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Rap Marathon
They charged Lil Baby $250K instead of $25K and he didn’t even care 😭 @RapMarathon_'s photo on Lil Baby
22 Sep, 10:40 PM UTC
Lil Baby has confirmed he'll be creating the official song for the 2022 World Cup 🎤 @ESPNFC's photo on Lil Baby
22 Sep, 08:49 PM UTC
Lil Baby will be performing at the FIFA World Cup 2022‼️⚽️ https://t.co/phqWrJ82JS
22 Sep, 09:09 PM UTC
B/R Football
‘The World Is Yours to Take’ by Lil Baby and Tears for Fears will be on the official 2022 World Cup soundtrack 🎶 https://t.co/bs448qd8Ks
22 Sep, 09:07 PM UTC
Hot Freestyle
Lil Baby will be performing at the FIFA World Cup 2022 @HotFreestyle's photo on Lil Baby
22 Sep, 08:03 PM UTC
La réaction de Lil Baby lorsque le bijoutier lui facture 250 000$ au lieu de 25 000$ 😭 @wrld_mag's photo on Lil Baby
23 Sep, 11:50 AM UTC
Daily Loud
They charged Lil Baby $250,000 instead of $25,000 and he didn’t even care 🤣💰 https://t.co/U8mmxV7cil
23 Sep, 01:46 AM UTC
The Hood Therapist
Lil Baby has become the face of rap. Performing at the World Cup is a milestone in its own. It’s bigger than performing at the Super Bowl which 99% of rappers will probably never achieve
22 Sep, 11:42 PM UTC
Hip Hop All Day
Rappers with the most consecutive weeks charting a song on Billboard 📈 431 - Drake 326 - Lil Wayne 207 - Nicki Minaj 188 - Drake 166 - Future 166 - Lil Baby 159 - Jay Z 152 - Nelly 125 - DaBaby This is chart domination on another level.
22 Sep, 09:28 PM UTC
lil baby’s world cup song… https://t.co/fIEmVWKha6
23 Sep, 05:26 PM UTC
Rashford and Sancho coming Qatar for Lil Baby whilst Southgate drops them https://t.co/jcBY7WH1wQ
22 Sep, 10:55 PM UTC
Lil Baby Brasil 🇧🇷🅿️
O mundo inteiro é 4PF💙 Lil Baby confirmou que irá performar na abertura da Copa Do Mundo 2022 no Qatar 🤩 https://t.co/raQXuLfg32
22 Sep, 07:44 PM UTC
hard everything
Lil Baby performing at the World Cup but Frank Ocean is the World Cup https://t.co/yAfaSncYqN
23 Sep, 05:24 PM UTC
Aswear to stan Davido no easy, No SoldOut, No Grammy, No Billboard Award, No top 100, Album Flop, Fanbase Zero, even the World Cup song ma, Fifa don reject am chose Lil Baby 😂 Wizkid is Clear... No Cap 🧢
22 Sep, 09:32 PM UTC
Lil baby really my type of nigga
23 Sep, 11:49 AM UTC
@lilbaby4PF Lil Baby about to have the World Cup like this 🕺🕺🕺 https://t.co/NRq9deC4QG
23 Sep, 04:20 AM UTC
Black Big Lebowski
“I just put the 225k as store credit.” This man just finessed the hell out of Lil Baby. https://t.co/REXGTZ0ET3
23 Sep, 04:32 AM UTC
FIFA execs trying to get the Qatari’s to listen to Lil Baby https://t.co/fiyiBaWsI4 https://t.co/uF2hHKHIU4
23 Sep, 05:23 PM UTC
A Lil baby songs gonna be the WORLD CUP ANTHEM😭😭😭
22 Sep, 07:20 PM UTC
lil baby doing the World Cup theme song gon release a racism never before seen since 1776
23 Sep, 06:08 PM UTC
Tbh they really should have gotten Lil Baby to perform God Save the King
23 Sep, 06:42 PM UTC
23 Sep, 06:42 PM UTC
Lil Baby is a top earner on 1v1Me, he's not stressing. 😅 https://t.co/ZFRKKVJijA
23 Sep, 06:42 PM UTC
A Lil Baby rendition of Everybody Wants to Rule the World just isn’t something i was expecting today https://t.co/EnMCZ4de5q
23 Sep, 06:44 PM UTC
ron swanson
@_wh0smg i wanted to squeeze his lil baby face
23 Sep, 06:42 PM UTC
@eurodollarpesos im so jealous man superbowl got taylor swift while we gotta listen to lil baby at the wc
23 Sep, 06:44 PM UTC
VVAR Hardcastle
@YaBoiPreasus Nah facts lil baby actually got good music but I just don’t know how that’s gonna go down w the crowd 🤣🤣
23 Sep, 06:44 PM UTC
Armpit Austin🕺🏼
Lil Baby & TEARS FOR FEARS ON A TRACK?!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/CFkGu8HIcQ
23 Sep, 06:44 PM UTC
Jahi Lane
Lil Baby performing at the World Cup bruh
23 Sep, 06:44 PM UTC