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Officer Jill Marshall
I tend to focus on the negative aspects of the #coronavirus BUT I am seeing more families outside walking the neighborhood and hiking, shooting hoops and decorating driveways with chalk. This is something to check off in the positive box! #livepd #livepdnation
20 Mar, 10:55 PM UTC
Angeline Hartmann
FOUND SAFE! Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word about Amirah. We appreciate YOU! #LivePD @LivePDNation @MissingKids https://t.co/vumcVjP9yp
20 Mar, 01:34 PM UTC
Retired Police Canine Foundation
Now back to our mission on this #fridaymorning👍🏼Here is Program K9 Thor with Dr Crawford 😊Thor is happy and healthy thanks to your donations 🐕You can help here 👇 https://t.co/oujtoIg1bg #LivePD #LivePDNation https://t.co/qhnYOYCxnB
20 Mar, 03:09 PM UTC
🔴#LivePD is playing reruns because of #SocialDistancing but some people are still idiots who shouldn't be allowed on social media.......😂 Last time I checked it very clearly says it's a replay, so........... #SocialDistanceYour2BrainCells 😷 https://t.co/3YL0BNrO0I
21 Mar, 05:03 AM UTC
#LivePDNation I had to post this it sure made me laugh for the first time in the last few weeks. We all need a little humor right now @CKingery_LPD @StuBishop_LPD @MikeMuscutt @FansofLivePd @Bill_Burt_409 @CraigSroka12 @jsipe2005 @johnny_sox #LivePD Everyone remainSafeGod Bless💙 @FansofLivePd's media on #LivePD">https://t.co/4H368kDCPc
21 Mar, 03:30 AM UTC
Nicole Krum
Alright so #LivePD reruns have been on all day so lets go back in time. What is your favorite Capt Burt quote from #Live PD? @LivePDNation @LivePDMissoula2 @LivePd_Fans @LivePdFantasyLG @_livepdfan @FansofLivePd @LeighTerry7722 @JillBemi #CaptBurt2NYC VOTE & RETWEET w/comment💙🚔 https://t.co/8AOBEO3iLj
21 Mar, 12:15 AM UTC
Tim Allen
Which one does everyone like better 1 or 2 #winnerpickersdad #LivePD #LivePDNation #LivePDFans https://t.co/GFBv6S4mCM
21 Mar, 05:14 AM UTC
🇺🇸 🐴 Loyal Moses 🐄 
#coronavirus killed #LivePD Now this is just too far.
21 Mar, 02:25 AM UTC
Tim Allen
Another day closer to retirement. Hope to relax and work on designing some projects. What did everyone else do to ight since Live PD was not on? #winnerpickersdad #LivePD #LivePDNation #LivePDFans
21 Mar, 04:23 AM UTC
#LivePD Friends We’re about to go live at the top of the hour on a new YouTube channel called “YouTube with friends” It’s a way for us to all come together during this pandemic and encourage one another. Click on the link! YouTube With Friends https://t.co/0Uqi8oui6s via @YouTube
20 Mar, 10:21 PM UTC
M Irene 🇨🇦
@buddyboi94 Aren’t we all #LivePD Reruns
21 Mar, 05:32 AM UTC
Nick Mudry
Watching #LivePD with @t_ferrio and @k_f4m.
21 Mar, 05:09 AM UTC
Who's w/me watching the re-run of the re-run? The story abt the girl getting cut by a razor? Yes, cut. Yes, sad. No, I don't understand how mean school bullies r waiting 4u at night, at mailbox, as u go back 2 double check 4 mail u might've dropped earlier📬 #livepd #LivePDNation
21 Mar, 04:59 AM UTC
Chanuk Green
@buddy_falcon @SheriffChody The County Commissioners approved hiring an outside lawyer just to handle the hiring and firing lawsuits and sh** at Wilco because Chody is so terrible at it. In fact, he's terrible at everything. See https://t.co/71rssqchiI. @LivePdFans @LivePDAE #LivePDNation #LivePD
21 Mar, 03:08 AM UTC
Rocket City Mindy
Thank you @SouthPark #southpark for giving me something to watch since #livepd wasn't on.
21 Mar, 05:21 AM UTC
Mike F.
Damn this was a good episode.. #LivePD
21 Mar, 05:06 AM UTC
Mike F.
Kennedy seemed to be very decisive but I always enjoyed him on the show. #LivePD
21 Mar, 04:58 AM UTC
👮♥ Livepd Fanpage ♥👮
RETWEEEEET GIVEAWAY LIKE 5 THINGS AND 2 THINGS FOR KIDDOS THANKS TO @KattWhetstone @BerkCoSheriff #livepd #LivePDNation #LivePD_IsntLiveThisWeekend bummer should've worked from home they could e done it lol. Patches, buisness cards, slap bracelets etc might b more to.. B watching https://t.co/BLzIPX25Tz
21 Mar, 04:50 AM UTC
Mike F.
You put your right hand in.. you take your right hand out.. #LivePD
21 Mar, 04:42 AM UTC
Today’s lesson: shelter in place + no #LivePD is awwwwfulllll !! 😆@danabrams #LivePDNation #coronavirus #CoronavirusPandemic
21 Mar, 04:39 AM UTC
Mike F.
This show always puts the greatest hits on the repeat nights #LivePD
21 Mar, 04:35 AM UTC
21 Mar, 04:31 AM UTC
i could never live down this embarrassment if i were this lady 😩 #livePD
21 Mar, 04:02 AM UTC
Gabe Munoz
Im craving live tv so much, i just sat through 2 hours of recorded #livePD thinking it was live. #LivePDNation
21 Mar, 04:01 AM UTC
Andria Razz 👑🧼🍀🏳️‍🌈
Hey #LivePD fam, I'm on vacay so can't watch right now. I'll see yall next weekend...I think
21 Mar, 05:43 AM UTC
Nothing says I love you more than a live snake left on your doorstep. #livepd
21 Mar, 05:40 AM UTC
Bee N
#LivePD🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 Uhm. Just. No. 😱😱😱😱😱😱☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠
21 Mar, 05:36 AM UTC
Mike Flores
What really happened to that lady's order #livepd #livepdnation https://t.co/mSxlKejydf
21 Mar, 05:23 AM UTC
Miss tweeting with my #LivePD fam! I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. 😘
21 Mar, 05:08 AM UTC