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12 Oct, 09:47 PM UTC
Light twerk to bless ur timeline 🍑✨ @lizzo's photo on Lizzo
12 Oct, 09:45 PM UTC
Rihanna & Lizzo, Same concept, Different body "types"
13 Oct, 07:41 AM UTC
lizzo slander is so forced lmao
13 Oct, 01:02 AM UTC
Listen, I’m loving this Lizzo look as much as the next person but I need to know, where are her shoes 🤣😭😩 @leah_b_fowles's photo on Lizzo
13 Oct, 10:20 AM UTC
Tim Young
I can't be the only one who saw that Lizzo picture and threw away the leftover cake I had in the fridge tonight.
13 Oct, 02:04 AM UTC
Shoutout to whoever let @lizzo out the house 😍 💜 💎
13 Oct, 04:30 PM UTC
Lizzo. That’s it. That’s the tweet.
13 Oct, 02:34 PM UTC
Daniel Newmaη
Lizzo is killin it at Cardi B birthday dress @DanielNewman's photo on Lizzo
13 Oct, 03:29 PM UTC
Ok so @lizzo and hobi @BTS_twt both putting out blurry seflies today…. Lizzo x BTS coming Talk to the wall haters 😌
12 Oct, 09:52 PM UTC
Miasma 🧛‍♂️
lizzo giving the bird and mooning the camera through a sheer dress is the kind of badassery i needed to see this morning. oh the haters gonna hate today
13 Oct, 01:21 PM UTC
Lizzo and Cardi last night.😍 @iamcardib @lizzo
13 Oct, 12:15 AM UTC
Steven Crowder
Stunning and brave Lizzo…continues to stun. Full show on YouTube @scrowder's photo on Lizzo
13 Oct, 03:09 PM UTC
Machaala Jnr.
She’s so brave 🥺🥺
13 Oct, 08:03 AM UTC
Her and Her Farm 🌱🐄🐖🐓
@lizzo I don’t care your size, this kind of display just looks desperate on any woman.
13 Oct, 10:58 AM UTC
Donavan (Crypt Daddy♿)
Discussing the Lizzo drama with my mom
13 Oct, 07:48 PM UTC
@lizzo This was unnecessary! 🙄 Some of you will say this is empowering women, it’s really not!!
13 Oct, 05:55 PM UTC
L janet
"I got every Louis V collection from Virgil Now my life a fashion show, no rehearsal" @burnaboy ft @Polo_Capalot - Want It All 🔥 #RedTaylorsVersion Lizzo Rihanna YoungBoy Cardi Dababy Evaluna Captain Kirk #Adele30 Kodak Black Saweetie Keep streaming 👇
13 Oct, 08:18 PM UTC
Jasmine The Great | Strategy & Stuff
Lizzo looked a mess but not because of her size, the actual outfit was not giving. It just wasn’t giving passa passa.
13 Oct, 06:40 PM UTC
ima be honest i feel like y’all shud put da fatphobic energy towards chika like lizzo don’t bother nobody do it to somebody dat deserve it
13 Oct, 07:22 PM UTC
@lizzo FCk all that BIG girl confidence mess. We need to stop normalizing being out of shape and fat. Excuses for these people to stay fat. I was a big boy. 300 lbs plus. Until I decided enough was enough that my size was NOT healthy at all. Lost 100 lbs over few years.
13 Oct, 07:30 PM UTC
Rock Bison⁷ for BTS and BLM
@AspectOFzion @ambi_mae @AskAlford @POPSUGARFashion @lizzo Are you for real? I have an eating disorder. It will kill me way before being obese will. Stop trying to normalize being a dick
13 Oct, 09:27 PM UTC
The Drew Barrymore Show
Drew and @EitanBernath test out interesting food combos some celebrities (allegedly) enjoy, like @lizzo's mustard on watermelon! 🍉 Watch: @DrewBarrymoreTV's photo on Lizzo
13 Oct, 09:28 PM UTC
Amber Erwin
@Iron9Winter @AspectOFzion @AskAlford @POPSUGARFashion @lizzo I've been there and it's so hard. I hope you're getting the help you deserve <3
13 Oct, 09:28 PM UTC
First Lady Gelato 🍧
Lizzo’s outfit for Cardi’s party was true dancehall attire cause slim or fluffy the gyal dem gonna skin out. Dancehall doesn’t discriminate
13 Oct, 09:28 PM UTC
big mamma1
@lizzo Can’t unsee that !!!!!!!
13 Oct, 09:27 PM UTC
Miami Diario
#DESLIZA🔍 La cantante estadounidense Lizzo paralizó las redes sociales con este sensual vestido que utilizó anoche para el cumpleaños de Cardi B. ¿Qué les parece? 👇 #Lizzo #Rapera #USA #CardiB
13 Oct, 03:02 AM UTC
Melanin Monroe
Sorry Lizzo! I wasn’t a fan of the look. Subpar replica of Rihanna’s CFDA dress or maybe Kate Moss controversial “slip dress” in 93.
13 Oct, 09:30 PM UTC