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AFC Bournemouth
Lewis Cook has ruptured his ACL and will now miss six-to-nine months. Our thoughts are with you, @lewiscook_. #afcb 🍒 https://t.co/ekIqRnMr7h
06 Dec, 02:00 PM UTC
Sky Sports News
BREAKING: Bournemouth midfielder Lewis Cook out for between six and nine months with ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. #SSN Sky Sports News's photo on Lewis Cook
06 Dec, 02:11 PM UTC
Soccer AM
Wishing Lewis Cook a speedy recovery after the talented young midfielder has been ruled our for up to 9 months with an ACL injury ❤ Soccer AM's photo on Lewis Cook
06 Dec, 04:23 PM UTC
Sky Sports Premier League
#AFCB midfielder Lewis Cook has been ruled out for up to nine months after rupturing his anterior cruciate ligament. https://t.co/4AVlbinpCh
06 Dec, 02:21 PM UTC
La media inglesa
Durísima noticia: Lewis Cook se perderá lo que resta de temporada tras romperse los cruzados de la rodilla. Una pena para un jugador tan joven que había logrado asentarse en el once de Eddie Howe. https://t.co/M3UbKUm9on
06 Dec, 02:32 PM UTC
indykaila News
AFC Bournemouth midfielder Lewis Cook will be sidelined for six-to-nine months with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament.
06 Dec, 02:31 PM UTC
AFC Bournemouth 🇫🇷
Lewis Cook s'est fait une rupture du ligament d'un genou. Il sera absent entre 6 et 9 mois.. Tu reviendra plus fort! 💪 #afcb 🍒 AFC Bournemouth 🇫🇷's photo on Lewis Cook
06 Dec, 03:19 PM UTC
hi I would like to donate my ACL to Lewis Cook please
06 Dec, 08:30 PM UTC
Fantasy Football Scout
🏥 Bournemouth report that Lewis Cook has been ruled out for between six to nine months after rupturing his ACL. #FFScout #FPL #GW16 #afcb
06 Dec, 02:05 PM UTC
Congrats to educator Shonette Lewis at Cook Literacy Model for winning the Fox 8 educator award!@TeamCLMS KAREN ROSEBORO, Ed.D's photo on Lewis Cook
07 Dec, 12:31 AM UTC
Field Gulls
highest broken tackle% per FO (min. 100 touches) Ekeler, 29.2 Cook, 28.7 Lewis, 27.2 Hunt, 26.1 Barkley, 26 Gordon, 25.4 Carson, 25.3 Freeman, 24.8 Jones, 23.7 Kerryon, 23.3 Lynch, 22.9 Drake, 22.1 Conner, 21.7 Henry, 21.4 Peterson, 21.2 Chubb, 21 Mixon, 20.3 Collins, 19.4
06 Dec, 09:10 PM UTC
Jerit Roser
“I think we woke a sleeping giant in this game last year.” — Catholic-NI coach Brent Indest says of beating Notre Dame last year. Saw “the blood in their eyes” to start this year & coach Lewis Cook getting more multiple on offense like “an evil genius” with his playcalling.
07 Dec, 04:24 AM UTC
FPL Status
Injured! ⛔️ Lewis Cook #BOU - [Anterior cruciate ligament - Expected back 04 Jun] - #FPLSU
06 Dec, 02:34 PM UTC
Bournemouth Türkiye
🔇 Üzücü Haber 😵 Huddersfield maçının son dakikalarında Lewis Cook, ön çapraz bağlarından sakatlandı. 🏥 Yapılan açıklamada Lewis Cook'un 6-9 ay sahalardan uzak kalacağı da açıklandı. Bournemouth Türkiye's photo on Lewis Cook
06 Dec, 04:59 PM UTC
Lewis Cook's season appears to be all over https://t.co/ioxf5tDxR4
07 Dec, 04:15 AM UTC
The big team bias by the media is ridiculous, if you go on the BBC website, the Joe Gomez injury report is in the top 6 stories, whilst to find the Lewis Cook injury report (a far worse injury) you have to scroll to the bottom of the page basically, sort it out @BBCSport
06 Dec, 07:57 PM UTC
Jerit Roser
Notre Dame coach Lewis Cook discusses getting the best of their rematch with Catholic-NI. Fourth meeting in two seasons, including last year’s title game that went the other way. Jerit Roser's photo on Lewis Cook
07 Dec, 04:12 AM UTC
LA Football Mag & TV
Congratulations to @NDPioneers1 on winning the Division III state championship. Also, congrats to the game MVP Noah Bourgeois on an excellent game. This is Head Coach Lewis Cook's fifth state championship overall.
07 Dec, 04:18 AM UTC
Jerit Roser
“If he was as big as his heart, he wouldn’t be able to sit at this table.” — Notre Dame coach Lewis Cook on RB Noah Bourgeois, the Pios’ Outstanding Player Jerit Roser's photo on Lewis Cook
07 Dec, 04:16 AM UTC
James Bewers
FINAL | Notre Dame 42, Catholic-NI 21 Pios win their first state championship since 2015 and sixth all time, fourth under Lewis Cook. It's Cook's fifth career title
07 Dec, 03:49 AM UTC
Shawn Campbell
@ncsu_blowery @JericoleHellems Chaminade basketball will do that to young player. See David Lee, Bradley Beal, Jason Tatum, Tyler Cook, Mike Lewis, etc...
06 Dec, 08:19 PM UTC
Jerit Roser
Notre Dame players & coach Lewis Cook discuss responding to Catholic-NI QB Trenayvion Amos’ game-opening touchdown run to battle back for the lead & victory. Jerit Roser's photo on Lewis Cook
07 Dec, 04:15 AM UTC
@benfrosh barry lewis is about to cook some pugnog Bonesy's photo on Lewis Cook
06 Dec, 11:55 PM UTC
AFCB Report
Bournemouth midfielder Lewis Cook season over #AFCB https://t.co/zO6eLvPw6Q AFCB Report's photo on Lewis Cook
06 Dec, 10:07 PM UTC
Bournemouth Brasil 🍒🇧🇷
Ainda triste pela notícia do Lewis Cook. Puta merda
06 Dec, 07:55 PM UTC
Sad news on Lewis Cook, a huge loss, hopefully his recovery isn't too long . Maybe time for Ake to move into midfield and Mings replaces him in Central defence #afcb
06 Dec, 07:37 PM UTC
Overnight injury/suspension: Lewis Cook, Löwe, Sabiri, Gomez, Schär, Arnautovic, Wilshere https://t.co/1AT3SeTiNQ
07 Dec, 05:00 AM UTC
Stallman’s Beard
Time for a big announcement: I’m dedicating the next month to hunting shiny Pokémon in “Let’s Go Eevee” on the Nintendo Switch. Magellan Columbus Cook Lewis Clark StallmansBeard Wish me luck.
07 Dec, 04:44 AM UTC
Jerit Roser
Legendary coach Lewis Cook and Outstanding Player Noah Bourgeois celebrating the Notre Dame Pioneers’ state championship. Jerit Roser's photo on Lewis Cook
07 Dec, 03:55 AM UTC
AFC Bournemouth Talk
A devastating blow to Lewis Cook's season #AFCB https://t.co/9NHgtXvF6y
07 Dec, 02:49 AM UTC
Did Those Feet?
Very sad news about Lewis Cook.
07 Dec, 01:31 AM UTC
AFC Bournemouth Talk
Lewis Cook: Bournemouth midfielder out for up to nine months with ruptured ACL #UTCIAD https://t.co/Ty4da6NIRW
07 Dec, 12:39 AM UTC
Lord Milder
@marktoleman @KennethPKrey Lewis Cook has just done his ACL out for 9 months
06 Dec, 11:30 PM UTC
Felix egbo
Bournemouth midfielder Lewis Cook sidelined for up to nine months with ruptured ACL https://t.co/KP7fFHbSC9 Felix egbo's photo on Lewis Cook
06 Dec, 11:29 PM UTC
Leeds United Live
All the very best with the recovery, @lewiscook_ #lufc https://t.co/lh5V0kXCJi
06 Dec, 11:08 PM UTC
Manuel R. Medina
Lewis Cook is out for the rest of the season https://t.co/V7r3q69WpN via @ronaldocomint
06 Dec, 11:06 PM UTC
Andy Nash 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇨🇽
On Monday, I stepped aside as my Wife’s “director of Football” for her FPL team and let her do her 2 free transfers on her own 😂 The good news, she brought in Kane for Aguero and got the Captain haul 😃 The bad news: “enabler” Lewis Cook is out for 9 months with an ACL 😣
06 Dec, 10:49 PM UTC
Opinion: Bournemouth gained't miss Lewis Cook dinner in any respect in the event that they make January transfer for Bundesliga ace https://t.co/ZkYXdEBvXp punga007's photo on Lewis Cook
06 Dec, 10:28 PM UTC
Bournemouth and England midfielder Lewis Cook out for up to nine months with knee ligament injury - The Telegraph #afcbournemouth 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #Premier_League https://t.co/DZL6VTkoE8
06 Dec, 10:06 PM UTC
Lewis Cook: Tears ACL against Huddersfield - https://t.co/Icn8oe99TU
06 Dec, 10:03 PM UTC
Daz France ™
Gutted for Lewis Cook! #lufc 😢
06 Dec, 09:55 PM UTC
Felipe Proença
Desfalque importante no Bournemouth. Lewis Cook rompeu os ligamentos do joelho e não deve mais jogar na temporada. Titular no time Eddie Howe, ele era o capitão da Inglaterra campeã sub-20 no ano passado. Tomara que a lesão não atrapalhe a sua promissora carreira. https://t.co/8kyBygn4vg
06 Dec, 09:50 PM UTC
I've just posted a new blog: Bournemouth dealt hammer blow with Lewis Cook injury news https://t.co/SuRoYfdQJM
06 Dec, 09:44 PM UTC
#Bournemouth and #England’s Lewis Cook facing Six to Nine Months out after Rupturing his ACL https://t.co/YN1r6yI55e 745ng's photo on Lewis Cook
06 Dec, 09:00 PM UTC
Dan Burchmore
@GolfGrandadFI Followed, when you buying into Lewis Cook?
06 Dec, 08:39 PM UTC
Leeds United Live
Horrible, horrible news for one of #lufc's greatest youth products of recent years. https://t.co/lh5V0lfe7S
06 Dec, 08:08 PM UTC
Bournemouth dealt hammer blow with Lewis Cook injury news https://t.co/BKazVZ5gXe Sortiwa's photo on Lewis Cook
06 Dec, 07:52 PM UTC
Steve Brookes MBE
Bournemouth dealt hammer blow with Lewis Cook injury news https://t.co/eCrhXlZVBR #Football
06 Dec, 07:43 PM UTC
Soccer Zone
Bournemouth’s Lewis Cook faces long layoff with ruptured ACL https://t.co/vjNZ7xDOyp
06 Dec, 07:37 PM UTC

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