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Laurent Jacobelli
Deux hommes ont été sauvagement agressés en #Alsace et en #Lorraine. Il est temps que la Région fasse rempart au laxisme du Gouvernement #Macron ! #GrandEst #regionales2021 https://t.co/88cwqpUEYc
17 May, 09:28 AM UTC
Instructions on how to hug ?!Dear fucking god #Lorraine
17 May, 08:28 AM UTC
Lauren L
What’s the point in “social distancing” round an airport when 30 minutes later you’ll all be crammed in like sardines?? #Lorraine
17 May, 08:08 AM UTC
✨💛 Sara 💛✨
How to hug. Fuck off #lorraine
17 May, 08:27 AM UTC
What the f*** is this🤣. Phoning #lorraine up in advance to tell them you are going to hug your nan and bring the camera crew lol
17 May, 08:07 AM UTC
If this gets 1 like I’m hitting the wine #Lorraine https://t.co/p1WjEOSy77
17 May, 08:34 AM UTC
So after the massive build up... there really wasn't a story about Prince Harry because he didn't actually say anything #lorraine #ITV
17 May, 08:54 AM UTC
Harry can say what he like after all its freedom of speech over USA...#lorraine you just pay your taxes rather then breaking laws, hows that! https://t.co/1Thiuw4JxV
17 May, 08:52 AM UTC
Can #Lorraine ever go a show without mentioning Harry & Meghan?
17 May, 08:50 AM UTC
Charlotte Munro
Being reunited?! Christ I’ve seen it all now - just hug each other, it can’t be transmitted by touch it’s by water droplets. If you really loved your families you wouldn’t let the government tell you that you can’t ‘touch’ until today 🥱😌 #GMB #Lorraine #DefundTheMedia https://t.co/jgcdkQlycN
17 May, 08:08 AM UTC
Andrew S..
Government should have said no to foreign travel for the year ! End off !#lorraine
17 May, 08:31 AM UTC
She binged it yesterday whilst reading 4 “autobiographies “ 😏😏#lorraine
17 May, 08:33 AM UTC
Wow, desperate to find a way to have a go at Prince Harry every day. So boring #Lorraine
17 May, 08:52 AM UTC
Juliet McKee💙
Prince Harry, ‘Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt’. #lorraine
17 May, 08:50 AM UTC
So on #lorraine today Andi Peters flies London Glasgow then drives to Isle of Harris. Some reporter flies London Lisbon. Both for a day and for a short tv clip. Disgraceful and irresponsible. Anyone heard of Great Thunberg @ITV ? Get your environmental act together.
17 May, 08:28 AM UTC
#Lorraine These people won't rest until Maeghan or Harry is under a bus
17 May, 08:52 AM UTC
“There’s other variants coming along” Fuck off wanker #lorraine
17 May, 08:32 AM UTC
Jealous of the reporter sat in a metal can full of other people’s farts ? #Lorraine
17 May, 08:30 AM UTC
Kaitlyn Murphy
Oh it wouldn't be a Monday morning with Dr Doom, Hilary Jones making a d!ck out of himself. He's the wannabe, worse that Dr Fauci in the US. #lorraine
17 May, 08:29 AM UTC
#Lorraine talking about Harry like he committed a crime. They said Harry is underfire in America. All because he said his only been America for a short time and he doesn't fully understand the 1st ammendment Just say you hate Harry and stop this nonsense
17 May, 08:55 AM UTC
Oh yeah #Musicals #ThisMorning there’s gunna be whole load of gay today #Lorraine https://t.co/Hy3qpRur1I
17 May, 08:54 AM UTC
#Lorraine Not bloody musical week zezus christ #ThisMorning
17 May, 08:54 AM UTC
Nicola Osborne
Here he goes Dr Doomonger #drhilary #lorraine saying under 40s are all out there being vaccinated so they can travel - yet that’s not even been confirmed ! #scaremongering
17 May, 08:34 AM UTC
"You sir have you had the jab? No😮then take your hands of my wife then " @GMB #lorraine https://t.co/0By6eD7YQa
17 May, 08:33 AM UTC
Andrew S..
Doctor that’s rubbish ! My doctors surgery were refusing point blank to arrange face to face !#lorraine
17 May, 08:33 AM UTC
Bucked Rogers
Can't hug my mum since thanks to the Tories, and given how they dealt with #COVID19, she's dead. Over 130,000 deaths, too. #bbcbreakfast #gmb #jeremyvine #ThisMorning #lorraine https://t.co/w08oTMue3K
17 May, 09:23 AM UTC
goodness me! They have done 1 interview together and harry has made 3 public appearances in 3 years!! You @reallorraine @rossking will do anything to drag harry under the bus. #MeghanAndHarry #lorraine
17 May, 08:54 AM UTC
lightupvirginmary 💋
Dr Hilary really enjoys laying down the law on #Lorraine, doesn't he?
17 May, 08:51 AM UTC