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鴻池 剛
猫のスタンプ第2弾を作りました↓ https://t.co/1wkCPQOP4X 第1弾の時、猫のヒゲを描き忘れたことがトラウマで間が空きましたが、今回は気が狂うほどヒゲのチェックをしたのでヒゲだけには自信があります。ぜひ! @TsuyoshiWood's photo on Loneliness
09 Oct, 11:04 AM UTC
寝起き @gizmo_neko's photo on Loneliness
09 Oct, 09:15 AM UTC
Hermaine M
Do not allow your loneliness to lower your standards. Now read that again! 🤗❤️
09 Oct, 04:47 AM UTC
Please never allow your loneliness drive you back to toxic relationships.
08 Oct, 07:45 PM UTC
Rhett & Link
You don’t know loneliness until you make up an imaginary friend that lives behind a wall
08 Oct, 07:43 PM UTC
i prefer loneliness than fake company
09 Oct, 02:56 AM UTC
do u like them or the romanticized version of them you created to satisfy ur loneliness
09 Oct, 12:20 AM UTC
The Economist
Loneliness is a serious public-health problem https://t.co/afb4bNjYQ0
08 Oct, 06:03 PM UTC
The Economist
Loneliness is a serious public-health problem https://t.co/TFOHkkArEd
09 Oct, 08:14 AM UTC
Loneliness increases a person’s risk of mortality by 26 percent, an effect comparable to the health risks posed by obesity.
09 Oct, 04:44 AM UTC
💥Bakugou Katsuki💥 (HALLOWEEN Omega)
//I’m going to bed...retweet if you: •are depressed •hungry •have gotten hit/punched/kicked today (abuse, whether by older or peers) •feel unloved •fear loneliness •fear oblivion •hate yourself If you retweet, we are now friends cause I am all these
09 Oct, 03:38 AM UTC
I prefer loneliness over fake company
09 Oct, 09:47 AM UTC
lonely otter
📍 loneliness | | | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 📍making friends | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ | | | | 📍 listening to podcasts and pretending the hosts are my friends
09 Oct, 09:35 AM UTC
St.Vincent de Paul, in my Catholic Narrative, worked tirelessly to free slaves from galleys owned by the Elites...so too Wilberforce. Our Cobberwealth has Sal and Mick ready soon to rescue children from drugs and loneliness...just one 100x40 shed needed.🐪🤝🙏. https://t.co/j1qIz4HD1l
09 Oct, 08:40 AM UTC
François Heisbourg
Indeed. France is not driven by fear of pressure or strategic loneliness. Simply put, two nuclear powers in Europe are seen as being better than one in terms of strategic deterrence and solidarity. This has value https://t.co/csX83Vh3vz
09 Oct, 09:15 AM UTC
Alex Osborne
"Home Alone" - my piece on youth isolation in #Cornwall just aired on @BBCNews + will be on @BBCSpotlight tonight at 6:30pm https://t.co/KFBimt3b0Y Brilliant project + a privilege to be part of it... @ChrisGibsonNews #CoastalBritain https://t.co/uiBDqDeTxm
09 Oct, 09:56 AM UTC
Kay Baig
Delivering Mental Health Awareness in Birmingam. They spent their life bringing up their kids who have flown the nest & too busy to even call, it’s very hard to accept the loneliness. Focus on yourself, start a hobby, find your inner talent. #coaching #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek https://t.co/1fXZAWaiJa
08 Oct, 01:07 PM UTC
#MentalHealthInitiative Mental health problems might arise due to stress, loneliness, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, death of a loved one, suicidal thoughts, grief, addiction,
09 Oct, 11:32 AM UTC
Temperatures as low as −40°C, bears, wolverines or the intense loneliness... What would you be most scared of in the Arctic? #ArcticAlone, Thursdays 10pm. @HISTORYUK's photo on Loneliness
08 Oct, 11:46 AM UTC
Ruth Xyleena
Loneliness causes people to take longer baths/showers, sleep longer and over think more. #FUMILIEMissingYou
09 Oct, 10:41 AM UTC
This summer we launched #HafalsPromise - our pledge to always be there for our client group. We asked people affected by #mentalillness across #Wales what #loneliness & #isolation feel like. Find out what they told us @ https://t.co/thz2qzQaZT #WMHD2019 #WorldMentalHealthDay @Hafal_'s photo on Loneliness
09 Oct, 11:08 AM UTC
imma lonely loneliness no problem
09 Oct, 07:07 AM UTC
Thijs van den Broek
Looking forward to attend and talk about my paper with @marcotosi16 about the causal effect of high fertility on loneliness in later life. https://t.co/YMEHFg8a23
09 Oct, 11:38 AM UTC
Don't let loneliness kill you, I do part time dating until you find your ideal partner 😂
09 Oct, 11:44 AM UTC
Emma Stark
Trauma and loneliness go hand in hand, we must be trauma informed, and responsive, we all have a shared responsibility @barnardos @dr_treisman https://t.co/fLrJovItcM
09 Oct, 11:43 AM UTC
“Now then, let us hasten to Sonia’s location. She must surely be tired of waiting. Despite her appearances, she is a crybaby who fears loneliness. If you leave her alone, she will end up squalling before long.”
09 Oct, 11:42 AM UTC
Your Fat Teacher
Life is filled with hurdles, challenges, bouts of loneliness and anxiety etc etc You name it But as believers we have a support system: the grace and power of God We believe in Christ for redemption, strength, and… https://t.co/3r3ahX8lrp https://t.co/O4P7FS0K64
09 Oct, 11:41 AM UTC
Don’t allow your loneliness or boredom to lower your standards .
09 Oct, 11:40 AM UTC

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