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Big Brother Naija
The #BBNaija Level 1 Housemates win their Wager this week. They will each get 1500 Pocket Naira. Tap https://t.co/S61IudhtU2 for highlights. @BBNaija's photo on Level 1
05 Aug, 07:30 PM UTC
Level 1 hms are so classy... I am attracted to classy things😉 #BBNaija
05 Aug, 07:31 PM UTC
Bella's Agbero⚡
The truth doesn't kill 😂😂😂 deep down your evil hearts y'all know level 1 did well. #BBnaija
05 Aug, 06:48 PM UTC
Big Brother Naija
"Their game was all over the place, they even lost me." Christy O tries to make sense of how the #BBNaija Level 1 Housemates won their Wager tonight. Tap https://t.co/tfkutCsELU for more. @BBNaija's photo on Level 1
05 Aug, 08:31 PM UTC
News Sheriff
Family hold hand over ceremony as the females submit the remote to the males in the family as the Premier League season starts. Trenches • #PoweredByData • Level 1 • #BBNajiaS7 • National Anthem • Seun • Mr Macaroni • Adekunle • Arsenal • Channels TV • Fraud • Bella https://t.co/ubrc51rnhy
05 Aug, 07:48 PM UTC
RETURN - Pancake Butter, the sweet level 1 kitty now has URI and needs your help!!!!! RTS due to not getting along with resident cat, found a few days prior as a stray in a backyard. https://t.co/ZX42BQfIdt https://t.co/x0xfa2wxmi
05 Aug, 12:00 AM UTC
HERMES #BBNaija7 🪐
At this point, we need Agbo Jedi because this win is too sweet! Welldone to Hermes for leading and motivating his team and kudos to all Level 1 Housemates! #HermesIyele #BBNaija #BBNaijaLevelUp https://t.co/GCi2QEpdPp
05 Aug, 08:29 PM UTC
keabetswe moghelingz
Level 1 delivered a high class performance regardless of Biggie setting them up 🔥🔥🔥🔥 we love to see it . GO ISLANDERS!!!!🔥 #BBNaija
05 Aug, 07:08 PM UTC
These level 1 girls don’t win , they drag the level 2 girls , they win , they drag the level 2 girls .. It’s giving inferiority complex and low self esteem at this point .. #BBNaija
05 Aug, 09:59 PM UTC
Comrade Attitude
You see why I can’t stan these level 1? You won and still thrashtalking them? Sore winners🤣🤣🤣 #BBnaija https://t.co/Y6y58cDWSx
05 Aug, 08:06 PM UTC
Respect to every housemate this year cause omo, e choke. This is physically, mentally and emotionally draining, what Level 2 is feeling right now is what Level 1 felt last week. Intimidation, defeat. See this time around, the game choke #bbnaija
05 Aug, 08:10 PM UTC
Can this go viral before tomorrow pls 🙏❤️ | My recent shot today 📸 . . Trenches | Kuda | level 1 | Mr macaroni | National Anthem | Seun | Mr Eazi | Biggie | Ronke Raji | #Ashawo #Obidiots #Fireboy #BellaOkagbue #rt https://t.co/OGiI530F4q
05 Aug, 07:55 PM UTC
𝑔𝑜𝓇𝑔𝑒𝑜𝓊𝓈✩𝑔𝒾𝓇𝓁𝓎 𝒫.
Beauty haven’t even done ANYTHING to level 1 housemates to be called all those dirty names… the girl is literally just living and they’re all shaky… big phools! #BBNaija
05 Aug, 09:40 PM UTC
Beauty is winning this show! ON GOD I love the fact that these level 1 housemates underate her even their so called alphas isn't even In her league I mean in everything, nah Beauty is so humble she doesn't even blow her trumpet. #BBNaija
05 Aug, 10:02 PM UTC
Esther Amadi🔱
Shout out to Sheggz! He was the brain behind level 1 winning 🥳 #BBNaija
05 Aug, 08:27 PM UTC
Level 1 wins this week’s wager 😍😍😍 All videos belong to @BBNaija #BBNajiaS7 #BBNajia #Bbnaija @BBNaija2022__'s media on Level 1">https://t.co/ULoJRlrhCn
05 Aug, 07:30 PM UTC
The way level 1 housemates underrate Bryann eh especially the guys, they don't see him as a threat at all. If only they know he is literally carrying the male Hms on his back alone. #Bbnaija
05 Aug, 09:21 PM UTC
But wetin Beauty do some of the level 1 housemates?😹 my babe don suffer🙆🏾‍♀️ #BBNaija
05 Aug, 09:30 PM UTC
Paulo Santini Footwears
Please Promote & Patronize my Handmade Products. 🤲🤲 Available in all Sizes 38 - 46 #DignityInLabour #LabourChallenge "Sadio Mane" #PoweredByData "Mr Macaroni" Trenches Partey "Robert Lewandowski" Zinchenko Adekunle Seun Arsenal "Level 1" Lacazette Braithwaite "Chelsea FC" https://t.co/Q2AtpxSMAg
05 Aug, 08:13 PM UTC
Chomzy and Chichi really think being in Level 1 must mean they are better than the other babes in Level 2.
05 Aug, 09:50 PM UTC
Mercy Henry
Adekunle people no sabi hype. In Level 1,Adekunle is top 2 and not nos 2 #bbnaija
05 Aug, 09:27 PM UTC
So everyone in Level 1 thinks Phyna was calling Chomzy's name. Meanwhile Phyna was just hyping her housemates. Phyna stans get your votes ready, them wan use agenda stain her white. #bbnaija
05 Aug, 09:58 PM UTC
Not Chomzy saying Phyna is childish for mentioning her name. Level 1 content is all about Level 2 HMs #BBNajiaS7 #BBNaija https://t.co/nwdCZ5L3eM
05 Aug, 09:47 PM UTC
Noble Igwe
Level 1 people really think they are the shit … Ka ana aga n’ubi ka ji na aka
05 Aug, 10:37 PM UTC
N8,000 Dm/WhatsApp 09092639873 Rema #PoweredByData National Anthem Peter Drury Martinelli Erdogan Trenches Ondo Mr Macaroni Benteke Level 1 Mr Bayo Mr Eazi #BeautyTukura https://t.co/phmrKnCLdk
05 Aug, 07:36 PM UTC
Ama Serwaah Akoto ❤
Nothing can make me dislike my Level 1 people. i like all of them , including cho cho cho chomzy 🤣🤣🤣 #bbnaija #bbnaijaLevel1
05 Aug, 10:09 PM UTC
Yonela Ngova
Are you guys sure that level 1 won ? 🤣 the bitterness finish me 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it’s now midnight but they are still talking about the trenches 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that time the trenches have forgotten & moved on 💁🏽‍♀️🤣 I don’t understand these Islanders sef . 🤨 #BBNajiaS7
05 Aug, 10:36 PM UTC
Adam Srae
Day 65 of my challenge, 35 days to go. I want to be out of the trenches by day 100. Please help me retweet so that my helper can see my pinned tweet 🙏🏾 Mr macaroni adekunle rema arsenal fireboy fraud #cryars level 1 sadio mane Chris brown seun national anthem Favour ofili https://t.co/3VHcmgDJ27
05 Aug, 08:10 PM UTC
@sweetejay9 @BBNaija I don't have a fave but the negative energy and condescending words from level 1 housemates to level 2 housemates is unbearable. It's enough to stop watching the show. #BBNaija
05 Aug, 10:12 PM UTC
News Sheriff
Nothing can break the father and son bond! Former reality star Kiddwaya hangs out with his billionaire Dad, Terry Waya. They look good🥰🥰 Trenches • #PoweredByData Level 1 • #BBNajiaS7 National Anthem Seun Mr Macaroni Adekunle Arsenal Channels TV Fraud Bella https://t.co/cXkT0ohXMA
05 Aug, 07:50 PM UTC