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Denise Wu
@senatemajldr @marcorubio #MoscowMitch where is the investigation for firing of 4 IG? Little Marco gets a new job, that position is pointless for someone that’s scare of Trump. Just another Republicans using their position of power to hide evidence.
18 May, 08:23 PM UTC
Marco Rubio will be replacing Stock Fraudster, Richard Burr as the Senate Intelligence Chairman..I always liked Marco, even when he was Little Marco, but not sure he is tough enough to stand up to Obama's Goons & Warner. The choices werent great, let's be happy it wasn't Collins!
18 May, 08:35 PM UTC
@SmugPublius @ComfortablySmug NEVER FORGET that on the same date that Rubio tried to normalize the House Dems' psycho impeachment bullshit, Tom Cotton owned Pencil Neck in one swift tweet. LITTLE MARCO IS ASSHOE.
18 May, 08:57 PM UTC
@senatemajldr @marcorubio it's like you literally said to yourself 'which Trump lap dog is the best lap dog for this job'.... Enjoy covering up the corruption, Little Marco!! You'll be a natural!!!
18 May, 08:25 PM UTC
Excuse me? Who?? Little Marco, the Big Rino??? What TF is wrong with Turtle????
18 May, 08:54 PM UTC
Col Joe 🇺🇸🌞 vs 🇨🇳🦠
Little Marco RINO selected by Cocaine Mitch to lead the Senate Intel Cmte
18 May, 09:06 PM UTC
Microchip™ Fan Account (official)
Status quo of inaction will be upheld by Little Marco.
18 May, 08:23 PM UTC
Ehud Ur
@AndrewDesiderio @maggieNYT Little Marco’s big adventure.
18 May, 08:19 PM UTC
Dan IFBP Edmonds Text Trump To 88022
@SM0799 MarcoRubio will be a big improvement over Richard Burr. I am not thrilled with some of Little Marco’s positions in the last ten years. Primarily the Gang of Eight stuff. However he has been against letting Chinese electronics in the 🇺🇸 that spy on us for a long time. #flsen
18 May, 09:30 PM UTC
Brian Mac
@ComfortablySmug Cotton can not be controlled, little Marco can.
18 May, 08:21 PM UTC
Mitt Romney Parody
I mean, can you imagine this committee even investigating Russian interference in US elections when Little Marco is the chairman?
18 May, 09:38 PM UTC
@Cernovich Little Marco is not what we need.
18 May, 09:10 PM UTC
I ❤️ Winning 🇺🇸⭐️⭐️⭐️#VOTETRUMP2020
@TrumpJew Globalist Rino Elite ! Little Marco
18 May, 08:27 PM UTC
David Hovde
@realTuckFrumper That’s quite a step up for Little Marco —from doing little more than quoting random bible verses for months while completely sucking as a Senator.
18 May, 09:59 PM UTC
Immanuel Chavez
18 May, 10:42 PM UTC
Brad Keating
@EmeraldRobinson All he will remember is POTUS calling him Little Marco!
18 May, 10:04 PM UTC
@thebradfordfile Be sure to remember the lifts for your shoes, "little marco", you will need to be taller to be Chairman of a committee.
18 May, 10:49 PM UTC
@mkraju little marco became a pathological coward liar for trump. All for a job!
18 May, 10:42 PM UTC
joe d
@senatemajldr @marcorubio Moscow Mitch sucker little Marco! SLAVES OF YOUR BADPOTUS! America this November Vote these SOBs out of office!
18 May, 10:19 PM UTC
@feingold32 Little Marco is a RINO establishment BS artist. He’s going to accomplish NOTHING
18 May, 10:18 PM UTC
Nth Dimensions🇺🇸🇺🇸(Jim Sherman)
@JackPosobiec @catturd2 This is not a mistake. It shows that RINO's still can get their way. Little Marco is a poor choice as he's never fully gotten over 2016.
18 May, 10:06 PM UTC
@ThunderB Agree. Little Marco was most definitely comprised. Maybe he’s flipped. But I still don’t trust him
18 May, 10:03 PM UTC
Maury Williams
@NewtByrd To put “little” Marco and intelligence in the same sentence is laughable.
18 May, 10:58 PM UTC
R Paris
Don't trust little Marco he's a snake.
18 May, 10:57 PM UTC
Newt Byrd
What possible experience can Little Marco have for the job besides being Donnie Dollhands' lapdog ? Or I'd forgotten, that's enough
18 May, 10:56 PM UTC
Jeff Tuttle
Trump loyalist, Little Marco, gets the nod at Sen Intelligence so that Trump can resume his revisionism of Russia’s helping him in 2016 election! Seems Barr’s cynical assessment that history is what the winners write may be accurate😞
18 May, 10:56 PM UTC