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Barb McQuade
Much respect for prosecutor Linda Dunikoski. Thank you for your service. @BarbMcQuade's photo on Linda Dunikoski
24 Nov, 08:59 PM UTC
Amee Vanderpool
Linda Dunikoski, the prosecutor in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial was PHENOMENAL.
24 Nov, 06:52 PM UTC
Who else thinks Linda Dunikoski should run for Georgia AG next year? @ReportsDaNews's photo on Linda Dunikoski
24 Nov, 07:58 PM UTC
Santiago Mayer🧣
Linda Dunikoski gave a masterclass on prosecuting racists. She’s a badass.
24 Nov, 07:35 PM UTC
Sara Sidner
The crowd goes wild with applause as the prosecutor who tried the murder case Linda Dunikoski walked out of court. Never seen so many black folks cheering on a prosecutor. “The verdict today was based on the facts and based on the evidence.” (crowd yells yes)
24 Nov, 07:41 PM UTC
Linda Dunikoski, the lead prosecutor in the Ahmaud Arbery murder, deserves a round of applause! Retweet if you agree with me!
24 Nov, 07:41 PM UTC
Bill Maxwell
Rt if you agree, Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski did an outstanding job getting Travis McMichael to tell the jury just how guilty all three defendants are.
24 Nov, 08:35 PM UTC
‘The verdict today was a verdict based on the facts’ — Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski remarked on bringing ‘justice’ for Ahmaud Arbery following Wednesday’s verdict @nowthisnews's photo on Linda Dunikoski
24 Nov, 07:53 PM UTC
Kenny BooYah! 🖖🏾
Major props to Lead Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski and her team for presenting a case that got justice for Ahmaud Arbery. I wasn’t sure these guilty verdicts were possible in this case.
24 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
Lance Cooper
Thank you @AttorneyCrump, @RevJJackson, @TheRevAl, @MerrittForTexas, Linda Dunikoski and the entire prosecution team. The spirit of Ahmaud defeated the lynch mob.
24 Nov, 07:39 PM UTC
Matt Rogers 
Big ups to Linda Dunikoski. She read Arbery’s murderers for the filth they are.
24 Nov, 07:40 PM UTC
Candidly Tiff: 💛 Thankful 💛
Congrats to Cobb DA Flynn Broady, Jr., Senior Deputy DA Linda Dunikoski, DA Larissa Ollivierre, and Senior Deputy DA Paul Camarillo who tried the State v. Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael, and William Bryan. Thank you! We need more prosecutors like this.
24 Nov, 08:40 PM UTC
Mike C
@KatiePhang Worked out for the best, great job by Cobb County Senior Assistant District Attorney Linda Dunikoski.
24 Nov, 07:26 PM UTC
Christopher, Esq.
The lead prosecutor Linda Dunikoski speaks, “The verdict was based on the evidence….”
24 Nov, 07:54 PM UTC
Michael Grossman
Lead prosecuting attorney Asst District Attorney Linda Dunikoski was incredibly well spoken, and focused. She was amazing, and modest.
24 Nov, 07:54 PM UTC
24 Nov, 07:35 PM UTC
@KatiePhang Linda Dunikoski was awesome ...
24 Nov, 07:31 PM UTC
Too bad Linda Dunikoski couldn't prosecute Kyle Rittenhouse. What a great prosecutor she is.
24 Nov, 08:17 PM UTC
What a job prosecutor Linda Dunikoski did to present an air-tight argument with no direction left for Travis McMichael to go but to incriminate himself. She was brilliant!
24 Nov, 09:08 PM UTC
@nowthisnews Came away from this with the most respect for Linda Dunikoski. Stellar work!
24 Nov, 09:41 PM UTC
William (Bill) Mitchell
@anyonewantchips Only saw part of Linda Dunikoski’s summation but I thought it was through and masterfully done.
24 Nov, 09:44 PM UTC
Carol Tingle
Thank you, Linda Dunikoski! THANK YOU!!!
24 Nov, 09:42 PM UTC