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Andrew Campbell
Shameless Love Island post, but why is there two Dami’s on the screen… 👀🙃 #LoveIsland @acampbelltweet's photo on #LoveIsland
29 Jun, 09:15 PM UTC
Ikenna Ekwonna
Indiyah has not had one argument since she got here, such an unproblematic babe 😭 #LoveIsland
29 Jun, 08:59 PM UTC
Kim Muca
It’s the way Davide knew it was him 😂 #Loveisland https://t.co/Ho3S95gi8h
29 Jun, 08:37 PM UTC
Fresh Prince of Nakuru
Every time Danica picks a man they get angry like they’ve been picked for jury duty #LoveIsland
29 Jun, 08:39 PM UTC
Ikenna Ekwonna
Bro does danica work for HMRC??? Why are the boys doing her like this?? What do we not know? #LoveIsland
29 Jun, 08:20 PM UTC
jas the virgin
no cos everyone hated Ekin but at least the girl is REAL. not Paige and Tasha playing the biggest cute and nice act when realistically the the biggest bitches in there ?? #LoveIsland
29 Jun, 08:48 PM UTC
Love Island Memes
if ur vote isn’t for one of these don’t bother #LoveIsland https://t.co/Nc07ZKDvNT
29 Jun, 09:02 PM UTC
I can't believe Paige let jax tell her to fuck off and she said zilch. But with the girls it's go away we are talking... what? #loveisland
29 Jun, 08:56 PM UTC
s •
Ekin Su’s not only the main character, she’s the antagonist, she’s the producer, she’s the screenplay writer and she’s the commissioner #loveisland
29 Jun, 08:34 PM UTC
Ekin-Sue: “Charlie can I be honest? you were so stiff” EKIN PLEASEEEEEEEEEE😭😭😭😭 #LoveIsland https://t.co/MRuVNH0IHw
29 Jun, 08:10 PM UTC
i❤️love island
‘obsessed with his personality’??? PAIGE HE CALLED YOU PATHETIC #loveisland https://t.co/eP18zu1YfL
29 Jun, 08:26 PM UTC
I don’t give a F
If dami and indiyah don’t win, I want Ekin and Davide to win, these fiat 500 people can’t win again with their boring couples Jacques and Paige and Luca and Gemma 💀 #LoveIsland
29 Jun, 09:16 PM UTC
Ekin’s bitches 😭😭 #LoveIsland https://t.co/JbHRCzbb7n
29 Jun, 08:30 PM UTC
Murad Merali
Danica turned down by Jay now too? Omg 😭 send a man in for this girl NOW #loveisland
29 Jun, 08:20 PM UTC
The strongest girl in the villa.. 💙 takes a lot to handle rejection several times without crying. Hope she finds someone #loveisland https://t.co/A99xkAe2BF
29 Jun, 09:16 PM UTC
Paige really said NEGROES PLEAZE, DIDNT YOU KNOW THIS IS AN ALL WHITE PARTY #LoveIsland https://t.co/atw8IAasaH
29 Jun, 08:50 PM UTC
This clip has the veins in my forehead bulging #LoveIsland https://t.co/uFm5KpdmQM
29 Jun, 09:17 PM UTC
Sorry Antigoni but my good sis Ekin-Su don’t owe you shit. She’s not here for seasonal girlfriends <3 #Loveisland https://t.co/cChDaACFfw
29 Jun, 08:44 PM UTC
I would rather be friends with someone as straightforward as ekin than fake ass barbies like tasha and paige #LoveIsland https://t.co/AXsJIGJL1U
29 Jun, 08:53 PM UTC
I would like to see Jacques speaks to these girls the way he speaks to Paige #LoveIsland https://t.co/3z4RlshyH8
29 Jun, 08:12 PM UTC
Murad Merali
It’s official. This season of Love Island has become the most watched season and we haven’t even reached Casa Amor. It’s cleared every season with stream ratings. Inject it. #loveisland https://t.co/3CQSMcYlKu
29 Jun, 08:02 PM UTC
paige’s vibes are OFF i’m sorry, these girls have been nasty to danica since the day she entered and never gave her the same energy as they did to antigoni #LoveIsland
29 Jun, 10:04 PM UTC
cant take another episode of seeing them on my screen i’m sorry #LoveIsland https://t.co/QsdjlSRAil
29 Jun, 09:32 PM UTC
“jacques is rubbing off on paige” or maybe she’s simply not the sweet, nice girl you guys thought she was #LoveIsland
29 Jun, 08:48 PM UTC
watching the way they’re treated danica throughout her LI journey is really uncomfortable. secondary school vibes #LoveIsland
29 Jun, 08:46 PM UTC
Bolu Babalola 🍯🌶
"Deep inside I was hoping you picked me. But that doesn't mean nothing' looooool Davide is in LOVE #LoveIsland
29 Jun, 08:56 PM UTC
She was fearless, and crazier than him. She was his queen, and God help anyone who disrespected his queen #loveisland https://t.co/9uMh8IS0IQ
29 Jun, 09:21 PM UTC
Murad Merali
29 Jun, 08:55 PM UTC
Indiyah Polack
EKIN SU AND DAVIDE ARE BACK TOGETHER!!! #LoveIsland https://t.co/KjFyQ7O520
29 Jun, 08:38 PM UTC
Paige has a lot of vim for someone who let a man call her pathetic the night before… #LoveIsland https://t.co/dTfSCa729N
29 Jun, 09:34 PM UTC