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B/R Gridiron
Texans paid ‘hundreds of thousands’ to a search firm and then ignored its suggested finalists, Omar Khan and Louis Riddick, to hire Nick Caserio 😳 (via @AdamSchefter) @brgridiron's photo on Louis Riddick
10 Jan, 04:35 PM UTC
Adam Schefter
Steelers’ VP of Football and Business Administration Omar Khan, or possibly ESPN MNF analyst Louis Riddick, was in line to become the Texans’ next GM...until he wasn’t. https://t.co/k8BTzQDbVY
10 Jan, 04:00 PM UTC
Am I tripping or did Louis Riddick say “ that shit is electric” https://t.co/YzqUDOQrZJ
10 Jan, 08:14 PM UTC
Adam Spolane
.@AdamSchefter just reported the Texans were planning to hire Omar Khan or Louis Riddick to be their general manager "until the process was hijacked and essentially they wound up with Nick Caserio." Hijacked by whom? I think we can all figure that out pretty easily
10 Jan, 04:39 PM UTC
Aaron Torres
Am I bugging or did my guy Louis Riddick just say "That shit is electric" mid-play? Pretty sure he did. Which is AWESOME 🤣🤣 @Aaron_Torres's photo on Louis Riddick
10 Jan, 08:14 PM UTC
Louis Riddick really said “that shit is electric” and kept going 😂⚡️@BroBible's photo on Louis Riddick
10 Jan, 08:16 PM UTC
Jake Rowe
Could listen to Louis Riddick talk about football 10 hours a day. Best there is...
10 Jan, 07:54 PM UTC
#BALvsTEN Louis Riddick that shit is electric https://t.co/ThdbJ52L0u
10 Jan, 08:14 PM UTC
Joshua Reed
Louis Riddick dared the Titans to test Marcus Peters on the broadcast, they did and look what happened. What a gift for @marcuspeters from himself to his team and all of #RavensFlock
10 Jan, 08:44 PM UTC
TheU (8-3)
@RedditCFB Louis Riddick literally said earlier they’re gonna get tannehill for intentional grounding on a pass he completed 15+yards down field..😭
10 Jan, 08:35 PM UTC
The Big Lead
Did Louis Riddick say the Ravens and Hollywood Brown's "sh-t is electric." It certainly sounded that way. He's not wrong. https://t.co/QrfpxMz2mn
10 Jan, 08:31 PM UTC
Mike Chiodo
I don’t understand how you don’t even question that punt on the main broadcast. Honestly I would cross Louis Riddick off my list if I was looking for a new GM lol https://t.co/iuZFdLsX9h
10 Jan, 08:33 PM UTC
Albie Shore
Omar Khan or Louis Riddick would’ve made great Texans GMs.....
10 Jan, 08:27 PM UTC
Help ME and get Louis Riddick out the booth https://t.co/l4b4N1JRuj
10 Jan, 08:26 PM UTC
10 Jan, 08:41 PM UTC
Woodchuck Coodchuck-Berkowitz
Louis Riddick somehow is way worse than Booger McFarland...
10 Jan, 08:37 PM UTC
Sir Milton
Louis Riddick GTFO you’re a terrible announcer
10 Jan, 08:36 PM UTC
Paul🌎☮️✊🏽😷14-2 #RunItBack
These ESPN announcers are pretty bad for not acknowledging the awful decision to punt there like at all. And I usually like Louis Riddick.
10 Jan, 08:24 PM UTC
Justin Groc
"That shit is electric" - Louis Riddick #Ravens #Titans #BALvsTEN https://t.co/lkzPsAoyaQ
10 Jan, 08:19 PM UTC
James Neveau
Am I the only one who can't tell Brian Griese and Louis Riddick's voices apart?
10 Jan, 08:44 PM UTC
Is Jamal coming?
How does Louis Riddick not have a new front office job yet.
10 Jan, 08:42 PM UTC
The fact Louis Riddick isn’t a GM is a felony
10 Jan, 08:39 PM UTC
Chris James
@TK60 Sweet Lou with the gold chain is my favorite Louis Riddick!! https://t.co/srEp7X1pB3
10 Jan, 08:36 PM UTC
The Don
Louis Riddick the new Booger McFarland.......SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!
10 Jan, 08:27 PM UTC
Jason Allison
I don’t think the fella manning the cuss button expected Louis Riddick to be an offender https://t.co/jBlIlIhayb
10 Jan, 08:21 PM UTC
Matthew Phelan
Louis Riddick would make a mighty fine GM for the Bears.
10 Jan, 08:44 PM UTC
Harris D. Auerbach
Great call by Louis Riddick on @espn emploring Tennessee to challenge Marcus Peters. Uh oh. #BALvsTEN 😂
10 Jan, 08:44 PM UTC
Ego Death
Louis Riddick seeing that Marcus Peters pick after saying the Titans are gonna expose him the last 15 minutes https://t.co/w4KT6pVZIJ
10 Jan, 08:44 PM UTC
Louis Riddick has begging all game for the Titans to win. He's heartbroken. 💔💔💔 #BALvsTEN
10 Jan, 08:44 PM UTC

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