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Cameron Walker
The Duchess of Cambridge is Number 1 on @Tatlermagazine's Best Dressed List 2022. The author's description of a modern duchess: "Everything should be perfectly tailored, embracing current catwalk trends through a lens of appropriate dress lengths and classic silhouettes." 📸PA @CameronDLWalker's photo on Lens
05 Aug, 02:34 PM UTC
ria. tea’s wife (REAL)
now that the sapphic nancy wheeler headcanon has finally hit after season 4,,, watching her grieve barb hits a little different if you view it from the lens of a crush that she never processed
05 Aug, 09:37 PM UTC
Richard Newby
That’s class right there. No corporate leadership is perfect, but there’s such an obvious difference in leaders who know the value of their characters and creatives and are willing to take big swings than those who view everything through the lens of brands and content. https://t.co/bJkIqLEnrx
05 Aug, 01:47 PM UTC
「巨大ネコ現る」 Commissioned by Apple. “When shooting miniatures, the Ultra Wide lens… https://t.co/iOlltg9zIf Apple社からの依頼でXishuさんがiPhoneを使って撮影したものみたい。 フル動画 https://t.co/4sEuAowVM1 その他のミニチュアとネコの動画はこちら https://t.co/cydJ0i5cRN https://t.co/HN0cvB9bVg
06 Aug, 09:00 AM UTC
RMC Sport
💪 Avec @pumafootball et @rmcsport, on vous offre le maillot du RC Lens de l'attaquant Florian Sotoca, à l'occasion de la reprise de la Ligue 1 sur RMC ! 🍀On attend vos pronos de Lens-Brest en commentaires et un participant avec le bon score sera tiré au sort. Bonne chance ! @RMCsport's photo on Lens
06 Aug, 10:09 AM UTC
ꜰᴜʀᴀ 1 ☁︎︎
Ada tak sini baru nak berjinak2 pakai contact lens? I nak bagi important simple reminders to all first timer ni! #1 — Make sure you dah beli contact lens solution. (I suggest kat bawah I pakai apa) #2 — Make sure you dah transfer your contact lens to lens solution before guna. https://t.co/xOcWg9A1HV
06 Aug, 03:36 AM UTC
rii2 ka-daall🤖
✫ me and yoshi use the same camera lens shape but slightly different filters too ✫ #TMSD #TeumeSelcaDay #TreasureMakerSelcaDay #YOSHI_TREASURE @treasuremembers https://t.co/hwJk8i3z0M
06 Aug, 12:41 PM UTC
Nik Kalyani 💛 Web3
Went to the beach the other day With my friend who was on a short stay Saw the rolling waves, felt the ocean spray The scene was serene, though the sky was gray His lens froze moments that happy day And in my mind's eye, they'll also stay #ArtBlast
06 Aug, 12:59 AM UTC
Rob Stevenson
Sometimes heard plopping into the water, but rarely seen these days. This Water Vole near Marsh Lane was happy to let me watch him eat a leisurely breakfast for several magical minutes early this morning - from a distance with a long lens. Awesome! @Deal_Town @WaterVoleUK @PTES https://t.co/SSXyfGkhyI
06 Aug, 10:09 AM UTC
Jodi DiLiberto 🎨 🎶
Through the Lens abstract fractal art. Visit my website! https://t.co/StLONdvGhU #BuyIntoArt #FindArtThisSummer #originalmusic #artist #fromthepurplehouse
06 Aug, 09:21 AM UTC
Theroyalfamily.wcgcl 👑
News 🔴 : The Duchess of Cambridge is Number 1 on Tatler Magazine's Best Dressed List 2022 👗🗞️ . “Everything should be perfectly tailored, embracing current catwalk trends through a lens of appropriate dress lengths and classic silhouettes.” 👑👗💜 https://t.co/CocQM4PgDy
06 Aug, 12:54 PM UTC
聖來の水着が(あるのに)ない!──── #壁紙メーカー #imascg_chihiro #デレマス #シャルマント・ルージュの舞踏会 #黒川千秋 #財前時子 #様 #水木聖來 https://t.co/gD4Aauqoid https://t.co/tmjA3BepUf
06 Aug, 12:39 PM UTC
確認されるかぎりうちの担当が唯一年下にさん付けしてるのが時子様です #シャルマント・ルージュの舞踏会 https://t.co/S1suy7op4f
06 Aug, 12:51 PM UTC
#シャルマント・ルージュの舞踏会 これって千秋さんや聖來さんのダイマを求めても良きですかね??? 資料無い方は好きなセリフやカード又はコミュを教えてくだされば……!
06 Aug, 12:39 PM UTC
千秋ちゃんどう撮っても可愛い #シャルマント・ルージュの舞踏会 https://t.co/SIIp2EfDBA
06 Aug, 12:53 PM UTC
#シャルマント・ルージュの舞踏会 やっぱり強くてシビれる紅の3人 #財前時子 #水木聖來 #黒川千秋 https://t.co/vQz2jZoFFF
06 Aug, 12:54 PM UTC
3人の密やかな夏 #シャルマント・ルージュの舞踏会 #財前時子 #黒川千秋 #水木聖來 #StageforCinderella #デレステ https://t.co/jTJNp8NwVw
06 Aug, 12:52 PM UTC
King David
#ColorsOfUnity through the lens of Ethiopia. Come for the coffee stay for the rich history. Stay for a journey back into time and discover the very meaning of life itself. Here, you will find a proud & patriotic people ready to unite Africa. #ColorOfUnity. https://t.co/Lf5osBaveQ
06 Aug, 12:22 PM UTC
Hörður Kristleifsson
@GMamma4 This was shot on a 200mm lens so compression makes it look closer. I’m standing around 150-200 meters away from the craters which is a safe distance for this type of eruption 🌋
05 Aug, 04:19 PM UTC
Cam Sloan 🐘
photo walk in Richmond with a wide angle lens #mamiya7 #kodakgold200 #43mm https://t.co/xrYkkCrYT1
06 Aug, 04:30 AM UTC
La Voix des Sports
RC Lens : un match de prestige et un maillot pour la Sainte-Barbe https://t.co/bkRPOkkWrq https://t.co/FqeVNRtzc4
06 Aug, 11:43 AM UTC
Chance and Choice
【クーポンで最大400円オフ★8/1(月)00:00〜8/8(月)9:59】【送料無料】シード ワンデーピュアうるおいプラス 96枚入×2箱 ( コンタクトレンズ コンタクト 1日使い捨て ワンデー 1day シード seed ピュア Pure うるおいプラス 96枚入り 2箱セット ) [楽天] https://t.co/8DJYQvudIC #RakutenBookmark
06 Aug, 09:28 AM UTC
La Voix du Nord
#RCLens : un match de prestige et un maillot pour la Sainte-Barbe https://t.co/8xaOMTAKhc @lavoixdunord's photo on Lens
06 Aug, 12:26 PM UTC
Reen 🦋
Pasal no 5 tu i teringat i pergi snorkel kat sabah tercabut contact lens sebelah. Masa nak pergi parasailing pulak, uncle tu tanya “Mata kau mmg betul2 lain2 warna ka? Boleh viral ba ni” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/WRetv2WwhL
06 Aug, 12:31 PM UTC
PÃ¥l, son of Bengt
@SophLouiseHall If it's not stretching the budget then go for the daily ones - much less hassle. I only wear one contact lens but for some reason optician keeps sending me promotions for coloured lenses (in case I want to go for the poundland Bowie look)
06 Aug, 12:55 PM UTC
CoCoNut 🌻💝💋
@Sc64188569 @Alae_g Lens te permet de chercher en téléchargeant la photo et te propose des résultats ayant des similarités. Je m'en sers bcp
06 Aug, 12:54 PM UTC
@ActuFoot_ Meilleur que le RC Lens (pas compliqué)
06 Aug, 12:54 PM UTC
From its true origin, through the consciousness that revives the brush, the quill and the lens, to the semblance that begins its life on the canvas and on the page. #StretchedCanvas #TwinklingFigure #Vintage #Collection #OilPainting https://t.co/xswPyPe8Od https://t.co/iStExYEzr8
06 Aug, 12:53 PM UTC
VDN Saint-Pol
#RCLens : un match de prestige et un maillot pour la Sainte-Barbe https://t.co/9RIPzwNmTP https://t.co/4Z4PmG6Xw0
06 Aug, 01:00 PM UTC
Russ Richards
@saltwaterdarsie Don't have to do it, it just means you can calibrate each lens to the body, getting rid of the manufacturing tolerances. It's called "micro focus adjust". Here's a vid explaining it and you can just reset it if you get it wrong. Really easy to do. 👍 https://t.co/FR05lAWQM6
06 Aug, 12:59 PM UTC