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Liz Cheney
If reporting about Russian bounties on US forces is true, the White House must explain: 1. Why weren’t the president or vice president briefed? Was the info in the PDB? 2. Who did know and when? 3. What has been done in response to protect our forces & hold Putin accountable?
28 Jun, 11:20 AM UTC
BREAKING: Rep. Liz Cheney, the chair of the House Republican Conference just called on the Trump white house to give answers to congress about the news report on Russian bounties on US forces.
28 Jun, 01:57 PM UTC

@Liz_Cheney Imagine after 3.5 years of constant lies, you take the White House denials that Trump didn't know at face value.
28 Jun, 12:54 PM UTC
David Weissman
@Liz_Cheney With due respect, Trump knew.
28 Jun, 12:14 PM UTC
Scott Dworkin
@Liz_Cheney There’s no way Trump wasn’t briefed on Russia. It’s the only country he loves.
28 Jun, 02:46 PM UTC
The Hill
JUST IN: Liz Cheney calls for answers from White House after report on Russian bounties on US forces @thehill's photo on Liz Cheney
28 Jun, 02:09 PM UTC
NEW: Rep. Liz Cheney, the chair of the House Republican Conference, is demanding answers from the White House over reports that Russia secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing U.S. troops in Afghanistan.
28 Jun, 01:02 PM UTC
Michael McFaul
Thank you Congresswoman @Liz_Cheney for asking these very important questions.
28 Jun, 03:17 PM UTC
Dr. Dena Grayson
This #Russian🇷🇺bounty-for-American-lives scandal is SO BAD, even Liz Cheney is pushing back on @realDonaldTrump and his cronies.🧐 #TrumpRussia @thespybrief
28 Jun, 12:01 PM UTC
David Reaboi
Liz Cheney had a lot of potential when she was elected. It’s too bad she became an enthusiastic consumer of the Russia hoax.
28 Jun, 02:20 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
Marching behind Bill Kristol, Rick Wilson, David Frum & every other neocon and Bush/Cheney scumbag somehow made the Dem Party even shittier than it already was. Don't worry, though, Liz Cheney is furious about this, too, and her Dad is now part of Lincoln Project's Resistance.
28 Jun, 04:53 PM UTC
Ethan Somers
When the leader of the country is off golfing while Americans fall dead this does look like leadership, so congrats Liz Cheney. But come on, this is the lowest bar for ANYONE in government right now. This shouldn’t be a gold star moment, rather a participation trophy🏆
28 Jun, 03:05 PM UTC
Rep. Liz Cheney demands answers over reports of Russian bounties I have minimal respect for this woman, but on occasion she does put County over party. It's very rare. Her father is still a war criminal.
28 Jun, 05:36 PM UTC
Yossi Gestetner
Leading voices in @HouseGOP - from @DanCrenshawTX to @Liz_Cheney - are piling onto the Trump Admin regarding an extraordinary claim made by the NYT. Yet Trump Fans and Never Trumpers think that if only Trump tweeted diff, his polling would be great.
28 Jun, 04:58 PM UTC
Save The Democracy (BLM)🌊🌈🌊🍥
BREAKING: Rep. Liz Cheney, the chair of the House Republican Conference called on the Trump white house to give answers to congress about the news report on Russian bounties on US forces.
28 Jun, 05:17 PM UTC
@politapickel Oh Look Martha, RINO Dick Cheney CROSSED party and puts on a mask... Bless his little robotic hear! #willneverwearamask
27 Jun, 09:10 PM UTC
@Liz_Cheney A Cheney salivating for war based on sketchy intel that makes no sense but magically serves the purposes of those who benefit from perpetual military conflict. Almost feels like we've seen this movie before.
28 Jun, 05:42 PM UTC
@Liz_Cheney Hey @Liz_Cheney it's been four hours! No response to this yet?!?
28 Jun, 03:32 PM UTC
@RepDanCrenshaw There is no longer any reliable reporting, and Liz Cheney is a Bush globalist stooge. Nevertheless, this should be addressed.
28 Jun, 03:19 PM UTC
Adam Hirsch
@Liz_Cheney There’s no answer that makes this administration look less incompetent or treasonous. #TRE45ON
28 Jun, 05:51 PM UTC
Ken Spreitzer
@karolcummins @Liz_Cheney "Trump & Putin spoke on the phone at least four times over a two-week period, beginning March 30 and ending on Sunday, a record pace for publicly known phone calls between the leaders..." Putin was giving updates on how much commission Trump was earning for US soldier deaths 😏
28 Jun, 06:02 PM UTC
kristen falcone
@jeremynewberger @realDonaldTrump @Mike_Pence @GovRonDeSantis @mattgaetz @Liz_Cheney What happened to “my body, my choice” or is that too only a convenient narrative
28 Jun, 06:02 PM UTC
Dave Zygadlo
@Liz_Cheney 1) They’re lying about not knowing. 2) “president” - March 2020 3) Nothing/Nothing
28 Jun, 06:02 PM UTC
Modem 🔜 AC 2022 (hopefully)
@SylviaM80248998 @takeastand4usa @Liz_Cheney None of them work completely, these precautions are put together to reduce the risk of infection. If you are trying to completely deny the existence of COVID-19 then this debate is just a waste of my time.
28 Jun, 06:02 PM UTC
@Liz_Cheney Pardon but I can answer those questions for you in order: 1. They knew and were briefed. 2. They knew as soon as the intelligence was confirmed. (Months ago) 3. Nothing. Anything else?
28 Jun, 06:02 PM UTC
Daniel F. Theroux
When @Liz_Cheney ,who’s father lied to the world and helped #Dubya kill nearly one million innocent civilians and dodged the draft 5 times, is the voice of reason..... #TrumpTreason
28 Jun, 06:02 PM UTC

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