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Donald J. Trump
When Lisa Page, the lover of Peter Strzok, talks about being “crushed”, and how innocent she is, ask her to read Peter’s “Insurance Policy” text, to her, just in case Hillary loses. Also, why were the lovers text messages scrubbed after he left Mueller. Where are they Lisa?
02 Dec, 06:07 PM UTC
Charlie Kirk
Did you know: Robert Mueller’s office deleted 19,000 text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok How is that not obstruction of justice? What were they trying to cover up? 🤔
02 Dec, 12:24 PM UTC
Rep. Jim Jordan
Let me get this straight. Page and Strzok sent texts about an “insurance policy” and how they’ll “stop Trump” while part of the FBI spying on Trump campaign. Now Lisa Page is blaming the President. 1 week before Horowitz’s FISA report.
02 Dec, 02:23 PM UTC
Sara A. Carter
Lisa Page Is Not A Victim: Her Actions Damaged The FBI And Our Nation
02 Dec, 08:09 PM UTC
Sara A. Carter
Lisa Page Is Not A Victim: Her Actions Damaged The FBI And Our Nation **read and comment**
02 Dec, 11:56 PM UTC
John Cardillo
Lisa Page lied to her husband’s face every time she screwed Strzok and said she was somewhere else, but she wants you to believe she’s telling you the truth.
02 Dec, 07:45 PM UTC
Matt Rogers 🎙
Anyone who mentions Trump attacking Lisa Page for her affair without mentioning that he's a serial philanderer and rapist is part of the problem.
02 Dec, 08:22 PM UTC
Ryan Fournier
Lisa Page and Peter Strzok are not victims. They are criminals.
02 Dec, 11:36 PM UTC
Charlie Kirk
September 2nd, 2016: Lisa Page to Peter Strzok: "POTUS wants to know everything we are doing" Barack Obama knew about the spying He knew the investigation was a sham He knew about the "Insurance policy" RT if the Senate should subpoena Barack Obama for the truth!
02 Dec, 06:19 PM UTC
Charlie Kirk
Lisa Page is claiming that her texts with her lover Peter Strzok were “nonpartisan” and completely appropriate Their texts: “God Hillary should win 100,000,000-0” “Trump is never going to be president right?” “No—we’ll stop it” All while illegally spying on Trump Despicable
03 Dec, 02:36 AM UTC
Charlie Kirk
Lisa Page says her texts with Peter Strzok were taken out of context If that's the case, then why isn't she calling for a complete release of her texts? And what happened to the 19,000 deleted messages? RT if the Senate should subpoena her & Strzok to provide "context"
02 Dec, 07:06 PM UTC
Dan Bongino
Gregg Jarrett: 'Poor Lisa' Page. She wants to go from villain to victim -- and Trump is to blame (naturally) | Fox News
03 Dec, 12:12 AM UTC
Sara A. Carter
Remember these texts: “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Page texted Strzok in August 2016. “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok responded. And we're supposed to believe they had no biased in the probe? @SaraCarterDC on Lisa Page"> via @SaraCarterDC
03 Dec, 01:48 AM UTC
Lori Hendry
Lisa Page got her feeling hurt bc Trump tweeted about her. Know what Lisa? TOUGH SHIT! You had an affair with a married man while he was involved in investigating our President while both of you conspired against the President of the United States and it hurt this country!
03 Dec, 12:46 AM UTC
Kimberly Guilfoyle
Crocodile tears. “The Page-Strzok duo was the antithesis of fair and impartial... Page is determined to re-write history in order to play a starring role as ‘the victim.’ At no time has she accepted a scintilla of personal responsibility” -@GreggJarrett
03 Dec, 01:00 AM UTC
Svetlana Lokhova
Ignore the Lisa Page moan. It’s a distraction. What you need to know: coup plotters are not allowed to communicate with each other because they are under criminal investigation. So they use the media to send each other messages. There has been speculation that Lisa flipped ...
02 Dec, 09:02 PM UTC
Sara A. Carter
Matt Whitaker: Lisa Page trying to shape narrative ahead of release of Justice Dept. IG report
02 Dec, 10:45 PM UTC
Paul Sperry
BREAKING: IG Horowitz "guaranteed" Lisa Page and Strzok that their extramarital affair "would not be made public." Horowitz also allowed them to search their private email accounts for information relevant to his investigation & trusted that they found nothing relevant
03 Dec, 05:14 AM UTC
I read it all. I double-checked. Lisa Page did NOT say "I'm sorry" once in her interview with The Daily Beast. Not sorry for framing Trump. Not sorry for shaming the FBI. Not sorry for breaking her oath. Not sorry for trying to cancel the votes of 63 million Americans.
03 Dec, 02:02 AM UTC
The Babylon Bee
Lisa Page To Teach College Course On How To Make Yourself Out To Be A Victim
03 Dec, 01:30 AM UTC
Tom Fitton
Lisa Page and Peter Strzol CRAZINESS: Their affair compromised both the sham Clinton investigation AND the fraud Russia investigation of @RealDonaldTrump. @JudicialWatch @TomFitton's photo on Lisa Page
03 Dec, 04:50 AM UTC
Lisa Page & Peter Stroke are both treasonous unelected bureaucrats, who conspired against citizen Trump, then potus Trump to overthrow him. Traitor McCabe conspired to "Fuck Flynn, then Fuck Trump". Altering 302s is a federal crime. They need to be locked up in GITMO or worse.
03 Dec, 01:04 AM UTC
🔹🔴REMINDER🔴🔹 📍potus is a rapist 📍he raped a 13yo 📍he raped his ex wife 📍he attacked Hillary 📍he attacked Auntie Maxine 📍he attacked Christine Blasey-Ford 📍he attacked Yovanovitch 📍he attacked Fiona Hill 📍he attacked Lisa Page 📍he’s misogynistic 📍he’s going to jail
02 Dec, 08:08 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump Lisa Page has two young children. Who will care for them when she’s in prison. Well whoever it is will do a better job than the slut!
02 Dec, 06:18 PM UTC
Paul Sperry
Horowitz learned that Strzok had drafted classified documents and communicated with Lisa Page about them on their private email in violation of department rules. Yet he compelled neither Strzok nor Page to turn over the emails to his investigators.
03 Dec, 03:23 AM UTC
Paul Sperry
"He's demeaning me and my career," Lisa Page complained of Trump. No, dear, you did that all on your own with your shockingly unprofessional behavior and investigative bias. You and your secret lover disgraced the bureau. The FBI didn't "betray" you, either. You betrayed the FBI.
03 Dec, 05:11 AM UTC
Elizabeth Harrington
Andrew Weissman claims "Lisa Page has done nothing wrong" Page was fired from Mueller's team The last IG report found she and Strzok's behavior was "antithetical to the core values of the FBI" when they vowed to stop @realDonaldTrump What will the next one find? 🤔 @LizRNC's photo on Lisa Page
02 Dec, 07:10 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump I’ll bet President Trump has all of Lisa Page’s text messages. Tick Tock Corrupt Adulteress
02 Dec, 06:17 PM UTC
The Loyal Opposition 🇺🇸
Lisa Page's experience is a case study in abuse of power. Trump: 🔹Publicly attacked a political enemy 🔹Selectively released information to manipulate the public 🔹Weaponized the (formerly apolitical) DOJ 🔹Used social media to bully and terrorize 1/2
02 Dec, 03:30 PM UTC
Lisa Page, IS SHE SERIOUS? President Trump Calling Her Names? For God's Sake, She Was Lead Investigator On The Biggest Political Spying Scandal In Human History! DAN BONGINO: Deep-State Players Are In a HUGE State of Panic Right Now... One Week Before IG Report Comes Out @TrumpLadyFran's photo on Lisa Page
02 Dec, 07:22 PM UTC

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