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Pete Alonso
Loved having Luis in ‘17 and ‘18 as my AA manager! It’s awesome playing under him and having him on staff last year as well!!! Super pumped to have him as the Jeffe. Also he throws some damn good bp #LFGM https://t.co/SI8JgLzRId
22 Jan, 07:14 PM UTC
The 7 Line
The players are on board, and with over a decade of organizational experience, Luis Rojas is now the man for the job. Just 3 weeks until camp! #LFGM https://t.co/dJyYzfElHy
22 Jan, 07:13 PM UTC
We Gotta Believe Podcast (Weds, iTunes & Spotify)
Stro Show already going to war for Rojas and calling out Carlin in the process #LFGM https://t.co/dawr4tppOD
22 Jan, 07:44 PM UTC
Rich MacLeod
Really happy for Luis Rojas. It's obviously not the way they wanted this to go down, but the Mets have been a big fan of his for years. It seemed inevitable that he'd get this opportunity one day. Now he's got it. #LFGM
22 Jan, 06:06 PM UTC
Athlete Logos
I need baseball asap. #LFGM https://t.co/BNEUAj6ETC
22 Jan, 02:33 PM UTC
If you don't piss on your hands in honor of the Mets hiring one of Felipe Alou's sons, you flat out aren't a Mets fan #LFGM #PPHands https://t.co/RH8krhJjn8
22 Jan, 07:07 PM UTC
Stro makes me wanna run through a steel wall. #LFGM https://t.co/AJ8N5ZmAHX
22 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
I'm ready for Luis Rojas! #LFGM
22 Jan, 09:04 PM UTC
Metsmerized Online ⚾️
New Post: “Robot Umps” To Be Utilized in Spring Training https://t.co/UtlOMMt6DV #Mets #LGM #LFGM
22 Jan, 08:46 PM UTC
@Pete_Alonso20, the nicest guy out there no matter what. Dad ran into him at the airport and he apologized for rushing out of there. Class act in the league!!!! #LFGM https://t.co/Vb9faKJvOx
22 Jan, 09:23 PM UTC
@Pete_Alonso20 @STR0 @mikehammer @ChrisCarlin I can't wait to see you guys turn it up this year screw these clowns and there hot takes #LFGM @STR0 @Pete_Alonso20 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽😤😤😤
22 Jan, 08:58 PM UTC
Katie Bouts
If Pete’s happy, I’m happy #LFGM https://t.co/rW4UWgmbdF
22 Jan, 09:02 PM UTC
Fuck all the critics! All that matters is that the players in the clubhouse LOVE/RESPECT/WANT Rojas as their manager. As long as the team is happy, I’m happy!#LFGM #Mets @Noahsyndergaard @STR0 @JdeGrom19 @Smatz88 @RobinsonCano @mconforto8 @ynscspds @JeffMcNeil805 @Amed_Rosario https://t.co/Go1dt3DTIw
22 Jan, 10:09 PM UTC
Danny Pav
Don’t worry. Well f—- this up somehow. #LFGM https://t.co/Mz0Dw9PmEz
22 Jan, 10:05 PM UTC
Brendan D. Casey
@ChrisCarlin @ChrisCarlin ... @STR0 @Pete_Alonso20 ... are you sure that Binghamton is not NY ? According to all the maps I’ve looked at, it described Binghamton as a city in New York 🤔😂😎 #LFGM
22 Jan, 09:31 PM UTC
John Mullarkey
@DocGooden16 Doc, great to see you working and recovering. Seeing you each year has been a highpoint, and that was before you were waving us home! I can’t wait to face you in the pro game next year! #lfgm #mfc
22 Jan, 09:28 PM UTC
Matthew Stephen
@DarrenJMeenan @Mets @MetsFantasyCamp This was incredibly well done with the video and awesome job kicking ass down there! This video not only answered all my questions, but giving me the itch to go!! #LFGM
22 Jan, 09:16 PM UTC
Gabes Dad aka Carlos 😎
@DougClyde7 @MetsDaddy2013 We can show him respect unlike Colorado mgmt #LFGM
22 Jan, 10:15 PM UTC
Chris Higgins
Well said man and can't wait to watch you on the mound for the #Mets this year...#LFGM https://t.co/ak06fEiFj1
22 Jan, 10:07 PM UTC
@jordang9686 I’m with you 💯 #LFGM
22 Jan, 10:00 PM UTC
Metsmerized Online ⚾️
New Post: Ronny Mauricio, Francisco Alvarez Ranked In Baseball America Top 100 https://t.co/DhKSrFTEUd #Mets #LGM #LFGM
22 Jan, 10:00 PM UTC
Trade 4 Marte 🇺🇸🇵🇷
@STR0 @Chrishiggins612 @HDMHApparel Forget these 🤡s @STR0 You straight positive energy on and off the field. You in control and most people envy that. #HDMH #STROWorld #LFGM
22 Jan, 09:55 PM UTC
Richie Rich
@STR0 @TMKSESPN @ChrisCarlin @STR0 bruh some of the worst takes in sports come from that time slot and that group that’s why they were second fiddle for so long don’t even worry about them and get ready for a great season #LFGM
22 Jan, 09:43 PM UTC
Chris Hackett
@Pete_Alonso20 Pete, if you approve i approve #LFGM
22 Jan, 09:41 PM UTC
Pablo Jaquez
@ChrisCarlin @STR0 Opinion or not you love to kill the Mets any chance you get. Not happy with how things transpired with Beltran wish he got a chance to manage but happy this is now behind the Mets and looking forward to this coming season. #LFGM
22 Jan, 09:38 PM UTC
Michael McKenna
Can it be opening day already ! #LFGM
22 Jan, 09:34 PM UTC
The @mets should have hired Luis Rojas off rip... whom has been grooming in their system for the better part of a decade, over Carlos Beltran.... no managerial experience to speak of. Dumbasses #LFGM #ChopOn
22 Jan, 09:25 PM UTC
Matthew Searle
With the Mets hiring Luis Rojas, both New York baseball teams are helmed by second-generation managers (Rojas is the son of Felipe Alou, Aaron Boone is the son of Bob Boone) #mets #yankees #LFGM #LGM
22 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC

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