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Bleacher Report
THIS LAMELO SEQUENCE 🔥 @BleacherReport's photo on Lavine
15 Jan, 01:29 AM UTC
ran through bi association
gm @babyscallop's photo on Lavine
14 Jan, 02:42 PM UTC
Rakiyah 라카이야
Hi~ I’m Rakiyah (ruh-kai-yuh) an ex aerospace engineer now R&B singer-songwriter that sometimes sings in Korean. I’m dropping new music soon! Stay tuned for The Cosmic Queen EP! 🪐✨ @rakiyahinspace's photo on Lavine
14 Jan, 05:47 PM UTC
Tunde Onakoya
Now that Verification is out of the way, we have increased our Go fund me goal to raise a million dollars over the next few weeks. Is this possible? Only time will tell. One thing that's certain is we will take all our chances and even if we fail, we will fail forward🚀♥️ @Tunde_OD's photo on Lavine
14 Jan, 03:31 PM UTC
Adrian Wojnarowski
Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine will get an MRI on his left knee Saturday, but there's initial confidence that he hasn't suffered a serious injury, sources tell ESPN. It was described as "discomfort" and erring on side of caution with MRI tomorrow.
15 Jan, 01:38 AM UTC
Chicago Sports Zone
Zach Lavine is 1 spot away from having a Bulls backcourt in the 2022 NBA All Star Game 🙏🏼 RETWEET to vote @ZachLaVine a #NBAAllStar #BullsNation #ZachLaVine
14 Jan, 04:36 PM UTC
Chicago Bulls
Injury Update: Zach LaVine (left knee) is out for the remainder of tonight's game. @chicagobulls's photo on Lavine
15 Jan, 01:24 AM UTC
K.C. Johnson
Zach LaVine’s MRI may get pushed to tonight, but he left the United Center walking fine and is expressing confidence to others the injury isn’t serious, per source. LaVine quietly had been playing through some minor knee swelling, the source said. Tonight’s discomfort added to it
15 Jan, 02:09 AM UTC
Spurs Family
Zach LaVine is a real one for sure #DejounteMurray | #NBAAIIStar
15 Jan, 01:03 AM UTC
Bleacher Nation Bulls
I need Zach LaVine news right now.
15 Jan, 01:01 AM UTC
K.C. Johnson
This is the knee that LaVine tore his ACL in while playing for the Timberwolves in Feb. 2017.
15 Jan, 01:27 AM UTC
Ahmed/Dawn FM AOTY 🇸🇴
Lord I don’t ask for much but plz let Zach LaVine be okay I’m trying to see that man in the playoffs.
15 Jan, 01:39 AM UTC
Bulls Talk
DeRozan on playing w/o LaVine: "Nobody gonna come and save the day. It's on us to go out there and step up." @NBCSBulls's photo on Lavine
15 Jan, 04:02 AM UTC
@warriors Stephen Curry tonight: 72 points 22 rebounds 30 assists 22/23 from the field 12 3pt made Sexiest man on the court after Lavine injury #StephenCurry deserves to be an #NBAAllStar
15 Jan, 02:55 AM UTC
K.C. Johnson
Initial news story on Zach LaVine, who quietly had been playing through left knee discomfort and is headed for MRI amid organizational confidence he has avoided serious injury:
15 Jan, 02:39 AM UTC
Zach LaVine touché au genou : IRM à venir, normalement c’est pas grand-chose mais on croise quand même fort les doigts
15 Jan, 08:59 AM UTC
Zach LaVine (left knee) will not return and is OUT for the remainder of tonight's Warriors-Bulls game. @ClutchPointsApp's photo on Lavine
15 Jan, 01:26 AM UTC
Bulls Nation
Let's hope for the best and that Zach LaVine will be back soon 🙏
15 Jan, 04:40 AM UTC
Chicago Bulls France 🇫🇷
C'est officiel, à cause d'une douleur au genou gauche, Zach LaVine ne reviendra pas ce soir. #BullsNation
15 Jan, 01:26 AM UTC
Cody Westerlund
DeMar DeRozan says he'll give Zach LaVine a call when he gets on the team plane later tonight. He didn't know any details on LaVine's knee injury other than to say it was a "shock" to see him exit the game. "Hopefully he'll be all right," DeRozan says.
15 Jan, 03:27 AM UTC
Bulls star Zach LaVine was forced to leave Friday's game against the Warriors with a left knee injury.
15 Jan, 01:54 AM UTC
Bulls Nation
Zach LaVine has reportedly expressed optimism that his left knee injury is not serious. #Bulls 🙏🏼
15 Jan, 05:58 AM UTC
justin fields {27-12} (6-11) {71-91}
@wojespn Zach LaVine Injury
15 Jan, 01:42 AM UTC
Bonjour @PMU_Sport , les autres books ont remboursé Lavine blessé au bout de 4 min, pensez vous pouvoir remboursez vous aussi? Le geste serait apprécié... @Papa_rieur @Julien_Dpz59
15 Jan, 08:36 AM UTC
670 The Score
Updated story... #Bulls star Zach LaVine suffers left knee injury, will have an MRI on Saturday "Hopefully it’s nothing too serious," DeMar DeRozan says. via @CodyWesterlund @670TheScore's photo on Lavine
15 Jan, 04:14 AM UTC
Termo Bullinho (27-13)
Me importa una mierda perder por 50 pero POR FAVOR QUE LAVINE ESTÉ BIEN
15 Jan, 01:19 AM UTC
Just Another Year Chicago
Chicago Bulls official Halftime Report: -Yes we did actually just give up 78 points in the half -We are all repeating our Ts and Ps for Zach Lavine🙏🏼 (somewhat good news: per @KCJHoop, the initial focus of testing is NOT on an ACL injury) #BullsNation
15 Jan, 01:44 AM UTC
Bulls Nation
DeMar DeRozan on #Bulls losing Zach LaVine to knee injury: "Nobody is going to come save the day, it's on us to step up." 😤
15 Jan, 07:00 AM UTC