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José Morgado
TEAM WORLD WINS THE LAVER CUP for the 1st time! Frances Tiafoe saves 4 match points in the 2nd set tiebreak and beats Stefanos Tsitsipas 1-6, 7-6(11), [10-8] to give World a 13-8 win over Europe in London! 12 consecutive tiebreaks won by Frances, absurd stat... @josemorgado's photo on Laver Cup
25 Sep, 05:06 PM UTC
Hello everyone ! Took a day of break after yesterday which was a tough day for me personally (not only because of what happened in London). So here I’m with a little video I made about this very emotional moment ❤️ 🎥: jtguimond / Roland Garros / Laver Cup https://t.co/DBsuUSibtC
25 Sep, 12:19 PM UTC
Tennis TV
CHAMPIONS AT LAST! 🔴🏆 Team World capture their first Laver Cup title with a memorable 13-8 win over Team Europe @LaverCup #LaverCup @TennisTV's photo on Laver Cup
25 Sep, 05:07 PM UTC
Tiempo De Tenis
La magia de Andy y el festejo de Roger. Cosas que solo pasan en la Laver Cup. https://t.co/PordmQLjK4
25 Sep, 12:38 PM UTC
José Morgado
Quite a month for Frances Tiafoe. - Beats Nadal & reaches a first Grand Slam SF - Plays and wins Federer's last match - Gives World their first Laver Cup Curious to see what he will do on tour till the end of the season.
25 Sep, 05:11 PM UTC
Set Tenis
25 Sep, 05:06 PM UTC
Set Tenis
Hoy por hoy, en términos de marketing, producción y entretenimiento, la Laver Cup es todo lo que la Davis Cup quisiera ser. https://t.co/qXTGagUILS
25 Sep, 05:19 PM UTC
El tenista quemado
Laver Cup >>>>>>>>>> Pique Cup (ex copa davis)
25 Sep, 02:59 PM UTC
José Morón
Por primera vez en la Laver Cup, el equipo del Resto del mundo, impulsados por unos inmensos Tiafoe y Aliassime, gana el título tras vencer a la Europa del Big 4. Siempre recordaremos este evento por la despedida de Roger Federer 😭😭 https://t.co/Af5q1ddYg6
25 Sep, 05:09 PM UTC
Gustavo Goitía
👏👏 ¡GRACIAS, ROGER! Federer dijo en el cierre de la Laver Cup: "Los felicito a los campeones, a Resto del Mundo. Se lo merecen. El año que viene estaré en Vancouver apoyando a los dos equipos. Gracias a Rod Laver, sos muy importante para todos nosotros. Fue muy lindo todo..." https://t.co/645EvTRnQ2
25 Sep, 05:36 PM UTC
Best of Tom Hiddleston
NEW📸:Tom Hiddleston today at Laver Cup in London. https://t.co/OFSTieXa4V
25 Sep, 05:17 PM UTC
Rod Laver
Congratulations Team World on winning your first Laver Cup. You never gave up! It was a fantastic contest and a privilege to once again share this experience from the stands. Bad luck Team Europe, you are all such great sportsman - until the next chapter in Vancouver ... 🚀 @rodlaver's photo on Laver Cup
25 Sep, 06:20 PM UTC
Rush 🐠
Still think the Big 4 reunion was what made the Laver Cup this year. Result is secondary
25 Sep, 05:40 PM UTC
Allez Roger
Roger and Tom Hiddleston 💙 🎥 Laver Cup https://t.co/CXkkFyGarL
25 Sep, 05:23 PM UTC
Bastien Fachan
Notable players Felix Auger-Aliassime has beaten in team events: Djokovic (Laver Cup) Alcaraz (Davis Cup) Zverev (ATP Cup) FAA a bona fide team player 🌟https://t.co/Llusx2y86A
25 Sep, 03:09 PM UTC
Roger Federer on his farewell weekend at the Laver Cup 😢 #LaverCup @eurosport's photo on Laver Cup
25 Sep, 05:42 PM UTC
Tennis TV
Team World getting pumped! 💪 Who will clinch the Laver Cup trophy? @LaverCup #LaverCup @TennisTV's photo on Laver Cup
25 Sep, 12:49 PM UTC
Christopher Clarey 🇺🇸 🇫🇷 🇪🇸
Laver Cup has proven that it is value added for tennis. Its future is up to the players. If the best ones commit to it consistently and continue to care about the outcome it will thrive.
25 Sep, 06:04 PM UTC
if Laver Cup has taught us anything is that men being open with their emotions >>>>>
24 Sep, 09:24 PM UTC
Gerald Butts
Felix @felixtennis just beat Djokovic in front of Federer, Borg, McEnroe and 17,000 fans to tie the Laver Cup. That’s quite the confidence boost. Kid is capable of greatness. @TennisCanada 🎾 🇨🇦
25 Sep, 03:20 PM UTC
Tennis Puneet 🐺
Maybe some people who hadn’t realised will now see what a complete gentleman and wonderful human being Novak is… The Laver Cup has been good for tennis and #Nolefam https://t.co/WIs3Z4vRUr
24 Sep, 10:02 PM UTC
Set Tenis
🎥 La Laver Cup también formará parte de la serie de Netflix. Qué año eligieron para comenzar a grabar. https://t.co/hCF67RBp5W
25 Sep, 06:44 PM UTC
Set Tenis
✅ La reunión del Big 4 ✅ El retiro de Federer ✅ La primera del Team World La mejor manera de celebrar el tenis y despedir a una leyenda. Siempre recordaremos esta Laver Cup. https://t.co/VtZBM5Cp7N
25 Sep, 06:17 PM UTC
Gustavo Goitía
👏👏👏¡INOLVIDABLE, HISTÓRICO! La Laver Cup dejó su sello para siempre. El retiro, aún increíble para muchos, de Federer, unido a Nadal en dobles y con Djokovic en un 'Big 3' sensacional, más Murray, la familia de Roger y los llantos de todos. A muchos se les rompió el corazón!!! https://t.co/TyFE1ziL1i
25 Sep, 06:35 PM UTC
Laver cup ended with them 🥺❤️ https://t.co/zRsIiAGzmz
25 Sep, 05:23 PM UTC
it’s been an emotional but memorable weekend, and i wanted to have all the memories in one place. so here’s a thread of all the best moments from laver cup 2022. 💙
25 Sep, 06:16 PM UTC
obsessed with anna wintour, editor in chief of the most important fashion magazine, skipping milan fashion week, one of the most important fashion events of the year, just to attend laver cup. she’s so real for that
25 Sep, 02:07 PM UTC
Helene ~ 🖋
Memories from my Laver Cup adventures on Thursday ❤ https://t.co/Ov4sDtlUsf
25 Sep, 06:13 PM UTC
Rafael Nadal shots
Nadal vs Isner - Laver Cup 2017 Day 3 https://t.co/gbhMclDika
25 Sep, 06:58 PM UTC
Michael Hincks
Tennis, forever turning heads 🎾 Great to cover the Laver Cup at The O2 🧵 Here’s a thread of some standout moments, including Roger Federer’s emotional farewell, #Fedal content, and an actual fire on court | #LaverCup #Federer | @LaverCup @MichaelHincks's photo on Laver Cup
25 Sep, 05:44 PM UTC