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Frank Seravalli
Curious to see who #SeaKraken wanted from the multitude of blueliners available from Boston with new assistant coach Jay Leach's insight. Sounds like the pick from #NHLBruins will be Jeremy Lauzon. @DFOHockey
21 Jul, 04:11 PM UTC
Chris Johnston
The #SeaKraken are clearly prioritizing defencemen with these expansion selections. They have their sights set on Jeremy Lauzon in Boston.
21 Jul, 04:05 PM UTC
SiriusXM NHL Network Radio
#SeaKraken reported picks #NHLBruins Jeremy Lauzon #SJSharks Alex True #mnwild Carson Soucy #Isles Jordan Eberle #TakeWarning Morgan Geekie #CBJ Gavin Bayreuther #GoKingsGo Kurtis MacDermid #Yotes Tyler Pitlick #NJDevils Nathan Bastian
21 Jul, 04:16 PM UTC
Bruins Network
Losing Lauzon will impact the lineup from a depth perspective alone, but he’s a significant loss to the PK. With a thin left-side defensive group, Boston loses a rugged, tough and competitive player with plenty of size. Lauzon is going to be good for Seattle— bummer. #NHLBruins
21 Jul, 04:25 PM UTC
SiriusXM NHL Network Radio
#NHLBruins Jeremy Lauzon #SJSharks Alex True
21 Jul, 04:11 PM UTC
Just a few guesses Fleury, Pitlick, Lauzon, Borgen, Giordano, Geekie, Quenneville, Donski, Bayreuther, Oleksiak, Larsson, Driedger, Soucy, Fleury, Jarnkrok, Bastian, Eberle, Daccord, Tanev, True, Dunn, Dourde, McCann, Lind, Appleton
21 Jul, 05:41 PM UTC
Jeremy Lauzon, reportedly selected by SEA, is a young defenceman who's been just about average so far in his career. Played 2nd pair minutes with Boston this season, albeit not particularly tough ones. #SeaKraken
21 Jul, 04:14 PM UTC
Simon-O. Lorange
Si les sélections de Yanni Gourde et de Jeremy Lauzon s'officialisent, le Kraken aura autant, voire davantage, de joueurs originaires de vous-savez-où que vous-savez-qui à son premier match en octobre prochain.
21 Jul, 04:27 PM UTC
Bruins Network
Rather have lost Clifton. Fun player on a good contract, but he struggled plenty before getting into the lineup due to others being injured. Lauzon’s rugged style will always carry injury woes, but his ceiling is higher and guys of his build don’t grow on trees. #NHLBruins
21 Jul, 04:37 PM UTC
Bruins Network
BTW I know what Lauzon’s underlying numbers say about him and I don’t care. There’s value in players like Lauzon and he proved that this year playing a tough role for a young player. Leach developed Zboril, Clifton and Lauzon, it’s telling that he advocated for Lauzon. #NHLBruins
21 Jul, 05:04 PM UTC
Marc-Olivier Beaudoin
Esquisse de la formation du #Kraken pour l'instant: X–Gourde–Eberle X–McCann–Donskoii Jarnkrok–X–Geekie Tanev–Appleton–Pitlick +Bastian/Blackwell/Twarynski/True/Lind Giordano–Larsson Dunn–Soucy Oleksiak–H.Fleury +C.Fleury/Lauzon/Borgen/MacDermid Driedger–Vanecek/Daccord
21 Jul, 05:55 PM UTC
Don Sweeney
Would really suck if the Habs have a deal in place with the Kracken and trade Lauzon the MtL.
21 Jul, 05:40 PM UTC
3 thoughts on Bruins reportedly losing Jeremy Lauzon to Seattle @WEEI's photo on Lauzon
21 Jul, 05:37 PM UTC
Bruins Network
@7Bacons @MikeFromWoburn Of the teams in the last expansion draft for Vegas that made deals to retain talent, how many of them didn’t get burned? I like Lauzon, but how many assets are you going to give up for him just to lose another player + assets? Bite the bullet, lose one player.
21 Jul, 05:22 PM UTC
For @BOSHockeyNow: #SeaKraken selects #NHLBruins defenseman Jeremy Lauzon in #NHLExpansionDraft.
21 Jul, 05:24 PM UTC
Locked On Boston Bruins
According to reports, we know who the Bruins are Lauzon in the expansion draft.
21 Jul, 05:42 PM UTC
The Hellhammer
Okay so assuming all the leaks are correct and Lauzon is gone and Hall is resigning.. good ole Donnie still has a LOT on his plate this off season. - re-sign Krejci - sign at least 2 Dmen - sign a bottom 6 linemen - sign a goalie
21 Jul, 05:51 PM UTC
Pauly Walnuts.
Really hate to see Lauzon go…however , it does open up a great opportunity for Clifton. The need to add a solid experienced D-man become more critical by the day…
21 Jul, 05:40 PM UTC
Transient Existence
Welp. No more Lauzon. Bruins should probably all commit suicide and detonate a nuke at TD Garden.
21 Jul, 05:31 PM UTC
Guy Boston Sports
The Seattle Kraken “have their sights set” on selecting Bruins D Jeremy Lauzon in the expansion draft tonight, per @reporterchris
21 Jul, 05:25 PM UTC
Per @frank_seravalli until now for #SeattleDraft BOS : J.Lauzon CAR : M.Geekie COL : J.Donskoi CBJ : G.Bayreuther DAL : J.Oleksiak EDM : A.Larsson FLO : C.Driedger LA : K.MacDermid MIN : C.Soucy MTL : C.Fleury OTT : J.Daccord PHI : C.Twarynski PIT : B.Tanev STL : V.Dunn
21 Jul, 05:22 PM UTC
#SeaKraken selects #NHLBruins defenseman Jeremy Lauzon in #NHLExpansionDraft.
21 Jul, 05:25 PM UTC
I really can't get that upset over losing Lauzon over Clifton. It seems people can get mad at anything tbh
21 Jul, 05:24 PM UTC
lauzon probably has more upside than clifton and is a left handed D which is an area of need and is bigger and perhaps a better trade asset which is why losing him is worse but have you all considered: cliffy hockey is fun
21 Jul, 05:58 PM UTC
Stephen Curtis
@Selke37 @BruinsNetwork clifton. lauzon could grow into a top 4 role. clifton to me will always be a bottom pair guy at best who is best served as your 7th d man.
21 Jul, 05:56 PM UTC
Jared Smith
Don’t love this. Lauzon was the guy I wanted to keep the most. Understandable why the Kraken wanted him
21 Jul, 05:56 PM UTC
#NHL Sannsynlig #Kraken draft: Driedger Vanacek Daccord Giordano Larsson Dunn OleksiaK H. Fleury Fleury Soucy Lauzon MacDermid Bayreuther Eberle Gourde Donskoi Jarnkrok Tanev McCann Appleton Geekie Bastian Lind True Twarynski
21 Jul, 05:51 PM UTC
Sam Federman (Sale/Duran/Houck SZN) (Mayer Stan)
29 of the 30 have leaked Eberle NYI Gourde TB Donskoi COL Tanev PIT McCann TOR Jarnkrok NSH Potluck ARI Appleton WPG Bastian NJD Geekie CAR Blackwell NYR Quenneville CHI True SJS Twarynski PHI Lind VAN Giordano CGY Spicy MIN Fleury ANA Lauzon BOS Macdermid LAK Oleksiak DAL
21 Jul, 05:50 PM UTC
Jake 🦔
No way there are bruins fans actually mad about losing Jeremy Lauzon
21 Jul, 05:48 PM UTC
🇨🇦🏒BigRed🏒🇨🇦 #BringBackBowen #BOF
Ok So Who Will @SeattleKraken Pick? 17 Picks As Reported 1st By @frank_seravalli DAL Oleksiak EDM Larsson TB Gourde PIT Tanev MTL Fleury STL Dunn TOR McCann FLA Driedger WSH Vanecek OTT Daccord PHI Twarynski CAR Geekie MIN Soucy CLB Bayreuther BOS Lauzon VAN Lind LA Macdermid
21 Jul, 05:47 PM UTC