM UTC

Philip Haney

Educating Liberals
BREAKING NEWS: Philip Haney, the DHS whistleblower who said the Obama administration ordered him to erase the record of Muslims in the US with terrorist ties, has been found dead with a gunshot wound to the head. And a close friend says he was worried for his life.... MURDER!
23 Feb, 02:39 AM UTC

Herb Brooks

"Tonight, WE are the greatest hockey team in the world." Watching Kurt Russell play Herb Brooks and deliver his legendary locker room speech is a great way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the "Miracle on Ice." @espn's photo on Herb Brooks
22 Feb, 03:20 PM UTC


Incredible 😳 42-year-old zamboni driver David Ayres subbed in as an emergency goalie for the Canes and got his first NHL win! (via @Sportsnet) @SportsCenter's photo on Zamboni
23 Feb, 03:09 AM UTC


MEFeater Magazine
Congrats to Marsai Martin on winning THREE #NAACPImageAwards 💕 - Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series - Outstanding Breakthrough Performance In A Motion Picture - Outstanding Performance By A Youth
22 Feb, 06:45 AM UTC


Triston Marez
Tiddy Gatorade hits different.
22 Feb, 01:03 AM UTC


Bleacher Report
The most anticipated heavyweight rematch in decades is here. Who ya got winning? 🥊 @BleacherReport's photo on Rematch
22 Feb, 04:57 PM UTC

American Pie

Complex Sports
Fury destroyed Wilder and then had the whole arena singing American Pie 💀 @ComplexSports's photo on American Pie
23 Feb, 06:03 AM UTC


wung ape tu man? wung puyo
Inilah sebabnya kita jangan membiarkan ibu kita pergi tanpa pengawasan @JVLEHA's photo on Akbar
22 Feb, 05:07 AM UTC


Je viens d'arriver au Brésil j'ai jamais vu autant de cul aussi titanesque de ma vie qu'est ce qui a bien pu se passer ici
23 Feb, 12:02 AM UTC


แหมมมม แค่เล่นบทกับคนอื่นแป๊บเดียวต้องเดินมาโอบน้องเนอะ หมั่นไส้ความรัก 🤣 #TharnType2xYiconFinal @MAME12938's photo on #TharnType2xYiconFinal
23 Feb, 08:44 AM UTC


Ethan Payne
Stay up for the Fury vs Wilder fight? @Behzinga's photo on Wilder
22 Feb, 10:23 PM UTC


JL Karzaaax 🐊🇩🇿
Personne : Griezmann le jour de sa naissance quand il a vu qu’il n’était pas renoi :
21 Feb, 05:32 PM UTC

Mount Suribachi

U.S. Marines
Seventy-five years ago today during the Battle of #IwoJima75, Marines claimed Mount Suribachi and raised the American flag at its summit, creating an unforgettable and iconic moment in American history and patriotism. #WeAreIwo. @USMC's photo on Mount Suribachi
23 Feb, 01:30 PM UTC


Dwyane Wade's No. 3 jersey is officially immortalized in Miami. ⚡ #L3GACY @SportsCenter's photo on #L3GACY
23 Feb, 02:26 AM UTC


บุนบุ่นบุ้นบุ๊นบุ๋น Mitsuaki Akito
แล้วเจอกันน้ากับงานเปิดตัวพรีเซ็นเตอร์ Myss กับด้ายแดงและsuperboy ที่เซ็นทรัลเวิลบ่าย 3 น้าาา สภาพคือสู่ขิตนอนตี1ตื่นตี 5 ทีมตจวทีมหน้าจอฝากช่วยปั่นแท็กทีนะค้าบ พวกเราตั้งใจซ้อมกันสุดๆไปเล๊ยยยยย #UWMAseries #MYSScosmetic #MYSSxUWMAseries #MYSSxSuperboyProject
23 Feb, 12:20 AM UTC


Stephanie Kennedy
James Carville just called voting for Bernie Sanders political suicide. Carville is absolutely emphatic and absolutely certain: Sanders will not galvanize Democrats, and moreover, will not beat Trump. #NevadaCaucus
22 Feb, 10:16 PM UTC


Alexis Sky and Ari arguing who paved the way for lace fronts and club hostings? Alexis Sky and Jayda arguing over Lil Baby. Lil Baby denying he fucks with Alexis Sky. Fetty Wap might not be the father? Masika is quiet for once. What in the Love & Hip-Hop is goin on today? 😂😂😂
22 Feb, 07:53 PM UTC

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