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Pittsburgh Penguins
Do or die. #LetsGoPens Pittsburgh Penguins's photo on #LetsGoPens
16 Apr, 12:55 PM UTC
Pittsburgh Penguins
GUENTZ-GOAL! 🚨 The Penguins take the 1-0 lead less than a minute into the game. The fans go INSANE. Yellow towels waving everywhere. #LetsGoPens Pittsburgh Penguins's photo on #LetsGoPens
16 Apr, 11:43 PM UTC
Mike Rupp
I’ve learned 3 VERY important things while playing for the #LetsGoPens ... 1. Pascal Dupuis does actually have two eyebrows 😜 2. As a roomy, when Kris Letang wakes up, you do too 😒 #rude 3. NEVER EVER.... EVER, count Sidney Crosby out #StanleyCup
16 Apr, 09:59 PM UTC
🧹🧹🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹🧹🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹🧹🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹🧹🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹🧹🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹🧹🧹 🧹🧹🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹🧹🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹🧹🧹 🧹🧹🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹🧹🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹 #Isles #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 02:09 AM UTC
@penguins What am I supposed to do for the next couple months... Yard work? Talk to my wife?.... I have no idea... Damn this hurts.... #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 02:09 AM UTC
Horny is like if you can't beat the goaltender.... Beat up the goaltender.... 😂🤣😂 #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 12:53 AM UTC
Joshua Axelrod
Well, that’s it for this strange Penguins season. But let’s keep in mind that the Pens are still by far the best team in the Steel City and we still have a solid core to continue building around going forward. As always, in @PenguinsJesus we pray. #LetsGoPens Joshua Axelrod's photo on #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 02:10 AM UTC
Nick Alberga
Masterful execution & buy-in from the #Isles. Just completed the sweep of the #LetsGoPens RRRIIIDDDIIICCCUUULLLOOOUUUSSS
17 Apr, 02:07 AM UTC
12 More - Isles Road Warrior
Sorry about the bad photoshop, I only had 6 days to make it. #isles #LetsGoPens 12 More - Isles Road Warrior's photo on #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 02:11 AM UTC
𝑩𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒐𝒏 Cain
#StanleyCup victories this decade #Blackhawks: 3 #LetsGoPens: 2
17 Apr, 02:13 AM UTC
British Penguins
Goodnight everyone and thank you for the interactions, laughs, tears, rants and swear words that are customary for a @penguins season #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 02:19 AM UTC
Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians🐧🏒🐈🇵🇱
Look, we might as well laugh. Three Cups in 10 years and this is the worst thing to happen? Come on. People who were around for the Rico Fata years know what I’m talking about. #LetsGoPens Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians🐧🏒🐈🇵🇱's photo on #LetsGoPens
16 Apr, 10:13 PM UTC
The Final Word
Maybe this can tag a little of the sting off: #StanleyCup Championships since 1991: @Penguins: 5 Red Wings: 4 Devils: 3 Blackhawks: 3 #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 03:12 AM UTC
Hockey Daily #StickTogether
JOSH BAILEY ICES THE SERIES FOR THE ISLANDERS! THE ISLANDERS SWEEP THE PENGUINS! #Isles 3 - 1 #LetsGoPens (NYI Wins Series 4-0) Hockey Daily #StickTogether's photo on #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 02:19 AM UTC
Steve Giglio
The @Penguins need to pay CLOSE attention to how the @LAKings and @NHLBlackhawks basically evaporated. It’s going to be a critical summer for @PenguinsGMJR. Add defense, get younger, address bottom 2 lines, find value role guys. add WBS depth. This isn’t a lost cause. #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 02:26 AM UTC
The Point
🧹And we have another sweep!🧹 The Penguins tried everything in the third, but the Islanders flexed their defensive muscles, allowing just 3 slot shots in the third as they make their way to the second round. #Isles #LetsGoPens #StanleyCup The Point's photo on #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 02:15 AM UTC
@NationPenguins Jake, #Isles fan hea that started following you for this series and you’ve been fun to read. I can tell you truly are a real #LetsGoPens fan and you bleed black and yellow so I wish you the best of luck next season and going forward man.
17 Apr, 03:50 AM UTC
Will Graves
Barry Trotz had questions when he took over the #Isles. Over the last 10 months, they've answered every one. New York finishes off impressive sweep of #LetsGoPens with 3-1 win in Game 4. https://t.co/WYL8vX6fff
17 Apr, 03:52 AM UTC
Pete Paguaga
No wonder why the Penguins didn’t win a game in the series. They went to the wrong place #LetsGoPens https://t.co/IWjON0oJX1
17 Apr, 03:39 AM UTC
Ryan Howard
No thank you #Pens for a fun and exciting season. Cant wait for next season...so stay healthy and have a great offseason! #LetsGoPens https://t.co/x7ghSMlo5O
17 Apr, 04:12 AM UTC
Bitch Lasagna
The newest song by Wiz KaSweepa! #isles #LetsGoPens https://t.co/RUz3wWGUcG
17 Apr, 03:44 AM UTC
5 in my lifetime. Yes, losing sucks, but only because we know what winning is actually like. Maybe next year. #LetsGoPens Evan's photo on #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 02:16 AM UTC
Sheri 👩🏻‍⚕️
If any of u blame @mattmurray_30 for that series, you need to learn hockey during this offseason. He was not the problem. #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 04:03 AM UTC
Next few weeks are gonna drag now. Can’t wait to see this wild offseason, honestly don’t think anyone is safe on the blue line. The speed needs revamped, and can’t get hit with the injury bug that late in the season again. #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 03:56 AM UTC
Lee Taylor
Until next season #LetsGoPens Lee Taylor's photo on #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 03:53 AM UTC
@penguins We’ve had an amazing few years with back to back Stanley Cups! But all good things come to an end. All the best @NYIslanders bring the noise! Rather you boys have that dance with Lord Stanley. On to next season Pens!! #nhl #LetsGoPens #playoffhockey 🐧🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🐧
17 Apr, 03:41 AM UTC
@CupOfJoe_43 @penguins At least. He's only 32. I'd put $ on 2-3 more with the right moves. #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 03:39 AM UTC
Jeff McClelland
Had a good time tonight. Looking forward to next season. It happens every once in a while! #LetsGoPens https://t.co/UgSzBjyXpk
17 Apr, 04:15 AM UTC
I predict that #Isles will beat #LetsGoPens in Game 4. Play #NHLHatTrickChallenge at: https://t.co/cpUUr6T9vd
17 Apr, 04:15 AM UTC
Joey Wagner
One final goal call reaction for this #Penguins season. Jake #Guentzel from Sidney #Crosby. #Pens fans -- See you in October! #Bucs fans and other sports fans -- Hello again! @PenguinsJesus @Dejan_Kovacevic #Pens #LetsGoPens @Penguins Joey Wagner's photo on #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 04:14 AM UTC
x - Pamela Voorhees
Heard lots of #Kessel trade rumours over this past season. Does it happen this summer? #letsgopens
17 Apr, 04:13 AM UTC
ID Rich
Terrible day in sports for me 😢🤧😭😢 Mets got scrap and Pens got sweep #LGM #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 04:08 AM UTC
Elina Lankinen
Well there goes my bracket. #StanleyCup #LetsGoPens #GoBolts
17 Apr, 04:02 AM UTC
Thank you @penguins with all the ups and downs this year, I still love this team, my love will never die for this team! Lets be better next year! #LetsGoPens sorry's photo on #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 03:58 AM UTC
#StanleyCup #LetsGoPens NF75's photo on #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 03:58 AM UTC
Please add to this thread with your best playoff memes so far #TBLightning #RockTheRed #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 03:55 AM UTC
@NYorNothing Blah. Sad about the result...but congrats to you. I still think you’re awesome, ha. 😬😶 #Isles #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 03:45 AM UTC
#LetsGoPens Jake Guentzel: Tallies lone score - https://t.co/y4lDdrxZWd
17 Apr, 03:44 AM UTC
Max Massaglia
Does anybody think our building and fans could be a little louder at @PPGPaintsArena? Just hearing the atmosphere of some of these arenas... you can tell a difference. I was at the @NationwideArena for game 3 and it was truly unbelievable how loud it was. #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 03:39 AM UTC
Apologies for the small flood of penguins getting swept memes #LetsGoPens ʎuuıΛ's photo on #LetsGoPens
17 Apr, 03:37 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United Kingdom.

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