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m. ∞ soon to be earthgangxrm haver
she told him "autumn leaves" at the ten seconds she had with him over a loud ass announcement oh she is the literal realest so REAL https://t.co/WjOlxz28WX
30 Sep, 12:20 PM UTC
Daniel Kibblesmith
I was reading the subtitles of End of Evangelion out loud to the baby (because she can’t read) and my Apple Watch spontaneously initiated a suicide intervention. @kibblesmith's photo on Loud
30 Sep, 05:21 PM UTC
Olivia Julianna 🗳
He just said it y’all— Abbott said the alternative to abortion is programs that provide baby supplies. He said the quiet part out loud; you will not have access to abortion, and you will be forced to give birth. Donate to Beto 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
01 Oct, 12:31 AM UTC
Sen. Marsha Blackburn
Nancy Pelosi said the quiet part out loud: Democrats want illegal immigrants to come in and take American jobs.
30 Sep, 08:56 PM UTC
Mnet Plus 엠넷플러스
[#ROAD_TO_KCON] Shout out loud, LOCKEY! Created with effort by fans, finally the door to the first KCON special stage has opened💗 Thank you for accompanying us in this journey! Continue to check out new updates for ROAD TO KCON 🙌 #ROAD_TO_MAX #MnetPlus #엠넷플러스 https://t.co/HHKifYUIWx
30 Sep, 10:38 PM UTC
via ❖ \\ᵛ ⑰ | MAMAMOO COMEBACK
jessi: "i heard filipinos are super loud" also jessi: gets surprised #ZoomInManila #JessiInManila #JessiZoomInManila https://t.co/CZaU4HDTzt
30 Sep, 12:37 PM UTC
Clemson Football
There's something in these hills. Be early. Be loud. @ClemsonFB's photo on Loud
30 Sep, 10:45 PM UTC
Don't understand the hold Alan Jones has on us. He is not elected to anything. He has weaselled his way into the ears of those in power. He is a liar, biased, loud & often wrong. His "influence" or hold on the public discourse is that of a bully. Time he was told his time is up.
30 Sep, 03:26 AM UTC
⌗ ron ִֶָ
IM CRYING.. the fanchant for tftmn when viviz performed were so loud. the crowd was singing along. people were shouting the original ot6 fanchant. 😭💔
30 Sep, 02:36 PM UTC
「LOUD」よりbzkAコーチが脱退、FAを表明 https://t.co/dUdJotYEuv #VALORANT #ヴァロラント
30 Sep, 11:24 PM UTC
Laura Walton
Going to say it out loud: Just because your kids are back in the building doesn’t mean schools are “back to normal” Just because Ford says you can get care at our hospitals doesn’t mean it will be timely. It’s time for us to collectively announce that the Emperor has no clothes!
30 Sep, 12:07 PM UTC
Yesterday we moonlighted as "Joan Gabel Hates Workers" on the UMN campus to disrupt a multi-millionaire donor dinner on behalf of the hundreds of workers being exploited by the university. We were fucking loud and played for over 80 minutes with no set breaks. Fuck UMN https://t.co/ub3MUR27ti
30 Sep, 05:05 PM UTC
Richard Denniss
When conservatives say the quiet bit out loud …#auspol https://t.co/BW9S7Blqmr
30 Sep, 12:47 PM UTC
Melody speaks gif fluently🌻🇺🇸🌻
Literally laughing out loud 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/xwGWlKSvSP
30 Sep, 11:54 PM UTC
Realizando um sonho.❤️ L.A 😎 https://t.co/uyqUpWej18
01 Oct, 01:30 AM UTC
Siege Perilous
My favorite part from Loud Cloud. Still cracking me up every time I hear it 😂 #TheLoudHouse #LunaLoud #SamSharp https://t.co/OOI1ikskJH
30 Sep, 11:40 PM UTC
Uma das coisas que acho que tá pesado nas negociações do VALORANT, principalmente da LOUD, é o novo contrato (salário + bonificações) da equipe. A média salarial no BR não é alta, e no NA é. A liga vai ser no NA, então esperaria um aumento GRANDE, ainda mais campeões mundiais.
01 Oct, 01:09 AM UTC
Yan7 #goLOUD 🇧🇷
Queria tanto q o fandom apoiasse o Leleo e o Frosty...Eles se dedicam tanto, fora q tão sempre presente subindo tag e acompanhando o competitivo da LOUD :( Só dar um parabéns pelo menos pela classificação para a final e suas conquistas...
01 Oct, 12:42 AM UTC
KaiqueTrembala 🧡
"A gente botou no cool" by @loud_gabepeixe, 2022. https://t.co/qKb2ozEN0c
01 Oct, 12:42 AM UTC
Chile. Be whole misogynists, rapists, and abusers but y’all draw the line at men loving their queer and trans kids. Y’all are going to hell on the expedited train. Plus always be loud and wrong. https://t.co/Zpm8CSP5de
01 Oct, 12:01 AM UTC
EJ Hill
When they say the quiet part out loud: Unless you’re willing to send your sons to die you REALLY don’t support Ukraine. Is this what you voted for? https://t.co/5ksvCUXGx2
30 Sep, 11:27 PM UTC
Loud explosions in #Odesa (I’ve just heard two).
01 Oct, 01:16 AM UTC
Cara a @loud_babi e a @loud_voltan me fazem tão bem que ela nem imaginam. Seja qual for o caminho estaremos lá com vocês ❤️
01 Oct, 01:27 AM UTC
Let's get loud; let's get proud. #TaekookIsReal https://t.co/MogmmYKMEc
01 Oct, 01:30 AM UTC
ima get what I want everytime, all I gotta do is say that shit out loud 1 timeee🤣
01 Oct, 12:52 AM UTC
I hate when someone in a public place talking loud on the phone .. take that shit outside
01 Oct, 01:21 AM UTC
it’s true. she’s very loud https://t.co/CzPtTpax47
01 Oct, 01:30 AM UTC
UGA natl champs 3-0
the mets stink out loud!
01 Oct, 01:30 AM UTC