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The Roy Green Show
So let's say you're a Liberal MP. Let's say you decide to engage in a principled stand. Let's say your party leader demands you stop. Let's say you refuse to stop. Let's say we today talk to the Liberal MP this happened to.
17 Feb, 01:08 PM UTC
David Jacobs
While I disagree with MP Wilson-Raybould's politics, I am troubled by how she is being victimized by Trudeau's PMO. The attitude that politics is a blood sport and any attack is a fair one diminishes the Prime Minister and by extension, Canada. #CDNpoli
17 Feb, 05:00 AM UTC
Josh Bornstein
in 2019, there is no such thing as a moderate Liberal politician in Canberra
17 Feb, 07:35 AM UTC
Kaveh Shahrooz کاوه شهروز
1/ To recap for the benefit of the @liberal_party - The CRA alleges that Reza Hosseini-Nassab, runs orgs that promote Iran's ideology in Canada. - The MP on the left, Majid Jowhari, is his close associate. - The cleric's son works in the MP's constituency office. Kaveh Shahrooz کاوه شهروز's photo on Liberal MP
17 Feb, 08:35 PM UTC
Nancy Cato
This is such an insightful article thank you @GrogsGamut. I too watched the Howard subjugation process with increasing dismay though I never thought to call it that. My dismay for the 'moderate' LNP voters who've been robbed, has never left me.
17 Feb, 02:59 AM UTC
Kaveh Shahrooz کاوه شهروز
3/ It is up to the @liberal_party to determine if it this arrangement is acceptable, or if the MP is part of a foreign influence campaign. But it can no longer claim it didn't know.
17 Feb, 08:35 PM UTC
Kaveh Shahrooz کاوه شهروز
2/ - The same MP holds unauthorized talks with Iran's govt officials.
17 Feb, 08:35 PM UTC
Sara Spencer 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇨🇦🇺🇸
@TomTSEC @AGodlessWoman @Imamofpeace Another BIG scandal, DIRTY, DIRTY, DIRTY Trudeau government. Liberal MP Jowhari holding talks with Iranian regime. Please read this thread! Truly a treacherous & traitorous government. #TrudeauCoverUp #cdnpoli
18 Feb, 12:57 AM UTC
Coalition Tea Lady
“The economic conservative but social moderate is someone who is sad about inequality but happy to champion policies that will exacerbate it. ”
17 Feb, 09:40 PM UTC
@WendyMesleyCBC @AndrewScheer @lraitt Would @WendyMesleyCBC have asked a Liberal MP the same questions in the same manner about Justin Trudeau? #nope
18 Feb, 01:11 AM UTC
Tim Lyons
Terrific from @GrogsGamut on "the myth of the moderate Liberal"
18 Feb, 01:24 AM UTC
@9NewsSyd @alicialoxley You’ll pay $100,000 to keep ‘bullied’ Liberal MP Ann Sudmalis quiet by sending her to New York
18 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
River Lewis #PPC2019 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇲🇳
@ontarioisproud @jonathanb65 @JustinTrudeau Here's another one, no surprise, the liberal grass is full of it,
18 Feb, 12:14 AM UTC
John Smythe
@deemadigan @ScottMorrisonMP @PeterDutton_MP @smh On condition that you immediately join The Liberal party
18 Feb, 01:47 AM UTC
Patriot North 😏
@bunnyhur @Cricrifi @ctvqp @EvanLSolomon It. Doesn’t. Matter. Perception is reality in politics. Have you been paying attention? How many Liberal ministers and MP’s have publicly supported JWR. Peter Mansbridge is making jokes about it. All of this could have bee prevented #IfScottBrisonHadntQuit
18 Feb, 01:29 AM UTC
@shawna_dennis @EvanLSolomon SNC-L met with all major party leaders, not just @AndrewScheer . All CPC MP's voted against leg buried in Liberal omnibus budget bill to let SNC off hook with wrist slap and fine. #LavScam #Corruption #ObstructionOfJustice #LetJodySpeak
18 Feb, 01:52 AM UTC
Anthony Bendall
The moderate Liberal MP is extinct – Howard subjugated them years ago | Greg Jericho
18 Feb, 01:49 AM UTC
Rocco De Giacomo$
@palevell @RobertFife Odd the Joan, the MP Cons are hoisting as proof of Liberal's unworthiness, hasn't crossed the floor to the Cons.
18 Feb, 01:37 AM UTC
Jo Lewis
The moderate Liberal MP is extinct – Howard subjugated them years ago | Greg Jericho
18 Feb, 01:29 AM UTC
Derek Robinson
The moderate Liberal MP is extinct – Howard subjugated them years ago | Greg Jericho
18 Feb, 01:27 AM UTC
O4. › Mesmo nascendo numa família liberal (o que é muito raro para a origem), foi só em Harvard que Naomi criou uma grande consciência acerca da filosofia e ideologia democrata e feminista. Hoje é insuperável em odiar D*nald Tr*mp. /ironicfeels. 一 [#COLLEGE.]
18 Feb, 01:13 AM UTC
900 CHML
The Roy Green Show Podcast - Two Premiers challenge Prime Minister; MP punished by Liberal Party for being transparent; United we Roll protest convoy closes in on Ottawa; Former Premier derides parliamentary ethics probe
18 Feb, 01:10 AM UTC
Richard Hughes
The moderate Liberal MP is extinct – Howard subjugated them years ago | Greg Jericho
18 Feb, 01:05 AM UTC

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