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Stray Kids
[SKZ VLOG] Lee Know : LEE KNOW LOG 4 https://t.co/6vDXQreLlv #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #SKZVLOG #브이로그 #YouMakeStrayKidsStay @Stray_Kids's photo on Lee Know
18 Sep, 11:00 AM UTC

lee know sent changbin’s pic but it kinda look like chan too and he said “if you love each other you’ll look like each other too changbin ❤️ bangchan” hfshs https://t.co/qiLAD1vzdp
18 Sep, 10:23 AM UTC
lee know holding soonie 🥺 @linoscent's photo on Lee Know
18 Sep, 11:23 AM UTC
LEE KNOW LOG 4 #리노 #LeeKnow @1025_GEM's photo on Lee Know
18 Sep, 12:22 PM UTC
hyunjin sent the drawing of doongie at 10:25, that’s lee know’s birthday 💔☹️ https://t.co/DBGYtByT3o
18 Sep, 01:31 PM UTC
doongie didn't want lee know to go T____T https://t.co/N6atw84yjY
18 Sep, 11:50 AM UTC
how can i move on from the fact the lee know carries his cats like babies @reIihyun's photo on Lee Know
18 Sep, 11:58 AM UTC
angela ⚡️
this genre of lee know @fluffshyunie's photo on Lee Know
18 Sep, 11:27 AM UTC
댕꾸 ◡̈
lee know “im against this marriage (of bangchan & changbin)” VS seungmin “i think ill be really jealous if u and lee know become a soulmate(to changbin) “ y are they so….
18 Sep, 10:30 AM UTC
doongie laying on top of lee know's shoes so he doesn't leave i've never been more devastated in my life
18 Sep, 11:36 AM UTC
remember when seungmin said lee know is the cutest when he gets excited by himself @hwanhohae's photo on Lee Know
18 Sep, 11:28 AM UTC
what is up there lee know 👀 @yslcheol's photo on Lee Know
18 Sep, 05:11 AM UTC
댕꾸 ◡̈
lolll lee know said in bbl “since he drew doongie will he draw me too i appeared in sooniedoongiedori vlog for a bit” 😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/V9H3026Yxf
18 Sep, 02:20 PM UTC
lena ✰ 🌩
oh lee know still has the jacket from when he and han had to dress felix LMAO https://t.co/DHRVmVZfKv
18 Sep, 11:33 AM UTC
thinking about how genuine lee know has felt since his very first vlogs and how naturally sweet he is while showing us whatever it is https://t.co/IdWYWYdPt2
18 Sep, 07:53 PM UTC
lee know being excited to cook is so pure, his bunny teeth keeps on peeking :( https://t.co/g7eQLSNcW1
18 Sep, 11:20 AM UTC
skz fuera de contexto
hyunjin dibujó a doongie en el lee know log 😭 https://t.co/a6KtEV4p1W
18 Sep, 01:33 PM UTC
no thoughts. head empty. just changbin lying on lee know’s legs @minbinsource's photo on Lee Know
18 Sep, 10:35 AM UTC
18 Sep, 10:19 AM UTC
o doongie deitando no tênis do lee know pra ele não ir embora eu to TÃO triste de vdd :( https://t.co/HM8U8UodZQ
18 Sep, 11:35 AM UTC
lena ✰ 🌩
lee know is so soft and gentle i will cry https://t.co/yIEBKRlTmN
18 Sep, 12:10 PM UTC
hyunjin pintó para felix y ahora hizo un dibujo de doongie en el lee know log, es tan lindo el hecho de que plasme esos momentos de los chicos y comparta después los resultados con ellos e incluso tmb con stay, el talento que tiene ese hombre no puedo más https://t.co/q1RQ2qn2aa
18 Sep, 02:12 PM UTC
Stay Voting Zone 🍕
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18 Sep, 02:32 PM UTC
Stray kids as Skzpoppers President: •Hyunjin - as Stays President •Lee Know - as President of Binchanners •Changbin - as President of Minsungers •Bang Chan- 🔜 •I.N- 🔜 •Han- 🔜 •Seungmin- 🔜
18 Sep, 10:34 AM UTC
the official ig (spark__mall) has confirmed this is their legit twt acc so if ur still able to pls vote the 4th option for lee know https://t.co/zeylfynCoa
18 Sep, 04:39 PM UTC
miles 🌊
if u want birthday ads for lee know vote on official polls like thekking. we are barely halfway from our goal there (poll ends in 12 days) pls vote for lee know. https://t.co/BRYAx2LPAC
18 Sep, 03:13 PM UTC
Stays Newspaper
it's safe to vote now, the account isn't fake. vote for lee know with all your kd accounts❣️ https://t.co/VapUlQ6jhb
18 Sep, 04:54 PM UTC