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Nellington Da Great 🧲🙏🏽
me showing off the muscles I built from running away from all my problems https://t.co/5msd74RHqg
30 Nov, 02:07 PM UTC
tay⁷ 🐿️
seokjin e os seokjin e os staffs com staffs com a moletom dos capa do looney tunes superman https://t.co/1EjytBZCW5
30 Nov, 11:45 AM UTC
#YOURS by my bestfriend
@arshann yupp last time were the looney tunes jackets https://t.co/U6XUFAWtC6
30 Nov, 03:18 PM UTC
Stephen L. Miller
You are 100% looney tunes. Vaccines have proven to mitigate both. You want permanent testing and masking forever. You are the problem. https://t.co/xRcPzjDcZq
01 Dec, 02:22 AM UTC
RT if you once used Blackberry. https://t.co/TXabMXapPD
30 Nov, 05:01 PM UTC
John Solomon
Former adviser to Pete Buttigieg called Christine Blasey Ford ‘Looney Tunes’ in texts to team Cuomo | Just The News https://t.co/YuO1u7QWKD
30 Nov, 07:39 PM UTC
Auntie B.
You can wear a fine mini dress without all the cut cut as if you no from house commot. https://t.co/rf6zguXCiR
30 Nov, 11:52 PM UTC
Peter Lorre was cute and distinctive looking, Looney Tunes did him fucking dirty https://t.co/HXh5iAxOb1
01 Dec, 05:10 AM UTC
.@stinchfield1776: "These people are Looney Tunes." @newsmax's photo on Looney
01 Dec, 01:14 AM UTC
Our lovely dog Ozzie is missing. Some time after 810. From@the Knavesmire. If you see him, please let me know… we are distraught. Thank you. Harry. https://t.co/nwj5nV774Y
01 Dec, 08:27 AM UTC
Happy detty December 💥💙 https://t.co/zeESfXItv4
01 Dec, 06:36 AM UTC
Ayton est déjà en train d’imposer sa taille dans la raquette. Golden State n’aime pas les grands-grands et compte sur Draymond ou Looney pour le bloquer, va falloir faire mieux.
01 Dec, 03:20 AM UTC
“The harsh truth of the matter is that the ragbag collection of players scraped together to represent every proud Geordie are nowhere near good enough. They were assembled by Ashley's minions and repeatedly offered undeserved new deals by an unadventurous owner… 1/2
01 Dec, 08:44 AM UTC
Alex Birdsall
Few positives from last nights game 1. That Back 4 has to start every game, Fede and Lewis proving they shouldnt have been frozen out 2. Shelvey and Joelinton have completely transformed under Howe 3. Wilson should keep the armband on a permenant basis
01 Dec, 08:30 AM UTC
Black Girl Airneh
December 🌻🌻🌻. Merry Christmas in Advance😁 https://t.co/VLA33MEI1B
01 Dec, 06:46 AM UTC
DubNation France
Alors, qui a gagné ? Payton 0 Wiggins 1 Porter 1 Bjelica 1 Chiozza 1 Curry 2 Looney 2 Poole 4 JTA 5 Draymond 5 https://t.co/6BeEZ8udZH
01 Dec, 05:29 AM UTC
…because it saved him splashing out millions on replacements. Now they are about to take United down yet again.” 2/2 https://t.co/XkNTiP6onB
01 Dec, 08:44 AM UTC
The Squish Gang!
#toonsday tip 111 Remember to read the fine print before saying yes to science experiments! Source: Looney Tunes Cartoons, "Lesson Plan 9 from Outer Space" https://t.co/0XakKr9hEp
01 Dec, 02:57 AM UTC
@RepSwalwell The looney carnival barkers are taught how to do this. Taking away the freedom of the right to live for those that are too young to be vaccinated https://t.co/KgW5Eu6bb0
01 Dec, 01:31 AM UTC
Ciaran Kelly
#nufc had to win last night. The players knew it. The staff knew it. The fans knew it. But it was another reminder of what St James' Park can be. Many targets will be put off by situation, but others will relish prospect of playing in that atmosphere https://t.co/nXfr3t7xJP
01 Dec, 07:55 AM UTC
My my November in pictures 📷😍 https://t.co/TdGDGV93G4
01 Dec, 08:46 AM UTC
Ricky G
Watching the tape in the second half,what Wiseman will help is that vertical spacing that Looney can't give you ,it will open up shooters some, Looney and even Green tonight put Steph back n traffic,on defense Were to small on a good big ...
01 Dec, 06:25 AM UTC
the rough gsw games are ones where it feels like a looney upgrade is needed
01 Dec, 03:58 AM UTC
Calvin Fong
The Warriors' opening play was a good one Steph throws it to Draymond in the post, and most of the time it's split action. Instead, Steph goes to set a cross screen for Looney Ayton gets erased on the screen, Bridges is never ever leaving Steph, and Looney gets the layup https://t.co/oqV0RW1rld
01 Dec, 07:33 AM UTC
Rather low effort but this is a fun little callback to the funniest thing Looney Tunes has ever had. Daffy Joins the Marines and Bugs is arrested in Albania. This is an actual bit. #LooneyTunes https://t.co/3S70KVS6AA
01 Dec, 08:41 AM UTC
CJ Douglass
@KatyBSweet1 May as well post this very nerdy one I had also thought up: "Let's talk about Tex. Let's talk about Tex Avery. Let's talk about Tunes, Looney. Let's talk about all the cartoons, Even Merrie Melodies. Let's talk about Tex." https://t.co/NeLOy2Sor6
30 Nov, 11:53 PM UTC
Boing Schedule Archive
Ya está disponible en HBO Max el especial de navidad de Looney Tunes Cartoons. https://t.co/4kgyTuQFAO
01 Dec, 09:12 AM UTC
@DubNationFr Note pour Kerr: ne pas mettre 3 gars qui ne shoot pas, Looney chiozza et Green dans la même rotation c'est NON !
01 Dec, 09:19 AM UTC
@Koolino6 Fr tho, the OP slaps like gawdngawd i'm shitting myself because of how good the looney toons anime Op is.
01 Dec, 09:14 AM UTC