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Romesh Ranganathan
I would love my sons to be taught about LGBT issues in schools so they don’t grow up to become the sort of narrow minded pricks that don’t want LGBT issues taught in schools.
21 Mar, 07:29 AM UTC
Nicky Campbell
A parent in the Birmingham LGBT row said that ‘homosexuality’ is a choice. I called his view ridiculous and dangerous. As if LGBT people being persecuted across the world chose their sexuality.People complained it was BBC bias. I make no apologies for calling out homophobia.
21 Mar, 08:25 AM UTC
The Volatile Mermaid
“How dare Trump attack a dead man?!” - the people who stayed silent when he attacked women, minorities, the LGBT community, journalists, the FBI, the CIA, a Gold Star family, immigrants, the disabled, a grieving war widow, athletes, migrant children...
21 Mar, 02:38 PM UTC
Jordan 🐝
As an LGBT teacher, I have always been open and honest about who I am to my students. They know I'm gay, they know I'm engaged to be married and they know we live together. This isn't "promoting" myself or my "agenda". It's who I am. I exist. I'm age appropriate.
21 Mar, 02:53 PM UTC
As April Fools Day comes closer here’s small list of the many things NOT to joke or prank about: - Fake Pregnancy/Miscarriages - Fake Coming Out(LGBT) - Cheating - Death/Suicide - Rape/Sexual Assault - Self Harm - Mental Health Disorder - Cancer / Illness / STDs etc
21 Mar, 03:28 PM UTC
Veggietales Facts
i got fired for trying to come into work in my fursuit. so much for an lgbt safe space
21 Mar, 06:34 PM UTC
Tarek Fatah
Hijabi Homophobic Mom in UK opposes educating Muslim children about the equality of the LGBT community Tarek Fatah's photo on LGBT
22 Mar, 04:56 AM UTC
Jeśli ktoś myślał, że Korwin osiągnął już szczyt swojego debilizmu to się mylił. Janusz popiera swobodny dostęp do pornografii dziecięcej, jeśli takowa nie będzie udostępniania dalej przez jej posiadacza. Czy to na pewno środowisko LGBT ma coś wspólnego z pedofilią? hmm 👀 pati's photo on LGBT
21 Mar, 01:57 PM UTC
Moody Bandicoot 🗳
Lgbt บางคน มีทัศนคติในแง่ลบ มองโลกในแง่ร้ายมากเกินไป จนคิดว่าทุกคนจะเหยียด จนเกิดความระแวงในการใช้ชีวิตเกินไป
21 Mar, 11:58 PM UTC
cc alors voyez vous ce p’tit arc-en-ciel sur mon teeshirt ? eh bien j’me suis fait exclure de cours d’hist-géo à cause de ça, parce que d’après le prof « c’est le drapeau lgbt » gros connard homophobe 🌈🌻's photo on LGBT
21 Mar, 05:07 PM UTC
\7 นด.ได้ทัชซองอุ๋งแล้ว ㅠㅠ
แต่ถ้าว่ากันแล้วเขียนให้อะไรมันพัฒนาๆ ไปจากเดิมก็ได้นะ ยุคที่ อัลฟ่า เบต้า อมก.เท่าเทียมกัน เหมือนโลกเราที่ตอนนี้ lgbt เองก็ไม่โดนกดเหมือนสมัยก่อน
21 Mar, 06:53 PM UTC
Yasmine Mohammed
I can’t imagine how the #LGBT community feel. I’m so sorry that humans are so stupid. I’m so sorry for you and for all of us. 🌈💔 3
22 Mar, 04:26 AM UTC
Wojciech Reszczyński
Od dziś będę zawsze mówić dłużej: "lesbijki, geje, biseksualiści, transseksualiści", a nie LGBT, ten skrót to humbug, mający stare, obce nam konotacje, (długo by pisać), jest po to, aby zafałszować (ukryć) rzeczywistość. Dixi.
22 Mar, 02:54 AM UTC
⎛⎝ James the Bond ⎠⎞
UK: Musulmani protestano contro le lezioni a scuola sull'omosessualità. I genitori di 600 bambini li hanno ritirati da una scuola di Birmingham che faceva lezioni LGBT con un insegnante gay. ⎛⎝ James the Bond ⎠⎞'s photo on LGBT
21 Mar, 10:27 PM UTC
Fern Brady
So they're gonna keep teaching French & German in schools but not that LGBT people exist even though we're way more likely to meet a gay guy than a French guy in post Brexit Britain?
22 Mar, 07:06 AM UTC
Adrian Harrop
I'd like to reassure Philip Davies @PhilipDaviesUK - who has voiced his "concerns" re: children being "exposed to homosexuality and transgenderism" - that, as an LGBTQ+ person, I am neither contagious nor dangerous to kids. I am just a normal person. 🏳️‍🌈
22 Mar, 06:47 AM UTC
Undercover Autie
I 100% think LGBT+ should be taught in schools and absolutely don’t believe it ‘makes people LGBT’ or whatever. But... So what if it did?! Fine by me! All people are saying when they disagree with it being taught is that they don’t want more LGBT+ people.
21 Mar, 04:20 PM UTC
Katarzyna Kaczorowska
Kompletny brak autorefleksji. Kompletny
22 Mar, 05:59 AM UTC
きもおた@Katsuryu_0118 がなか卯でテンションw 録de無死しめましたぁ⸜( ' ᵕ ' )⸝ 今日は@LGBT_Amata あまちゃん 【誕生会】!! たんたんたんたんしてあげて!! #三ッ寺会館 #三ツ寺会館 #三ッ寺 #ミッテラ #BAR #西心斎橋 #アメ村 録de無死-三ツ寺会館-'s photo on LGBT
22 Mar, 01:11 AM UTC
We are this small and yall still wanna be against God by doing lgbt, murder etc ? When will yall realise smh
21 Mar, 07:18 AM UTC
CFZ #2058
CAN 🖐 WE 🖐 STOP 🖐 KILLING 🖐 LESBIANS 🖐 IN 🖐 SOAP 🖐 DRAMAS! #coronationstreet #lgbt #lesbian
22 Mar, 01:30 AM UTC
Yup The Annual Gay Migration Starts In April! Thank you for listing SK2019 as the TOP event to go to for April!
22 Mar, 07:04 AM UTC
■ホテル紹介 【クッド島】ソネバキリ – SONEVA KIRI クッド島にある『ソネバキリ – SONEVA KIRI』の紹介記事です。 #ホテル #ソネバキリ #クッド島 #LGBT #HOTEL #SONEVAKIRI
22 Mar, 07:16 AM UTC
Jaime walker 🌈🧜‍♀️🗣
We are the police, doctors, nurses, writers, politicians, comedians, we are brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, we are he, she, her, him, they, them, we are every race & religon, we are freedom fighters, we are here, we are L G B & T 🏳️‍🌈 #LGBT...our lives are not a debate.. Jaime walker 🌈🧜‍♀️🗣's photo on LGBT
22 Mar, 07:16 AM UTC
It's ya boi James 🏳️‍🌈
@Routemaster4 Neither is religious studies, yet I had no choice in the matter, I was just learning about other people and their practices, LGBT would be no different
22 Mar, 07:16 AM UTC
All On Fire Books
Survival: From a broken childhood to PhD by John Fahey "A #book so powerful the words...lodge in your unflinching account of a boyhood filled with fear [&] violence... Ireland becomes a magical, promised land..." @JohnFahey11 #LGBT #SexualAbuse All On Fire Books's photo on LGBT
22 Mar, 07:16 AM UTC
#minęła8 ile kosztuje zmiana płci, ile trzeba zapłacić za hormony przebogatym firmom farmaceutycznym, lobby farmaceutyczne #lgbt+
22 Mar, 07:16 AM UTC
細川 隆好
22 Mar, 07:16 AM UTC
Wojciech Chudy
źdźbło w oku bliźniego widzisz, a belki w swoim nie dostrzegasz
22 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
@Kito_re_ 6月の28~7/1までいる! 多分やけど29日に二丁目行くで꒡̈⃝
22 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
Until we have equality in education, we won’t have an equal society. #LGBT #Parkfield #Birmingham Richard's photo on LGBT
22 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
Queen Alexandra
Andrea Leadson is the ipitomy of ignorance. People do not 'choose' to be LGBT they are born that fabulous way. We are fed up of 'Christians' who believe they have the right to dehumanise, insult...
22 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
今日はちょこちゃんも ゲストバーテン!
22 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
Nul nul nul ces LGBT du troisième ordre grand père de mon oncle Germain demi binaire
22 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
@LubyyAli Hehe.. don't give up on Twitter. TwitterMv has some very sensitive folks... especially when it's comes to rights such as gender rights, religious freedom, LGBT. Also it's easy to misconstrue threads & replies to friends with a bit of sarcasm.
22 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
@towa_lgbt うれしいないた めちゃくちゃ会いたいんだよね 6月だっけ?来るの?
22 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
Melanated Jenius
@kindaxavier There is no lgbt history
22 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
@elodieelode Ça va il est aussi lgbt j’le prend pas mal haha
22 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
高校生の俺「男女は平等だよね!」 今の俺「男女は憲法で平等が保証されているがzeと呼ばれる人物も保証されるべきだ。またLGBT への配慮をすべきだ。しかしこの社会で人類の平等はまず無い、男女には腕力の差や分泌されるホルモンの差など多少の差があるなので男女間でも完全な平等は有り得ない。→
22 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
Ride with Minaj mmm
@musicnewsfact Its not the fact this is Cardioc but. She stole the black, rap culture she used it when she don’t even write a punch, and now she try to introduce her doggy face in some LGBT Culture ? Is she lost ?
22 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
OUR STORE by SHIRTEE: OUR STORE by TEEZILY: #instagay #instabear #gaybear #gaydaddy #gaybeard #gayink #gay #gaymen #gaygirl #musclebear #sexybear #pride #woofshirt #beardedgay #lgbt #shirtprint #followme WOOF SHIRT's photo on LGBT
22 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
@panchline_bot @AbareOsaka @MOERUGOMIbot 限度はあるよ?
22 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
STOP praniu mózgów
Jak widzimy „miesięcznie” bardzo szybko przeobraziło się w „rocznie”, a pieniążki zamiast trafić do wszystkich dzieci skonsumują lobbyści i terroryści z LGBT oraz homo „latarnicy” STOP praniu mózgów's photo on LGBT
22 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
Sean MacLeod 💚
@GMB You have to argue if there not going to LGBT due to parental feeling then they probably shouldn't be teaching RE.
22 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
Blairgowrie LGBT+🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺💖✝☪✡🕉🌈
🎉🎊📢 Friday's BIG SHOUT OUT just HAS to go to @AndyParkin0136 🎊📢🎉📢🎊📢🎉📢🎊📢🎉📢 Check this AMAZING supporter of LGBT+ OUT. Truly Amazing support Andy shows. 🥇 A well deserved 📢 Shout. 👍👍 Have a great day Andy🎉📢🎊📢🎉📢🎉📢🎊📢🎉📢🎊 Blairgowrie LGBT+🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺💖✝☪✡🕉🌈's photo on LGBT
22 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
Michael Turner
Being a gay Christian can be hurtful and gruelling. But I refuse to lose faith | Lucy Knight
22 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
☝Kalemli Akıncı🖋
Allah sonumuzu hayreylesin, lanetlenmiş lut kavminin uzantıları olan LGBT cinleri bu rahatlığı kimden alıyor acaba.
22 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
Gordon Smith
RT MillieThom "RT MQuigley1963: A new another anthology I am published in. #LGBT #anthology #Amazon #shortstory #anthology #writingcommunity #amwriting #fiction "Gordon Smith's photo on LGBT
22 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC

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