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Arteta has now matched Lampard in the “shouted at Klopp” trophy competition.
20 Nov, 06:03 PM UTC
Like Lampard, Arteta can add - "Shouting at Klopp and losing like a Dickhead at Anfield" to his CV 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻
20 Nov, 07:22 PM UTC
Frank Lampard watching Mikel Arteta fighting with Jurgen Klopp @ODDSbible's photo on Lampard
20 Nov, 06:07 PM UTC
Chelsea sacked Lampard in January only to go on and win the Champions league at the end of the season,Over to you Manchester United,this is just November. You can do it!!!!
21 Nov, 07:10 AM UTC
Simon Phillips
"Frank [Lampard] done amazing getting some of these players signed who had many options and big deals being offered to them elsewhere. He got so many players over the line that might not have got over the line if it wasn't for Frank." - Jody Morris via @siphillipssport's photo on Lampard
21 Nov, 09:43 AM UTC
Nacho González
Sigo pensando que Solskjaer, al igual que Lampard en el Chelsea, merecía la oportunidad de probar si valía para llevar al Man United al siguiente nivel tras mantenerlo a flote. No ha sido el caso y este final es natural. Pero la falta de plan en el club ahora los deja en el limbo
21 Nov, 10:49 AM UTC
Chelsea won the Lampard vs ole vs Arteta debate just because they sacked theirs first
20 Nov, 07:24 PM UTC
Daniel Childs
The Lampard comparisons continue to be absurd. Solskjær has had about eight bad runs where Frank had one month of poor form and lost his job swiftly. Also Solskjær has been in coaching for some time, this isn't his 3rd season coaching.
20 Nov, 03:52 PM UTC
Albert Valor
La salida de Solskjaer, unida a las de Lampard, Pirlo y Koeman, pone fin a un miniciclo de decepciones protagonizado por leyendas sobre el césped que fueron mediocres desde la banda cuando volvieron al club de sus amores. No todo pueden ser Zidanes y Guardiolas.
21 Nov, 10:44 AM UTC
Let’s RETWEET until TUCHEL sees this! Chelsea Fans!!! Tuchel | Mendy | Lampard
21 Nov, 09:10 AM UTC
Chelsea won the Lampard/Ole/Arteta debate. Made a quick decision and sacked FL, revived our season by appointing TT and won CL at the end. Ole led United into trenches and we know Arsenal doesn’t have standard, that’s the reason Arteta still has a job.
21 Nov, 11:21 AM UTC
Thank God Tuchel was available when we sacked Lampard, imagine Jody Morris as our manager 😂
21 Nov, 11:11 AM UTC
It’s safe to say that Arteta won the Ole,Lampard & Arteta debate
21 Nov, 10:56 AM UTC
Chelsea sacked Frank Lampard on the 25th January, they hired Thomas Tuchel the next day. No messing about, no pre-interim managers, no interim managers. That’s what a serious club does, that’s the standard you should hold this club to, because right now it’s not good enough.
21 Nov, 11:33 AM UTC
Comenzaron los cuentos del típico periodista mediocre (con fútbol de antaño) y los loros que repiten. A predicar que sacar a Rueda a falta de 4 fechas es lo peor. Señores a Lampard lo sacaron en febrero del Chelsea que no iba a pelear nada y en junio eran campeones de champions
20 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC
Arteta won the Ole/Lampard/Arteta debate 🙏🏾
21 Nov, 10:49 AM UTC
Football Fans Tribe 🇳🇬 ⚽
WATFORD 4-1 MANCHESTER UNITED: 🗣️ "Ole no get clue of wetin him dey do!" FULL VIDEO HERE 👇🏽 Pogba Lampard Chilwell Fletcher donny Rüdiger Ndidi
21 Nov, 07:52 AM UTC
Biggies Malls 2.0
Simpletons constantly pushing this “finished 2nd” narrative like Ole had dramatically improved them. The stadiums were empty, Chelsea had half a season with Lampard in charge and Liverpool had 437 different centreback pairings. They were lucky to make top 4 last season.
21 Nov, 11:29 AM UTC
Adeleke R. Bolanle 🇬🇧💈✨
Who's the best option to take over the United job ? - Frank Lampard - Genort Rohr - Koeman You suggestion are highly needed, the Glazers are watching 😉😂
21 Nov, 11:13 AM UTC
The Score ⭐️⭐️
Here's an example of how differently Chelsea & United are run. When Lampard was sacked, Chelsea had been talking to various managers for weeks. Deal for Tuchel was basically done. United have no plan, no clear successor, will have a caretaker and an interim before the next man,
21 Nov, 12:10 PM UTC
From what I heard. A secret CCTV was installed In the compound, This witch came in and perform some rite,disappear into the house ,took their baby ,returned him and left Pogba Lampard Chilwell Fletcher donny Rüdiger Ndidi kante gary neville ferguson thiago silva bruno Fernandes
21 Nov, 10:30 AM UTC
I refuse to blame any player in the squad until I see them under a capable coach Who's only track record isn't putting out cones for Pep We've seen what a horrible coach Cando to a good squad We've seen it with Lampard and we are currently seeing it with Ole
21 Nov, 10:19 AM UTC
Minister Of Unemployment 🇷🇼
Arteta Won the Lampard Ole Arteta war.
21 Nov, 11:28 AM UTC
Tim Johnson
🚨Breaking news: Frank Lampard has ruled himself out of the race for the United job despite not being in it.
21 Nov, 12:32 PM UTC
So now we know for sure who won the Arteta-Lampard-Ole debates
21 Nov, 01:40 PM UTC
So Arteta outlasted Ole Lampard and Koeman wow
20 Nov, 11:39 PM UTC
Arteta is the winner of the Lampard, Ole and Arteta comparison 🤣🤣
21 Nov, 10:38 AM UTC
This the brudda that comapred Lampard's Chelsea to Bayern 2013?
21 Nov, 01:43 PM UTC