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Baby G Saengil Chooka #지민생일ㅊㅋ
13 Oct, 09:51 AM UTC
Dr David Frawley
Ma Durga Parameshvari holds all the Shaktis of nature and the Supreme Consciousness. Her form is lightning (vidyut), meaning all electromagnetic forces and pranas in the universe. The highest lightning arises from boundless space as Vak, the ultimate sound vibration.
13 Oct, 02:50 AM UTC
Super Ghouls and Goats
The lightning only appears when you're strikin an appropriately dramatic pose, it's funny like that. Wingit for Teddypimm!
13 Oct, 04:27 AM UTC
Matt Sammon
ESPN’s last NHL broadcast was the Lightning winning the Cup in 2004. First broadcast this season for ESPN has the defending Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning. It’s like an episode of Dallas where the past 17 years was just a weird dream.
12 Oct, 11:25 PM UTC
Jason Lowery
It's ironic. By forcing banks to become IRS surviellance apparatus, the govt accelerates ppl's motivation to exit US banking system in favor of something that preserves right to privacy/anonymity, just as lightning scales & taproot arrives.
13 Oct, 03:43 AM UTC
Deepak Singh Kushwah
Same Pattern ...same kind of Lightning effect..same way of begining of a Rivalry. Kuch to naya & unpredictable laao @ColorsTV #Biggboss15 #KaranKundrra #JayBhanushali #BB15 #DskTalks
13 Oct, 05:55 AM UTC
Me sobraba algo en una TDC de @paywithmoon, así que decidí probar si servía en @PideYummy y resulta que sí. Esto significa que usando la Lightning Network de #Bitcoin puedes pedir comida en Caracas sin tocar Bolívares o dólares, ni medios de pago estúpidos como PayPal o Zelle 🙃
12 Oct, 09:02 PM UTC
13 Oct, 09:11 AM UTC
MSI Gaming
#MSIInsider Far Cry 6 is out now with support for MSI Mystic Light. Let's apply some glorious Libertad to Yara in style with a full arsenal of RGB lightning at our disposal. Stay tuned: @msigaming's photo on Lightning
13 Oct, 05:22 AM UTC
ただいま🏠今日も一日お疲れさま💕 ♦♫♦🍒・*:..。🎸♦♫♦🍒*゚¨゚゚・* 肌寒いよねー体調管理に気を付けて ・*:.。🌸💗*。゚゚・*:.。 🌸💗*:.・*:.。🌸💗 また明日も頑張ろう♪♪宜しくね🖐
13 Oct, 09:11 AM UTC
In a recent webinar for Travel Agents, Disney reiterated that Disney Genie+ will not allow guests to secure more than one Lightning Lane entry per ride, per day
12 Oct, 07:25 PM UTC
black to brown nail polish ?? he changed or it's the lightning ? #하루토 @treasuremembers
13 Oct, 09:46 AM UTC
★締切間近! F.C.Pyro.チケット受付は【10/19(火)23:59まで】です! ご予約逃しなく! 公演詳細 F.C.Pyro. #J_wumf #LIGHTNING
13 Oct, 09:34 AM UTC
Luis Regueira
Goblin slaughter 101: 📖 1. Make room for archer 🏹 2. Bomb rocks to oblivion to clear a path 💣 3. Swap places with goblin (taking care not to kill him) ⚠️ 4. Lightning attack to cause massive pain & misery ⚡️ #gogridvale #gamedev #indiegame #madewithunity #rpg #indiegamedev
13 Oct, 05:00 AM UTC
I don't enjoy #Udaariyaan as I used to 😞🙄😒. That excitement I used to have for the show is like a candle that melted and isn’t lightning anymore. So disappointed, the show lost it's spark #Jasfa #Fatejo #AnkitGupta #IshaMalviya #PriyankaChoharChoudery
12 Oct, 01:38 PM UTC
NWS Midland
4:10 AM CDT A line of thunderstorms has developed over the northeastern Permian Basin. These storms are producing frequent lightning and heavy rainfall. Small hail and gusty winds will also be possible as this line moves east. #txwx @NWSMidland's photo on Lightning
13 Oct, 09:10 AM UTC
フォロワーさん1400人突破しました~♪( ◜ω◝و(و " これからも楽しんで活動したいと思います(ง ᵕωᵕ)ว♪(ง ᵕωᵕ)ว♪(ง ᵕωᵕ)ว♪
13 Oct, 07:59 AM UTC
【開催まであと2日!!】 『F.C.Pyro. ONLINE MEETING 2021 Pyro.LINE #7』 10/15(金)21:00より生配信!! アルバムリリース直前のスペシャル回!! 是非生放送をお見逃しなく!! 本日までに“F.C.Pyro.”へご入会された方まで参加可能です!! #J_wumf #LIGHTNING #Jと夜更かし
13 Oct, 10:00 AM UTC
@MASTERBTCLTC @jack Hey @jack, did you know #Litecoin and #Bitcoin share the same lightning network? Not the same feature, value can actually flow back and forth between the chains on the network of today, handy feature to have to ensure the security and liquidity of both under all conditions.
13 Oct, 05:19 AM UTC
Mostly Books
What a fab review of Lightning Falls from Maddie here, one of our Mostly Books Youth Ambassadors - 'the only thing wrong with it was that you couldn't put it down.' Wowee Amy Wilson! @AJ_Wils @MacmillanKidsUK Thank you Maddie, great job!
12 Oct, 06:03 PM UTC
⚠️🚌 @LightNightLeeds is on this Thursday & Friday evening in #LeedsCity Centre Some bus services will be disrupted as Park Row and Infirmary St will be closed. For info visit #WYBus #Leeds #LeedsLightNight 📷: Lightning Catchers by Seb Lee-Delisle
13 Oct, 06:30 AM UTC
学校休んだ😷熱上がって来てるし頭が痛い😭😭 今日はあまり浮上しないかも😭把握お願い🙏
12 Oct, 11:09 PM UTC
NWS Midland
3:19 AM CDT A few thunderstorms have developed along a cold front across the northern Permian Basin. The main threats will be lightning, brief downpours, small hail, and gusty winds as they quickly move northeast. #txwx @NWSMidland's photo on Lightning
13 Oct, 08:20 AM UTC
Visy23 The VTuber Elf Bartender
Lets do some ARMA! We are going to be a god of lightning today~ #VTuber #ENVtuber
13 Oct, 09:59 AM UTC
OU Campus Safety
5am Be careful on the morning commute as strong lightning storms will bring 50mph wind gusts, dangerous lightning, heavy downpours and small hail through rush hour. Be #OUSafe
13 Oct, 09:59 AM UTC
@lakathyp #Video #viral #Lightning #lights #franklin #zoo #animals #massachussets
12 Oct, 10:20 AM UTC
部屋を掃除してたら使った覚えのないlightningイヤホンが出てきました なんで?
13 Oct, 09:58 AM UTC
楽天リアルタイムランキング スマホ、タブレット 13位 1080円 18:58:20 【楽天3年連続1位】 iPhone 充電ケーブル ライトニングケーブル Lightningケーブル apple認証品 純正 アップル 急速充電 充電器 1m すべての iPhone iPad に対応 断線に
13 Oct, 09:58 AM UTC
João de Oliveira
300 million Portuguese speakers now able to better use lightning….wow
13 Oct, 09:55 AM UTC
Bitcoin Esports
Lightning Network = brilliant for gaming. We don't need shitcoin gaming tokens.
13 Oct, 09:54 AM UTC