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Bleacher Report
Lonzo caught LeBron, AD in the act of tampering 😬 Last episode of #GameOfZones was 🔥. New one drops Thursday at 5 p.m. ET (@StateFarm) Bleacher Report's photo on Lonzo
14 May, 10:15 PM UTC
Colin Cowherd
“Now the Lakers can fo get Anthony Davis”. Uh, with what? A fourth pick in a weak draft and Kyle Kuzma? Sorry but Lonzo is NOT a hot commodity and Brandon Ingram has medical issue. This is Anthony Davis, Pelicans want something BIG in return.
15 May, 02:16 AM UTC
Laker Film Room
I was watching tape of guys who'd be available at #11 up until now, but my early favorite at #4 is Darius Garland, PG out of Vanderbilt. He'd be that shooting, high ball screen guard that I've been wanting next to Lonzo.
15 May, 01:26 AM UTC
Drew Franklin
Remember when the @Lakers took Lonzo Ball over De'Aaron Fox 😂😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/tfx4Y1xdDY
15 May, 12:38 AM UTC
LWOS LA Lakers
-LeBron James -Brandon Ingram -Lonzo Ball -Kyle Kuzma -Josh Hart -Max Salary slot -Top 4 Draft Pick Yeah, the #LakeShow is sitting pretty tonight.
15 May, 03:13 AM UTC
Arash Markazi
The Lakers had reportedly agreed to send Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, Ivica Zubac, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and two first round picks to New Orleans for Anthony Davis last season but it was turned down. Then again, that was Dell Demps not David Griffin.
15 May, 01:31 AM UTC
The 4-Point Play Podcast
The Lakers now have LeBron James, Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, the #4 overall pick and 40M in cap space The 4-Point Play Podcast's photo on Lonzo
15 May, 01:08 AM UTC
Josh Toussaint
If you want to know if someone’s basketball knowledge is good or not, ask what he/she thinks of Lonzo Ball. Zo is the perfect barometer for this test.
14 May, 09:09 PM UTC
Bulls Nation
#Bulls could make a serious push to land Lonzo Ball 👀 #Bullsnation Bulls Nation's photo on Lonzo
14 May, 11:17 PM UTC
Galaxy Opal Lonzo Incoming 🤣 @Troydan
15 May, 02:47 AM UTC
Josh Toussaint
“All-time bad shooter” This year, Lonzo Ball had as good or a better 3P% than Eric Bledsoe Luka Doncic Devin Booker Jrue Holiday Trae Young Dirk Nowitzki Nikola Jokic Kyle Kuzma https://t.co/9fzFXLtNnI
14 May, 09:17 PM UTC
Alfredo Gallegos
PERO QUE ES ESTO 🤯 ¿Se acuerdan de la locura de trade que se iba a hacer entre los Lakers y los Pelicans hace unos meses? Magic Johnson había ofrecido: ✅ Lonzo + Kuzma + Ingram + Zubac + 1st-Round Pick (el 4to pick de Lakers) y ...ZION WILLIAMSON (!!!) 😳🔥 https://t.co/PtYSq8cww0
15 May, 01:59 AM UTC
Bulls Nation
The #Bulls are reportedly still interested in a potential Lonzo Ball trade with the #Lakers if they don't get a pick in the top-2. https://t.co/B8yHHOfk3r
14 May, 09:37 PM UTC
PRIMER PICK PARA PELICANS! Zion a los Pelicans? El primer pensamiento que me viene es ese trade con Lakers... Si hubieran aceptado estarían con... Lonzo Ingram Zion Kuzma😳
15 May, 12:59 AM UTC
Vinay Killawala
If Memphis takes Barrett and Knicks take Reddish then there is a real chance Morant drops to the #Lakers. I need a Ja/Lonzo backcourt if that happens. Absolutely needs to happen.
15 May, 01:17 AM UTC
Bleacher Preacher / Sports
What's hilarious is if the Pelicans weren't STUBBORN MORONS and had dealt AD... they would have Kuzma, Ingram, Lonzo, Zubac AND ZION right now.
15 May, 01:13 AM UTC
LAX [SoCal🌴Lakers]
私は現時点の4位指名候補としてGarlandを有望視してる。 2年前、Lonzoのスカウティングの時から、LFR氏がずっと言っている「Lonzoと組ませるべきガード」によくフィットする。LFR氏はそれこそD'Loとの共存を熱望し、近年でもFoxとの共演も希望していた。 Lonzoの代わりではなく、共存相手として。 https://t.co/y2ek4Ba7Bv
15 May, 01:57 AM UTC
Lakers sem Lonzo Brasil
Já parou pra pensar Se o Pelicans aceita aquele pacote insano do Lakers hoje teriam Jrue Holiday Lonzo Ball Kyle Kuzma Brandon Ingram E com a pick #1 Zion Williamson E + a pick #4 pra gastar com quem quiser Recusaram, agora os bostas celtas tem a #14 pra oferecer
15 May, 02:43 AM UTC
Ben Rosales
Ya, he's very fundamentally sound. Not quite to the same level but he has a lot of Lonzo's superlative anticipation in help too in getting to the play before it happens. https://t.co/vRoG83Gvwt
15 May, 06:48 AM UTC
If somebody tries comparing Lonzo and Dunn offensively, then you know they are only looking at the stats and not watching the games. Yes Dunn shoots a slightly better 3 point %, but Lonzo takes 3 more per game. Dunn can’t catch and shoot like this. He’s way better than Dunn george's photo on Lonzo
15 May, 06:17 AM UTC
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@AnthonyIrwinLA Counting stats aren't everything, but Pels are welcome to take Boston's package... Ppg/rebounds/assists Kuzma: 18.7/5.5/2.5 (51.5 eFG%) Ingram: 18.3/5.1/3.0 (51.8 eFG%) Jayson Tatum: 15.7/6/2.1 (50.6 eFG%) Lonzo: 9.9/5.5/5.4 (48 eFG%) Jaylen Brown: 13/4.2/1.4 (52.5 eFG%)
15 May, 06:34 AM UTC
Lakers get: Anthony Davis Pelicans get: 4th overall Kyle Kuzma Lonzo Ball Brandon Ingram Josh Hart I’d take it https://t.co/zoaJVU2vPY
15 May, 05:17 AM UTC
Lonzo’s basketball IQ, vision, and passing is levels ahead of Dunn. Once again, watch the games instead of looking at the stats. Lonzo can run an offense george's photo on Lonzo
15 May, 06:19 AM UTC
@SergioACNBA Y los knicks querían ofrecer el pick 1 ( de tocarles) por Davis... Si al final hay un tarde David por tatum+brown/ingram+lonzo+kuzma los pelícans tienen la reconstrucción hecha en 1 año
15 May, 07:01 AM UTC
@AnonymousYanke2 @AndrewDoak_WWL @Lakers Lol thats better than kuzma ingram and lonzo and 4th?
15 May, 02:47 AM UTC
Harris Stavrou
Jrue Holiday Jaylen Brown Jayson Tatum Zion Williamson Julius Randle ή Lonzo Ball Jrue Holiday Brandon Ingram Kyle Kuzma Zion Williamson;
15 May, 06:47 AM UTC
@VazquezMuniz Pienso que LA va darle a Pelicans la 4 selección y a Lonzo por Anthony Davis.Creo que después de New Orleans,los Lakers fueron los ganadores de la noche.Y NY el gran perdedor como siempre😂
15 May, 01:41 AM UTC
If you add Lonzo to the Bulls, you have 3 above average defenders in the starting lineup with Lonzo, Otto, and Wendell. Lauri is slightly below average at the moment but has a high work rate and can become average-above average because athleticism.
15 May, 06:34 AM UTC
João Antonio Nasser
@joshuahart3000 @TEXANJAY @BR_NBA @BleacherReport @ShamsCharania Agreed, if the Lakers get a fecent free agent (lets say jimmy butler) they'd run with Lonzo Butler Lebron and AD.. u just add shooters and we good
15 May, 02:13 AM UTC
Joe Tidei
@thegeorgeyou I'm on board with trading for Lonzo. Surround him with LaVine, Lauri, Porter and Carter? Man he'd have that offense humming. Lonzo is super Rondo.
15 May, 06:49 AM UTC
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15 May, 06:46 AM UTC
BJ Metta
@Wwaleeed5 The Lakers would be foolish to trade both Lonzo & Ingram regardless of what price is fair. There is no team paying that high a price so need to to offer that much
15 May, 07:07 AM UTC
@ebuzzerqdquero Era tão bom que os pelicans ficassem com o Ingram, kuzma (ou lonzo) e a pick 4 pelo AD Mano imagina: PG- Jrue Holiday SG- Ingram SF- Kuzma PF- Zion Williamson C- Julius Randle Mais a 4th pick que não faço puta de ideia com quem vão ficar
15 May, 07:00 AM UTC
Justin Dodge
Realistic Anthony Davis trades after the lottery (ranked) 1. Knicks: number 3 pick, Kevin Knox, DSJ, Mitchell Robinson. 2. Lakers: number 4 pick, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma OR Lonzo Ball. 3. Celtics: number 14, 20, 22 picks, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart.
15 May, 06:56 AM UTC
Beau Bennett
The Pelicans should trade Davis for LA's first round pick and Lonzo.
15 May, 06:45 AM UTC
@ADaimiel Antoni a donde crees que irá Davis teniendo en cuenta que equipo tiene jugadores más apetecibles para ellos? Podrían aceptar los Pelicans una oferta de Lakers de el Nº 4, más Lonzo más Kuzma por él?
15 May, 06:43 AM UTC
@JoeyProspects You like Ja that much? I’d rather do 7 for Lonzo than that
15 May, 07:13 AM UTC
Brent Nahmias
@AnthonyIrwinLA @DominikChesani @brosales12 Not a fan of any team involved but I wouldn't want any of the Lakers youngs over any other realistic offer basically. Ingram is Evan Turner 2.0, Kuz is a stretch four who can't shoot, Josh might be good but who knows with how injured he was, Lonzo is an 8th man.
15 May, 07:13 AM UTC
Saint Freedom of the Americas
If the bulls trade for lonzo ball we are protesting. #ChicagoBulls dude sucks.
15 May, 07:12 AM UTC
Why not the 4th and Lonzo for trae young and the 10th
15 May, 07:12 AM UTC
Fernando DDS.
Lakers: -No.4 pick( GARLAND, Culver) -Young core of good players(B.I, Lonzo, Kuz...) -LeBron And that bitch still gonna fuck this up and try to get AD... 😒 #LebronTALKTOHER
15 May, 07:11 AM UTC
Los Angeles 🇫🇷
@ZoneSportsUS Pour les lakers on a fini la saison avec Lebron Ingram Lonzo blessés soit 3 titualires Et quand on voit les remplacants en étant éliminés des PO on a donné du temps à tout le monde
15 May, 07:10 AM UTC
@bj_metta I think New Orleans will be happy if they can manage getting #4 ingram lonzo and a future first. This Kuzma overhype will fizzle. Kuzma has hit his ceiling. He’s not some tantalizing prospect with untapped potential he’s like 23
15 May, 07:05 AM UTC
@TheKingOfCali @OhIHateWilliam Or, 4th pick and lonzo for AD, sign kemba over summer
15 May, 07:05 AM UTC
@lakersjonesjr You’re not getting AD without giving up one of Ingram or lonzo
15 May, 07:05 AM UTC
Scott Behnke
@ToriTalley14 @yo_hahnn @ArashMarkazi If they want AD, Lonzo is outa there
15 May, 07:04 AM UTC
Jeff G
@JoelGlenn @TheAthleticNYC @sam_amick @TheFrankIsola Lonzo, Ingram, Kuzma and #4. Smith, Knox, M.Robinson and #3.
15 May, 07:03 AM UTC
@ebuzzerqdquero Continuas a ter LeBron, AD, Kuzma ou Lonzo, e peças que eles querem para o próximo ano
15 May, 07:03 AM UTC
Keep Lonzo and Ingram. Everybody else is up for grabs outside of lebron https://t.co/ENJxn4k0ot
15 May, 07:03 AM UTC
@earlboykins Even if the la trade for AD is 4 + 2/3 of lonzo/kuz/Ingram + MORE picks? Feel like there is a chance that NO can create a really good young core around Zion that is long term beneficial for both him and the franchise.
15 May, 07:02 AM UTC
@DeSpeszjalLan Myślałem, że jak nie trafi się top3, to chociaż pick można spróbować opchnąć za Lonzo. Czyli jest najgorzej jak tylko może być. Zmarnowany sezon.
15 May, 07:01 AM UTC
Bartek Ka
@chicagobulls handlujcie tym pickiem po Lonzo albo cash considerations bo szkoda nerwów. Raczej bez szans na Garlanda skoro przed nami są Suns.
15 May, 07:00 AM UTC
@bardorod_24 Idk bro.. our players are young. It takes time. I know AD, lonzo, kawhi and Lebron will definitely be a contender from day 1
15 May, 06:59 AM UTC
Dan Turner
@Bobbie_Evans I think 3 and DSJ is still better then 4 and 6. RJ could become a franchise player. The drop after that is huge. Also, Lonzo would be fantastic in Phoenix, running next to Booker. He needs to get out from LeBron.
15 May, 06:58 AM UTC
@goldlakerss buah, a back court with Holiday + Lonzo, then Ingram + Zion + Randle would be a very fun team to watch. I mean, Lebron + AD + Kawhi its better ;p
15 May, 06:56 AM UTC
Head Ass
@Alex99Boss_ @Sixringofsteel They wanted all 3 of the lakers big pieces (Lonzo kuzma Bi) plus picks what makes you think they would take ONE and the 4
15 May, 06:55 AM UTC
Okay I’d trade that 7th pick for lonzo ball. 😂
15 May, 06:54 AM UTC
@bardorod_24 You acting like it’s top 3 lmao. That pick will be traded with everyone but lonzo and we will still sign kawhi or kyrie.
15 May, 06:54 AM UTC
Chris Evans
@AChad92 Lonzo for a 7? Have you been watching?
15 May, 06:53 AM UTC
Sneakin Sally
@NBAcouchside @mkhoops What you think about lonzo?
15 May, 06:52 AM UTC
Lance Noel
@LakerFilmRoom dream lineup: Lonzo, Kawhi, BI, Lebron, AD Trade #4 pick, Kuz, others to make the trade work - is this possible? feasible?
15 May, 06:50 AM UTC
Elad Bechor
@bj_metta Lonzo, Kuz, 4 pick, first round, Hart for AD will be great.
15 May, 06:50 AM UTC
@josh2saint Take Kuzma out and put ball and forget the extra first, lonzo is a bigger trade asset if the pelicans don’t like him than Kuzma. Kuzma is capped
15 May, 06:49 AM UTC
@ThompsonScribe Honestly, Lonzo is up there too. He puts that shit in dudes hands in stride
15 May, 06:49 AM UTC
Penguins Fan
@lebronbots @DJBlvd @lakrnic @KingJames Lonzo isn't getting traded. Lebron invited him on to his barbershop show and has always talked highly about him.
15 May, 06:48 AM UTC
King Jalen 🐐 - Josh Allen DROY
Zion, Ingram, Rj, Lonzo, Kuzma CRAZY
15 May, 06:47 AM UTC
1400 💨⛽🅰️🆖2⃣❎
@AllEyezOnRiCH If Lonzo Take Control Of His Own Career I'll Fuck With That Move But If It Comes With Lavar Bs Im Good
15 May, 06:46 AM UTC
Kevin Drew
@drankkaminsky @JustRyCole We. Already. Have. Lonzo. And that contract is horrendous, Jesus fucking Christ
15 May, 06:45 AM UTC
Lonzo Ball if we trade the pick. Cam Reddish if we keep it. Don’t mess this up @chicagobulls, DO NOT TAKE COBY WHITE.
15 May, 06:44 AM UTC
Kevin Horton
@MarkSwartz3 @joemcginnissjr @ramonashelburne More mediocre assets. Lonzo is a worse player than DSJ. And Ingram has shown more instances of mediocrity than superstar potential. No one on the Lakers roster has more value than Morant or RJ. Knicks have the upper hand.
15 May, 06:44 AM UTC
Big Richie
@Loyalty2TheGrav we gon trade the pick for lonzo ball, a bench warmer and cash watch
15 May, 06:44 AM UTC
D'Ante 🕊. (Swaggz)
No. Take Hart, we keeping Lonzo. https://t.co/On85juts6q
15 May, 06:43 AM UTC