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Salma Saade
Happy 4 year anniversary to when I flew to Edinburgh to surprise Finlay and he flew to Paris to surprise me and this is why we don’t do surprises anymore
12 Jan, 04:36 PM UTC
しんど過ぎるスタンプを見つけた @toki_315numa's photo on Laurel
12 Jan, 11:25 AM UTC
Finlay l͓̽o͓̽c͓̽k͓̽e͓̽d͓̽d͓̽o͓̽w͓̽n͓̽ McAfee
@SalmaSaade Turns out we were in Edinburgh Airport at the same time going in opposite directions 😳
12 Jan, 11:56 PM UTC
This Is Us
We're ready to fill in the missing pieces to Laurel's story.
13 Jan, 12:15 AM UTC
ถ้า #บิวกิ้นพีพี มารายการ 2.02 เพื่อนๆ อยากถามอะไร 2 หนุ่มดีน้า ช่วยคิดหน่อย🥰 จุ๊ๆ คำถามใครปัง มีรางวัลแน่นอน! #NYLTH #บิวกิ้นพีพีเล่นเก่งร้องเก่ง #billkinpp #พีพีกฤษฏ์ #บิวกิ้น
13 Jan, 05:25 AM UTC
ชั้นชอบรูปเซ็ท a day มากเลยอ่ะ เหมือนถ่าย pre-wedding แบบธีมธรรมชาติ
12 Jan, 04:33 PM UTC
Sterling K Brown
Hai & Laurel, huh?...#Haurel......#Lai.....? 😊 #ThisIsUs
13 Jan, 02:14 AM UTC
This Is Us
Let it all out, Laurel. 😔 #ThisIsUs @NBCThisisUs's photo on Laurel
13 Jan, 02:11 AM UTC
This Is Us
Tonight's powerful story could not have been told without the vision of our talented director. See Laurel's journey come to life through @KayOyegun's eyes at 9/8c on @NBC.
12 Jan, 11:14 PM UTC
어제 배라 직원이 만든 귀여운 눈사람
13 Jan, 06:15 AM UTC
laurel’s dad: “marshall will propose tonight at dinner... your answer will be yes” laurel: #ThisIsUs
13 Jan, 02:27 AM UTC
This Is Us
And so we meet Little Laurel. #ThisIsUs @NBCThisisUs's photo on Laurel
13 Jan, 02:05 AM UTC
This Is Us
Our heart breaks for Laurel. 💔💔💔 #ThisIsUs
13 Jan, 02:34 AM UTC
This Is Us
All we want to do right now is give Laurel a big hug. 😭 #ThisIsUs
13 Jan, 02:40 AM UTC
Anyone else get that first glimpse of young Hai and immediately whisper “Okay, Laurel, I see you...” @KaneLieu #ThisIsUs
13 Jan, 03:13 AM UTC
Here's a time-lapse video of the Ballpoint pen drawing i made of @tarajiphenson I'll be glad if this video can go viral 🙏 Please help me Retweet #viral
12 Jan, 06:46 PM UTC
I know Randall just want the answers since all of us feel the same, but can he let Hai tell the story of Laurel?!? #ThisIsUs
13 Jan, 02:27 AM UTC
These #ThisIsUs casting directors, man. Laurel and Hai have known each other for 2 minutes, they don't speak the same language and they have the most ADORABLE chemistry.
13 Jan, 02:16 AM UTC
Ethan Williams
Hai and Laurel. That’s it. That’s the tweet #ThisIsUs
13 Jan, 02:48 AM UTC
Laurel Lavandulla 💛💜🖤
Laurel is chonky now. Cake and tummy worship will be accepted alongside traditional draconic tribute such as gold and magic items. Please update your records accordingly.
12 Jan, 08:29 PM UTC
I’m late but hi, #PortfolioDay ! I’m Colin Laurel and I’m a funky lettering/coloring/editorialing/postering guy open for projects in the spring.
13 Jan, 05:54 AM UTC
Y’all don’t have to tell the world when you get a wax 😐
12 Jan, 05:20 PM UTC
This Is Us: Sterling K. Brown & Jennifer C. Holmes Discuss Randall & Laurel's 'Beautiful' Origin Stories​
13 Jan, 03:04 AM UTC
OkinawaZai Montefalco 🍁
"Well behaved women rarely make history." -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Pinatotohanan ni Mapple. But, nah. She is making history since July 15, 2016 at exactly 11:37pm. Mapple...#lul
13 Jan, 04:49 AM UTC
Kentucky Prep Report
North Laurel 89 Covington Catholic 87 final in OT. 2023 @reed_sheppard 45 points 11 rebounds 4 steals, 2022 Clay Sizemore 18 points, 2023 Ryan Davidson 16 points. Cov Catholic was lead by 2023 Chandler Starks 29 points, 2022 @mitchellrylee1 20 points
13 Jan, 02:46 AM UTC
La 2
Este finde hemos estrenado temporada de #LasRutasdAmbrosio, y nada más y nada menos que en Galicia😀 En O Salnés, el chef @Gonzfd encuentra los mejores ingredientes de la gastronomía gallega: el marisco, el laurel, las algas y hasta la cerveza submarina @la2_tve's photo on Laurel
12 Jan, 07:55 PM UTC
Jes Vũ
In the water, Laurel told Randall “Mẹ yêu con.” It is Vietnamese for “I love you,” but in the context of a mother to a child (Vietnamese talks in third person lol.) So basically she said “Mother (Mẹ) loves (yêu) con (dear/child). It’s quite beautiful. #ThisIsUs
13 Jan, 06:35 AM UTC
thank you @NBCThisisUs for choosing Hai, a Vietnamese man to be Laurel’s love. The historical significance of the Vietnamese Community in NOLA 😭 and its representation in this episode is hardly told in mainstream tv! #ThisIsUs #asianamerican #RepresentationMatters @KaneLieu
13 Jan, 06:39 AM UTC
ローレル@ 落とし込みDO🔥
やはり前打ちブームなのか?! この記事がプレビュー上がってきてる 😎
13 Jan, 06:09 AM UTC

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