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Andrew Baggarly
Gabe Kapler has tried like hell to keep the lid on a boiling pot, but his relievers just aren't throwing enough strikes. They only have McGee and Doval left (and Gausman?) , and if Littell hadn't gotten out of that jam int he 6th, you got the sense no rescue was coming.
13 Oct, 03:53 AM UTC
Alex Pavlovic
That's really nice work by Zack Littell on a night when most Giants pitchers have struggled with command. He's kept it at 5-1 heading into the eighth.
13 Oct, 04:17 AM UTC
That inning made me feel a littell better.
13 Oct, 04:17 AM UTC
San Francisco Giants
Littell punches the side. 2 more innings to try to put up some crooked numbers. #SFGiants #NLDS #BeatLA
13 Oct, 04:19 AM UTC
Camilo is my hero ⚾
Littell was the best pitcher tonight hahahahhaha
13 Oct, 04:16 AM UTC
Dodger Blue
Zack Littell eating up some innings is key for the Giants.
13 Oct, 04:16 AM UTC
Michael J. Duarte
Trea Turner with a comebacker off Littell and he beats him to the bag with ease. Leadoff runner on to start the bottom of the 6th. #Dodgers #SFGiants #Postseason #RepeatLA
13 Oct, 03:39 AM UTC
If nothing else Littell ate up two innings. Helps preserve the pen for Game 5. Unless…
13 Oct, 04:22 AM UTC
Well, after an entire night of searching for someone to be THAT guy, Littell answers. Sadly, it’s very likely too little too late, but nice to see at least someone showed up tonight.
13 Oct, 04:19 AM UTC
If your name is not Zack Littell you can just stay in LA
13 Oct, 04:33 AM UTC
Janice Hough
@extrabaggs So if game 5 comes down to Littell having confidence against Dodgers lineup.... Bookmark this tweet.
13 Oct, 04:19 AM UTC
BEATLArennan 🐧
too littell too late
13 Oct, 04:19 AM UTC
Seth Stohs
Great to see Zack Littell with such a terrific outing tonight! Still don't understand not adding him back to the 40-man roster last year.
13 Oct, 04:18 AM UTC
The Real (Captain) Dave 🤦🏻‍♂️
Littell...nice work. #SFGiants
13 Oct, 04:18 AM UTC
@LOLKNBR Only retrospect I can think of is if Kap instead brought Littell in early instead of Castro. Maybe Littell holds it to a 2 run game for a while. Biggest at bat was the 1st and 3rd with one out .. I believe it was Longo who couldn't get it done
13 Oct, 05:02 AM UTC
Jason McClure⚾️
#Dodgers need to knock Littell out next inning. Insurance and tax their bullpen a little more. LFG!!
13 Oct, 04:20 AM UTC
Frank A
@nOeyboi @baseballmarty Neither can Leone or Littell.
13 Oct, 05:06 AM UTC
Ken Wattana
Littell just struck out the side, what simulation is this 🥲
13 Oct, 04:21 AM UTC
Barry Bonds' Earring
Atleast Littell looked good
13 Oct, 04:22 AM UTC
Crystal 💙 ☘️ ☕️ 🌊 🏒
I am perfectly okay with Littell being the hero of this game.
13 Oct, 04:21 AM UTC
Jim Y
@PavlovicNBCS why can't Littell pitch like this when the game is on the line? he's got the stuff to do it too.
13 Oct, 04:19 AM UTC
KC White
Littell getting that confidence that could be important to have on Thursday. #SFGiants
13 Oct, 04:18 AM UTC
MulotLandDrive 🖤🖤🖤 #PasDeVague #StopSuicidesEN
Cette nuit j'ai réaliste que le livre de Littell s'appelle les Bienveillantes, et qu'à la suite de sa parution, c'est le mot qui est devenu tendance dans l'EN.
13 Oct, 07:54 AM UTC
Planned Obselescence
@kcwhite09 @LOLKNBR Honestly felt despite playing these guys nearly a few dozen times this season the bullpen seemed like they were playing an all new scary team for the first time. Besides Littell that was ugly as hell
13 Oct, 06:18 AM UTC
Doug Kern
Zack Littell: First Giants reliever to throw 2+ innings with 4+ strikeouts in a postseason game since... here it is again. The MadBum save in Game 7 of the 2014 WS.
13 Oct, 04:46 AM UTC
@Yay_Arreeeaaaaa @PavlovicNBCS Atrocious in the name of Garcia, Castro, Leone and Littell. 🤷🏻‍♂️
13 Oct, 04:37 AM UTC
this is a kris bryant fan account
Let’s add Littell and Ruf to the list of who shouldn’t have been on the roster and Estrada and Tauchman to who should have been.
13 Oct, 04:37 AM UTC
Sharks サメ (Jeff)
I’m tired of Mcgee and i’m tired of Littell…
13 Oct, 04:37 AM UTC
carrie h(alloween’s a comin’!)
Shoulda kept Littell in
13 Oct, 04:35 AM UTC
Should've kept Littell in
13 Oct, 04:33 AM UTC