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everything tomlinson
this was so hot istg https://t.co/4qvxhWmXxF
24 Jun, 09:10 AM UTC
Lilo & Stitch co-director Chris Sanders said his movie, which was released 11 years before Frozen, didn't seem to receive as much recognition for its celebration of sisterhood. https://t.co/SJ31vbpXkU @IGN's photo on Lilo
23 Jun, 03:47 PM UTC
local gay mystic
@MarwaBalkar @jpunerabread fun fact to uplift this one! lilo in hawaiian means lost or separated! so the title of the movie is essentially lost and found 🥺
23 Jun, 07:16 PM UTC
phoebe buffay always had the best hairstyles https://t.co/DEL6Ffu8Me
24 Jun, 01:40 PM UTC
lilo and stitch one of the best didney movies of all time
24 Jun, 01:59 PM UTC
Brenda 💖
They got themselves together cause that Pocohantas movie is crazy 😭😭 I’ll give Disney a gold star ⭐️ for Lilo & Stitch
24 Jun, 02:00 PM UTC
Tortorella wasted Girouxs career
@Brandorulz @marlosalazarr Secondly they definitely showed a lot of the poverty and the tourism as it is. Even got Child protective services involved because she works so much she’s not always home to take care of Lilo. College is a cesspool.
24 Jun, 02:00 PM UTC
Cornelius Bomb Drop
@IGN They were brown sisters. Lilo and Stitch was an amazing movie
24 Jun, 02:00 PM UTC
Director de #LiloAndStitch se sintió frustrado por #Frozen, "Eso absolutamente se ha hecho antes". https://t.co/v35OTf0Ago
24 Jun, 02:00 PM UTC
People defending lilo and stitch with their lives all of a sudden i'm here for it but also where have you all BEEN
24 Jun, 01:59 PM UTC
gente… é verdade, já tinham uma relação de irmãs e tals mas acho que o que ficaram assim com frozen é que o foco do final inteiro é sobre isso, lilo e stitch não https://t.co/AUFxtNMP8v
24 Jun, 01:59 PM UTC
메인트 알티 부탁드려요 리로💛
24 Jun, 01:59 PM UTC
Aunt Hortense (acquitted)
Just as there is a Bert and an Ernie in every relationship there is also a Lilo and a Stitch.
24 Jun, 01:59 PM UTC
Para cuando el live action de Lilo y Stitch?
24 Jun, 01:59 PM UTC
Rewatching Lilo & Stitch and I nearly forgot how much I loved this movie 🥹
24 Jun, 01:59 PM UTC
future uncle
I need to watch Lilo and Stitch
24 Jun, 01:59 PM UTC