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HRH Terry Australis
#Lateline revealing MDBA corruption and NSW office of Water corruption #auspol #MurrayDarling https://t.co/ZN2oukQqND
22 Nov, 10:43 AM UTC
Eddy Jokovich
No mention of the minister responsible for Murray-Darling Basin, Barnaby Joyce? #lateline #auspol
22 Nov, 11:57 AM UTC
HRH Terry Australis
Gina Rinehart might just have lost New England for the Nats #auspol #ABC730 #lateline https://t.co/fJiXv3zEJb
22 Nov, 08:04 AM UTC
Dave Donovan
That is an unbelievably damning #lateline report on the NSW water rorts. Everyone involved should resign. I suspect… https://t.co/LBqIKh1Nyv
22 Nov, 01:05 PM UTC
basket weaver🏳️‍🌈
me listening to @albericie trying to get answers from the NSW Water Minister on water theft #lateline #slipperyeel
22 Nov, 10:56 AM UTC
Captain Fluffula
Just maybe farmers should get it that National Party is only there for big corporate farms not them #lateline
22 Nov, 12:04 PM UTC
▌│█║▌║▌║ Rod Moffatt
Demise of the Darling River can be directly attributed to cotton...and the (National Party) politicians who have ru… https://t.co/Wx66icwM11
22 Nov, 12:58 PM UTC
Garigal Anj
Yes Royal Commission needed into #MurrayDarling #Lateline
22 Nov, 10:54 AM UTC
JT 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
#lateline far out I'm going to miss @albericie's incredible interview technique. Shocking story on total failure of… https://t.co/mx7ec3Pgwy
22 Nov, 12:15 PM UTC
Sir Peter the Bogan
So it was the Commonwealth that gave $78mil to cotton/water company. All back to Barnaby Joyce #Lateline
22 Nov, 10:51 AM UTC
Mary Lucas
Hey @TurnbullMalcolm Minister for Agriculture and Water ...#lateline is a must watch tonight, shocking stuff under your watch
22 Nov, 10:39 AM UTC
Sir Peter the Bogan
The water rip-off is totally supported by Barnaby Joyce. #Lateline
22 Nov, 10:32 AM UTC
Catching up
Is there anything this government has not destroyed. #auspol #lateline
22 Nov, 12:14 PM UTC
HRH Terry Australis
Thanks to the National Party, the Murray Darling Plan has been ruined @Nick_Xenophon #lateline @Lateline #auspolhttps://t.co/nae6xKmJ0z
22 Nov, 10:57 AM UTC
Michelle Roberts
FFS just call the GG & dismiss the government before ... do we even have a government? #Lateline #Auspol
22 Nov, 10:59 AM UTC
Citizen PV
The National Party in #NSW and Federally is a joke. This NSW Minister on #Lateline is a clown. The small family far… https://t.co/sqAJS06qs5
22 Nov, 12:09 PM UTC
Larvey #TreatyNOW!
Our democracy has been infiltrated by the lowest of the low. Criminals who steal, and make toxic, the bath water of… https://t.co/IJK4ZVlVVq
22 Nov, 12:58 PM UTC
Garigal Anj
The plan is supposed to put more water back into the river #Lateline #whereIsBarnaby #MurrayDarling #NewEngland
22 Nov, 10:37 AM UTC
Lorraine henneberry
Minister for NSW water here comes the bullshit #lateline
22 Nov, 12:05 PM UTC
▌│█║▌║▌║ Rod Moffatt
#Lateline story on demise of Darling River, at hands of irrigated cotton, is yet another example of how money deter… https://t.co/8VJClq17lp
22 Nov, 01:11 PM UTC
GB @ Darlo 🌈
Oh dear. Water minister comes across as a crook #lateline
22 Nov, 12:06 PM UTC
Chris Lamey
#Lateline another great story it’s not all about the dollars sometimes it’s about the sense #royalcommission clean up ,move on.
22 Nov, 12:20 PM UTC
Top 5: 1: #AUSvCHN 2: Ratko Mladic 3: #lateline 4: #thesecretdaughter +1 5: #streetsfreesummer +6
22 Nov, 01:30 PM UTC
@up65steps Hyper rate of blinking under strong questioning from Emma a tell tale sign of lies. The corruption is pa… https://t.co/RK9LSmZfkB
22 Nov, 01:03 PM UTC
Larvey #TreatyNOW!
Oh boy how I want to use the c-word watching #lateline tonight! 😡
22 Nov, 01:00 PM UTC
Top 5: 1: #AUSvCHN 2: Ratko Mladic 3: #lateline +1 4: Streets +1 5: #thesecretdaughter +6
22 Nov, 01:00 PM UTC
Margaret McCrohon
@35bobjones @FinancialReview A timely reminder following #lateline tonight. Thanks for posting, Robert.
22 Nov, 12:49 PM UTC
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