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Sid Seixeiro
Frederick Anderson, during his time in Toronto, was in front of one of the worst defences in hockey and was left on his own most nights. The second his body broke down, Leafs cut him lose. Anderson is 5-0 with Carolina.
26 Oct, 02:38 PM UTC
Spittin' Chiclets
“There is ZERO chance this team could win a Stanley Cup. Zero.” @ryanwhitney6 is adamant this Leafs team is not built to win a Stanley Cup. 🎙: https://t.co/G6Iit3v3lK @spittinchiclets's photo on Leafs
26 Oct, 02:59 PM UTC
luke fox
Petr Mrazek after his first full practice since groin injury is hoping to play in a few days. Credits Leafs medical staff: “I haven’t had treatment like that ever before.”
26 Oct, 07:48 PM UTC
mitch marney
if you want to feel okay or even hopeful about the leafs again, I strongly suggest you go watch jason spezza’s interview from today. he’s incredible. talks like a coach (his interviews are FAR less frustrating than keefe’s, imho) but still plays at a high level. just awesome. https://t.co/xJqDSjgBxy
27 Oct, 03:54 AM UTC
NHL Public Relations
THIS DATE IN 2006: The @BuffaloSabres won their 10th straight game and tied the NHL record for longest win streak to start a season – a feat first accomplished by the 1993-94 Maple Leafs. #NHLStats @PR_NHL's photo on Leafs
26 Oct, 04:00 PM UTC
Mike Richter. Henrik Lundqvist. Igor Shesterkin? Nick Kypreos (@RealKyper) joined The Chirp with @darenmillard to talk about the next great @NYRangers goalie and more. Listen ➡️ https://t.co/i74SYT3hDN @NHL's photo on Leafs
26 Oct, 03:39 PM UTC
Michael Grange
One of the most exasperating things about the Leafs is Spezza is the only guy on the roster who has made a sacrifice to be part of the program & yet is the one consistently delivering added value. Marner, Mathews, Tavares - hell, Shanahan & Dubas — ought to chip in for a raise. https://t.co/KyOW4JhH3w
27 Oct, 11:43 AM UTC
First Up
"The Leafs are losing their fans" @Aaron_Korolnek voices his frustration with the #MapleLeafs on #FirstUp after another loss last night and the resulting fallout from within the Leafs' fanbase. https://t.co/6GEhTD2xDs
26 Oct, 02:32 PM UTC
Matt LaBelle 🎃
The Blackhawks are a bad hockey team that hasn't won a game and is currently going through a huge scandal. Easy W for the Leafs tonight, right? right!? *insert joker laugh*
27 Oct, 01:25 PM UTC
Nonno Rocco
Ok here’s my optimistic rant for the day. Leafs win 10 of next 14. Comfortably back where they want to be and Mitch is giving all of us fans a big FU but respectfully of course. https://t.co/hyRamMbdMy
27 Oct, 01:10 PM UTC
With Leafs struggling, Tavares vows to become captain consistent. @markhmasters writes: https://t.co/xs5rZ6wl1m @TSN_Sports's photo on Leafs
27 Oct, 04:47 AM UTC
In the Mentions: Watching the Toronto Maple Leafs shouldn't be this difficult Full episode: https://t.co/eDT0xXRc7N https://t.co/JfXM1RhaFa
27 Oct, 01:47 PM UTC
I need the Maple Leafs to win 10-0 tonight for my sanity to be soothed.
27 Oct, 01:47 PM UTC
spooky leafs fandom, back from the dead
Me and all the boys wondering "what if this is just what the Leafs are now" https://t.co/0matKEqyIR
27 Oct, 01:38 PM UTC
Orbitpilled October Man
*Blue Danube Waltz starts playing* ITS MAPLE LEAFS GAME DAYYYY https://t.co/ZWB0Ya4s7M
27 Oct, 01:40 PM UTC
Go Blackhawks! Bag Head
Biggest game since the Gretzky high stick tonight. If Chicago's farm team can somehow find a way to beat the #LeafsForever, we will finally rid the organization of Kyle Dubas, once and for all. @NHLBlackhawks Leafs Nation is rooting for YOU!!! #FireDubas
27 Oct, 01:53 PM UTC
slapshot1955🇨🇦 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇺🇸🎺🌴
@fire__girl @peelweight @SEPullinRN @midwestmomts @KimStephensTX @Theresaroets911 @Andie00471 @NycsonaPryanka @CanuckScots @MissGizzie @Emsrsue @Shellzie661 @smartyshar50 @PlaneJ67 @KatWebheart @SweetMaryBecky Back from Raleigh and watching the Leafs lose to Carolina with my youngest daughter Savannah. Quality time with her is most important to me.
27 Oct, 12:11 PM UTC
Pucks vs Teeth
Guess the score 🏒 So who do you think will win? 😏 MAPLE LEAFS vs BLACKHAWKS Oct. 27, 2021 | 02:30 AM ET #hockeymemes #hockeyhumor #hockeyjokes #memes #jokes #nhlnews #nhlrumorsnhlrumors #NHL #NHLJets #StanleyCup #Blackhawks #MapleLeafs https://t.co/mtZHwtLH44
27 Oct, 01:49 PM UTC
theScore NHL
Spezza: Maple Leafs not a 'fragile group' https://t.co/smhBORpPJ7 @theScoreNHL's photo on Leafs
26 Oct, 10:18 PM UTC
Matt LaBelle 🎃
Either the Leafs win, which is always nice OR we get to watch a complete meltdown, which is also...sort of entertaining?? https://t.co/SPh2p5X4ih
27 Oct, 01:57 PM UTC
Peter B
My latest @TheHockeyWriter: This 4-game losing streak has been a test for the #LeafsForever. It’s something that they need to pass if they want to succeed. #THW #HockeyTwitter https://t.co/S28MQDkery
27 Oct, 01:48 PM UTC
Mailbag by @drosennhl: Maple Leafs due for turnaround, Gibson's future with Ducks https://t.co/SwhYHryrf8
27 Oct, 01:30 PM UTC
Seeing more optimism than hate this morning on Leafs Twitter. I can vibe with that and contribute. 🔥 Hot Take 🔥 The Leafs losing streak and woes change TONIGHT after a huge win against a struggling and empty Chicago team. Book it.
27 Oct, 01:43 PM UTC
slapshot1955🇨🇦 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇺🇸🎺🌴
@Emsrsue @fire__girl @peelweight @SEPullinRN @midwestmomts @KimStephensTX @Theresaroets911 @Andie00471 @NycsonaPryanka @CanuckScots @MissGizzie @Shellzie661 @smartyshar50 @PlaneJ67 @KatWebheart @SweetMaryBecky I took both daughters to Toronto in 2018 again Buffalo. Haley was able to leave he two boys 4 5 days. Harder now with granddaughter Harper. For now leafs play in Carolina just that one time. Next season twice. Savannah takes me to Trans-Siberian Orchestra next as my Xmas present
27 Oct, 01:43 PM UTC
Goshen College Women’s Basketball
IT'S GAME DAY FOR GCWBB! If you weren't already planning on attending the game at 6 pm tonight... Here are 4 great reason's to check us out... 1.) Check out one of these 7 new MapleLeafs as they take the floor for the first time today! https://t.co/MqnB9r7DJC
27 Oct, 01:54 PM UTC
Andrew Berkshire
🚨 New Episode dropped 🚨 🔸Habs, Blackhawks, and Leafs already in trouble, who can dig out of it? 🔸Canes, Panthers, Blues, Oilers are killing it, who's for real? 🔸Re-living the Kraken home opener Listen and subscribe: https://t.co/6aIP34aSf8 @AndrewBerkshire's photo on Leafs
27 Oct, 01:37 PM UTC
Francesco Palmieri
Ok Leafs, let’s win please. #LeafsForever https://t.co/veVekHLLaQ
27 Oct, 01:59 PM UTC
CJ Zellers
So excited for @ZoeZellers and her team! Year 1 starts tonight! Go Leafs! 💜🤍 https://t.co/3euNrq8LOP
27 Oct, 01:58 PM UTC
@FultonReed6 Sorry, just used to anything negative on Twitter being towards the leafs…
27 Oct, 01:56 PM UTC
slats 45
NHL 10-27 Last night 0-5 -5.5 units Just not seeing NHL. Tonight Leafs Regulation-110 Stars-1 +126. On a side note glad to see noted cheater Jose Altuve also went 0 for 5. There is still joy in sports.
27 Oct, 01:55 PM UTC