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umikochannart 🦋
a babey 🤲🤲🤲 #jojosbizarreadventure
02 Dec, 12:09 AM UTC
🏆🔥I vote #MAMAVOTE for #lisa
02 Dec, 11:20 AM UTC
Mel ✨
Liana, very well said 🤎 #Survivor
02 Dec, 01:45 AM UTC
Billboard Year-End Chart: Global Excl. U.S. Artists: #36 @BLACKPINK #61 - LISA Global Excl. U.S. - 2021 #79 HYLT #167 #LISA MONEY #176 #LALISA Global 200: #185 HYLT We are very very proud of you LISA, as a Soloist and as a member of the Biggest Girl Group in the World ✨
02 Dec, 03:31 PM UTC
Stephen Fishbach
#survivor what a speech from liana.
02 Dec, 01:45 AM UTC
#LISA invites you to listen to her song 'MONEY' on @amazonmusic 💛
02 Dec, 05:06 PM UTC
Se o Justin Bieber não dominou o seu Spotify , eu não confio muito em você .
01 Dec, 10:34 PM UTC
Hannah Chaddha
02 Dec, 02:12 AM UTC
Stephen Fishbach
Wow did Liana read the #Survivor Facebook and then travel back in time to say this?
02 Dec, 01:46 AM UTC
Liana just gave one of the best tribal council speeches of all time that was super important and needed to be said and heard #Survivor
02 Dec, 01:45 AM UTC
Kpop Charts
Congratulations LISA for winning "The Most Shortest Solo Era" at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. I vote #MAMAVOTE #lisa
02 Dec, 04:41 PM UTC
Xander has an idol. Ricard has immunity challenge wins. And they voted out Liana… who has 0 wins and a failed idol twist… #survivor
02 Dec, 02:02 AM UTC
March For Our Lives
every single day we fear being shot. children are dying and only a few people in power seem to care. thank you for doing what's right @ChrisMurphyCT. we need policy change—not thoughts, prayers and empty promises. this should be simple.
02 Dec, 06:35 PM UTC
Carrie Underwood Fan
The pure JOY ❤️
02 Dec, 05:52 AM UTC
R🎅bert Sc🎅tt, B.A.Psy
HOLY CRAP!!! 😭👏 #REFLECTION #OpeningNight #CUinVegas
02 Dec, 05:07 AM UTC
mary morgan💖💖💖
I wish there was a camera on me in this moment my jaw was ON THE FUCKING FLOOR
02 Dec, 08:33 AM UTC
Mike Bloom
It was a big night for @lianawallace25 last night on #Survivor. Today, she follows up on her comments from last night's Tribal Council and talks about jumping alliances at merge, everything Xander, and much more:
02 Dec, 05:28 PM UTC
bel aoty
nunca vou conseguir dizer o quanto eu agradeço a Ariana por ter chamado o Justin pra cantar no palco do coachella... juro essa mulher foi um anjo na vida dessa fandom, tem nem sentido tacar hate nela, a gente deveria beijar o chão que ela pisa
02 Dec, 04:38 PM UTC
See Mariska Hargitay Sweetly Ask a Man to Stop Singing for Law & Order: SVU Scene in NYC Park
02 Dec, 06:28 PM UTC
Bella Hadid Brasil
"Se passaram alguns anos desde que fiz qualquer coisa com VS. O que me motivou a voltar foi eles vindo até mim e realmente provando que, nos bastidores, Victoria's Secret mudou tão drasticamente". - Bella Hadid para a Marie Claire sobre se tornar membro da Victoria's Secret.
02 Dec, 06:49 PM UTC
maria 🔅 vai no rir
o juice merece muito um número #1 meu deus imagina conseguir isso na semana do aniversário dele?? BELIEBERS NÓS TEMOS UMA MISSÃO
02 Dec, 06:55 PM UTC
Watch Kim Kardashian's Daughter Chicago, Niece Dream Hilariously Deny Playing with Christmas Decor
02 Dec, 06:32 PM UTC
Entertainment Weekly
Ousted 'Survivor' star Liana Wallace gives her current take on Xander's face — and reacts to her nemesis revealing he had a crush on her out on the island.
02 Dec, 06:15 PM UTC
Ivo Kuskis
@liana_langa @ilya_kozin @VL_TBLNNK @ltvzinas @JanisDomburs Sabiedriskais medijs nedrīkst būt PR kantoris nevienai ideoloģijai, izņemot, kur sabiedrībai ir konsensus un par ko ir vienošanās Satversmē.
02 Dec, 06:37 PM UTC
Невоструев Владимир
Яблоко от яблони…🤦
02 Dec, 05:56 PM UTC
Rob Has a Podcast #RHAP
Our exit interview with the latest player voted out of #Survivor is here!
02 Dec, 06:45 PM UTC