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Leonard Nimoy is trending because a bunch of people think if he was still alive he'd be taking billionaire rockets to space, but I submit to you that if Leonard Nimoy were still alive he would be far too busy taking nudie photos of big girls to bother with that nonsense
13 Oct, 04:01 PM UTC
Rob Not Bob
NASA quoting Spock’s line from the Wrath of Kahn is one of the best movie references of all time. If only Leonard Nimoy could have said this on behalf of NASA, that would have been perfect. 👌🏼 https://t.co/ZsAyplnli2
13 Oct, 02:47 PM UTC
Leonard Nimoy would be so stoked to see his Captain travel to actual space today. It's truly unfortunate he is missing this moment. Godspeed, Captain Kirk! https://t.co/rYpCGJCyBo
13 Oct, 02:31 PM UTC
NEWS! William Shatner steals Blue Origin rocket to search for reborn Leonard Nimoy https://t.co/NN6RoCKMlj @newsthump's photo on Leonard Nimoy
13 Oct, 02:15 PM UTC
The Virgin William Shatner vs the Chad Leonard Nimoy https://t.co/TPI5uGUdN4
13 Oct, 04:03 PM UTC
The Angry Astronaut
Obviously, it's not easy to admit this, but congratulations to Blue Origin for bringing Bill Shatner to space and back again. Sadly, it is too late for Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, or James Doohan, but I am very happy that Shatner got this chance. https://t.co/vVOsJk1XST
13 Oct, 03:47 PM UTC
República de FiFidonia
Regresa el Capitán Kirk, @WilliamShatner, de su paseo en la cápsula #BlueOrigin de @JeffBezos por el espacio. Se convierte en la persona de mayor edad en estar fuera de la tierra a sus 90 años. Lástima que no se pudo junto a Leonard Nimoy. 🖖🏻 #RDF🐅 https://t.co/hPnZjtOHMf
13 Oct, 04:15 PM UTC
I’m so happy for @WilliamShatner. I just wish that Leonard Nimoy could have taken the trip with him. Maybe he did, in spirit. https://t.co/BzK8NG5Ptw
13 Oct, 04:09 PM UTC
📽 Actor Trivia 📽
Adam West jams with Leonard Nimoy in 1967 https://t.co/UEGLcsGoD8
13 Oct, 04:19 PM UTC
Andy Harris
If only Leonard Nimoy was alive to also pretend to care about this 😢
13 Oct, 04:14 PM UTC
Deep Space Fine
Leonard really said "with respect that boy is DEAD" https://t.co/zuYX7KaF1P
13 Oct, 04:42 PM UTC
Nonbinary Space Dyke
I'm glad Shatner got to go to space. I regret that Leonard Nimoy, Jimmy Doohan, and Nichelle Nichols will never have the experience. That said, it is appropriate, I think, that Shatner went up on a dick rocket.
13 Oct, 03:42 PM UTC
The Lone Goose
The fact that William Shatner got to go to space, but Leonard Nimoy never had the chance, just absolutely kills me.
13 Oct, 04:30 PM UTC
Coffee, Chess & Crypto!
One of the last things Leonard Nimoy shared before passing in 2015... Can't believe it has been so long. LLAP 🖖 https://t.co/s2BebjAr0n
13 Oct, 04:19 PM UTC
@jimstewartson Leonard Nimoy https://t.co/RFqjciN300
13 Oct, 04:37 PM UTC
Katie Ingram
@WellFedWanderer The Halloween Tree (featuring the voice talents of Leonard Nimoy) https://t.co/qOjK8Jk8Gl
13 Oct, 04:24 PM UTC
@AJW_SP 🎯🎯🎯 Dude is garbage. The fact that he feuded with Leonard Nimoy should be end of story for Shatner.
13 Oct, 04:19 PM UTC
Robin E Hunt
If you ask me Star Wars or Star Trek then it's a debate. I love both. Today my heart is warm because @WilliamShatner made it to real space... only thing to make it better is if he could have gone with Spock (RIP Leonard Nimoy).
13 Oct, 04:43 PM UTC
William H. Pumpkins
I’d like to think Leonard Nimoy wouldn’t have boarded a rocket ship with Jeff Bezos, but I guess we’ll never know… Feels logical. https://t.co/z5ssG57vfM
13 Oct, 04:40 PM UTC
@sesu590217 Mr. Spock / Leonard Nimoy 📺Star Trek / 中学~高校時代に掛けて見ていました。 Emi さんのお父様に似ているんですか?
13 Oct, 04:40 PM UTC
Bob 💙
William Shatner steals Blue Origin rocket to search for reborn Leonard Nimoy - https://t.co/Ls3TQJ4aZJ via @newsthump
13 Oct, 04:37 PM UTC
Wendellmom..CDN.Liberal damn proud! Human/Cat mom.
@Irma_Spikeymama Indeed! Well I think it’s great that he can see what he played as an actor! Well deserved. Unfortunate Leonard Nimoy can enjoy the same experience.
13 Oct, 04:32 PM UTC
@bbcmundo Que lástima que no esté Leonard Nimoy.
13 Oct, 04:31 PM UTC
𝖦𝗋𝖾𝗀𝗈𝗋 ✪
@RiemHigazi @GuidoTartarotti @pit_maschek @ClaudiaZettel Nicht nur „Sulu“. Auch Leonard Nimoy und andere waren/sind seit Jahren leider zerstritten mit ihm. Er dürfte jahrelang gedacht haben, dass er auch im Privatleben der Vorgesetzte seiner Kollegen wäre.
13 Oct, 04:29 PM UTC
Heavenly Tribulator
I only wish Leonard Nimoy could have accompanied him. But this is wonderful! https://t.co/WbEqHdPA9j
13 Oct, 04:27 PM UTC
Monster Farty
William Shatner steals Blue Origin rocket to search for reborn Leonard Nimoy - https://t.co/yet8tphhdn via @newsthump
13 Oct, 04:26 PM UTC
Crushes Xi Jinping Thought Kool-Aid peddlers 🚩🌻
Ricardo Montalban, as Khan, and Leonard Nimoy, in real life as the guy who played Spock, rolling over in their graves that they're not alive to shoot down William Shatner in the Blue Origin, aka Bezos' Blue-Balled Dick? #BlueOrigin #StarTrek
13 Oct, 04:24 PM UTC
hannah 🍌
thinking about how leonard nimoy would have *totally* gone to space with him and am crying now
13 Oct, 04:21 PM UTC
Shannon R. De Castro
🖖🏼 wish Leonard Nimoy was alive to go with him #StarTrek https://t.co/hKfjahWQob
13 Oct, 04:19 PM UTC