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Solo Monk
Ally Langdon interviewed Albanese today. Asks a number of question about Morrison. Then asked shouldn't you be talking about the economy and not Scott Morrison. Albanese points out if you asked me questions about the economy and not Scott Morrison we would have been. #Entropy
19 Aug, 01:52 AM UTC
Solo Monk
Ally Langdon @Channel9: "I would like to to asks questions about Scott Morrison" Albanese answers question. Ally Langdon: "Shouldn't you be talking about the economy & not Scott Morrison?" Albo: "If you asked me questions about the economy & not Morrison we would have been"
19 Aug, 02:01 AM UTC
Nikki Carpenter
@JJKALE2 @TonyHWindsor I think our current crop of “jernalists” are being left red-faced by the well-educated, coherent, thoughtful Members of our Federal Government. Ms Langdon and those of her ilk are being out-classed by people like Penny Wong, Jason Clare and Dr Monique Ryan, and they know it.
19 Aug, 04:04 AM UTC
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese hit back at Today Show co-host Ally Langdon during a tense exchange on Scott Morrison. https://t.co/cio4nCkO33
18 Aug, 10:40 PM UTC
Mike Hoit
Nine days short of the 25th anniversary of my first visit to Bridges Of Ross, it seemed only fitting to spend my day off work there with friends. Turned out to be one of the classic seawatches: Wilson's Storm-Petrel, 251 Great Shears and much more. https://t.co/6IGggbWZFy https://t.co/1szh4PJIWz
19 Aug, 06:43 PM UTC
Rich Bonser
Langdon Cliffs NT to South Foreland, Kent 0655-1220: Pied Flycatcher by enclosure at South Foreland, Whinchat, 5 Yellow Wagtail, Reed Warbler, Chiffchaff, 2 Wheatear, 20 Willow Warbler, 8 Swift, Sand Martin, 28 Swallow, 4 Stonechat, juv Yellow-legged Gull & 2 Grey Heron. https://t.co/OhyaxuLzHs
19 Aug, 12:37 PM UTC
@SkyNewsAust Albo gov was elected on a promise to fix the cost of living. Allison Langdon on Today Show Q: PM Albanese what are you doing about the cost of living crises? WB: Albo SNAPPED & starts talking about everything except the cost-of-living crises. https://t.co/YihI9Ayypo
19 Aug, 09:13 AM UTC
Chase Miller
North Dakota 11B Football Poll 1. @kindredfootball (8) 2. Langdon Area (2) 3. @HCVBurros 4. @CCSquirrelFB (1) 5. @bishopryanlions RV: @shiloh_football, Velva/Garrison, Hazen, @BeulahMiners, @BCHSBulldogs Voted on by members of the NDAPSSA #NDpreps
19 Aug, 12:00 AM UTC
First Preseason Game announcement! @TburgThunder host the @RocksElora for the Clash At Ribfest! September 24th in Tillsonburg, free admission with a donation to the food bank. #Tillsonburg #OxfordCounty #Preseason https://t.co/p50vd8B0bL
19 Aug, 06:07 PM UTC
Connor Hicks
Our awesome team (spearheaded by @laura_e_langdon) deployed re-organized and greatly improved docs for our Compute product, and it's so so much better. https://t.co/GBTd5gfhJr
19 Aug, 07:09 PM UTC
Irish Rare & Scarce Bird News
Some more excellent entries for our @PhoneSkope competition. Great and Cory's Shearwaters by @keith_langdon Join here, drop news of your rare or scarce find with a phonescoped pic or vid & you could win a Phoneskope kit #irishrareandscarce https://t.co/5fvXJSiQWt https://t.co/s1vPoi6xA0
19 Aug, 07:01 PM UTC
Rob Rackliffe
A rather overcast walk this morning from Langdon Cliffs to South Foreland with ⁦@SearleIan⁩ ⁦@a1virginia⁩ Highlights: Black Redstart, Whinchat, Wheatear, Turtle Dove, 26 Cm and 3 L Whitethroat, 11 W Warbler, 3 Chiffchaff 13 Blackcap 12 Barn Swallow 4 Raven 3 Stonechat https://t.co/nU08sHk7jr
19 Aug, 08:02 PM UTC
Irish Rare & Scarce Bird News
@saloplarus @MikeHoit @keith_langdon @beardybirder @nialltkeogh @macstronach Fallen off a cliff in terms of records, and dropping. One for rarity status soon?
19 Aug, 07:07 PM UTC
tate langdon when he recognizes andrew tate can break violet's heart much more https://t.co/lEilu91i4p
19 Aug, 08:10 PM UTC
Tom Lowe
@MikeHoit @keith_langdon @beardybirder @nialltkeogh @macstronach @IRSBG1 When seawatching wasn't just watching the sea #happydays
19 Aug, 07:54 PM UTC
FreoGirl 🇦🇺💟⚓️💟🇦🇺
@Serene_Peters @MichaelWhiting Zorko displayed an ugly aggressive nature from the very 1st bounce. Even when he got run down by Langdon he responded by grabbing him in a headlock & tacking him to the ground while pushing his arm further into his head. He owes the club & players an apology. #AFLLionsDees
19 Aug, 08:05 PM UTC
John langdon
@maglionero12 Wow! He looks much older!
19 Aug, 07:47 PM UTC
Mike Hoit
@saloplarus @keith_langdon @beardybirder @nialltkeogh @macstronach @IRSBG1 It's not like the old days when they were common! That and Pom were the glaring omissions. Here's our first ever day at Bridges, for reference: https://t.co/Pi6jUD78rY
19 Aug, 07:09 PM UTC
@WholeMarsBlog @EndlessPlaid @BLKMDL3 Roadster was promised for 2020, then 2021, then … 2023 - unlikely. Probably 2024-2025 because suddenly they’ll need to focus on Cybertruck in 2023. Mark these words.
19 Aug, 06:37 PM UTC
i keep confusing andrew tate and tate langdon
19 Aug, 08:16 PM UTC
John langdon
@LakotaMan1 Learn from our past. It will always be there no matter how one hides from it. Learn!
19 Aug, 08:13 PM UTC
of today
‘You asked’: PM snaps at Today host Prime Minister Anthony Albanese hit back at Today Show co-host Ally Langdon during a tense exchange on Scott Morrison. https://t.co/RMFdRDCHgJ
19 Aug, 08:12 PM UTC
Chris John Macneil
@stewart_langdon @Simpson_R76 Hardly played due to injury. And was a standout player in Portugal after that
19 Aug, 08:10 PM UTC
John langdon
@AmoneyResists To many words for her...got bored
19 Aug, 08:09 PM UTC
I've just watched episode S01 | E10 of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol! #langdon https://t.co/mHl4VOaGPJ #tvtime https://t.co/cF80sdImlz
19 Aug, 08:03 PM UTC
🏈🏈 High School Football Watch Live Now Click Here ⫸ https://t.co/mAWay0N80c Hankinson vs Hatton/Northwood Langdon/Edmore/Munich vs Bishop Ryan Wilson vs Aynor Harvest Christian Academy vs Faith Christian Stratford vs Avon
19 Aug, 07:57 PM UTC
John langdon
@maglionero12 One of the best books I've read!! I was camping laying in a hammock.
19 Aug, 07:55 PM UTC
John langdon
@maglionero12 A great phrase to keep in your mind.
19 Aug, 07:51 PM UTC
Stewart Langdon
@Simpson_R76 He was crap at hibs which surprised me
19 Aug, 07:49 PM UTC