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Cyrus McQueen
52 years ago the Supreme Court ruled that interracial marriages would no longer be illegal... Happy #LovingDay!!! @LeanneMcQueen1 @CyrusMMcQueen's photo on #LovingDay
12 Jun, 01:35 PM UTC
1967: SCOTUS strikes down state laws prohibiting interracial marriage in Loving v. Virginia. The case was led by Richard and Mildred Loving. After the decision, they returned home to Central Point, VA, with their three children. #LovingDay @ACLU's photo on #LovingDay
12 Jun, 02:53 PM UTC
Antonia Okafor
June 12, we celebrate the landmark, Loving v. Virginia case of ‘67, which made marriage betw. whites & non-whites legal. Not lost on me as Travis & I prepare to travel next Friday for our wedding week. ⁣To all the government defying couples out there, Happy #LovingDay 👩🏾👱🏼‍♂️ ⁣ @antonia_okafor's photo on #LovingDay
12 Jun, 04:12 PM UTC
Chuck Schumer
50 years ago, Mildred and Richard Loving took the fight for their love all the way to the Supreme Court. The decision in Loving v. Virginia ensured that interracial couples across the country could marry. The legacy of that landmark ruling lives on today. #LovingDay https://t.co/HtfOxRqCWI
12 Jun, 04:31 PM UTC
Mark Warner
Today we honor Virginia’s Mildred and Richard Loving, who took the Commonwealth to court in Loving v. Virginia and won a victory for love and equality on this day in 1967. #LovingDay https://t.co/RtWxlKYBRr
12 Jun, 03:45 PM UTC
Peter Daou
Happy #LovingDay to my amazing better half, @leeladaou ❤️ @peterdaou's photo on #LovingDay
12 Jun, 11:20 AM UTC
ACLU of Virginia
Happy #LovingDay! Today, we honor Richard and Mildred Loving, whose love for each other paved the way for equality in America and left a powerful legacy that lives on. What does Loving v. Virginia mean to you? @ACLUVA's photo on #LovingDay
12 Jun, 01:15 PM UTC
Teaching Tolerance
The Supreme Court decriminalized interracial marriage in the United States when it unanimously ruled in favor of Richard and Mildred Loving in 'Loving v. Virginia,’ #OTD in 1967. Love wins. #LovingDay https://t.co/HXcE5dWTdK @Tolerance_org's photo on #LovingDay
12 Jun, 10:15 AM UTC
Kyle Lierman
Happy #LovingDay! @AmandaK_B & I are grateful every day to Mildred & Richard Loving, to the @ACLU, and to all those who fought for progress and made interracial marriage legal 52 years ago today. Our story wouldn’t be possible without them! @Kyle_Lierman's photo on #LovingDay
12 Jun, 02:45 PM UTC
Valerie Jarrett
Thank you to the Lovings, @ACLU & all those who helped break down barriers so that all loving couples like Kyle and Amanda could fall in love, marry and create a beautiful family of their own. 💕❤️😍#LovingDay https://t.co/WpUggfcKQa
12 Jun, 04:10 PM UTC
US Attorney John Bash
52 years ago, SCOTUS held bans on interracial marriage unconstitutional. Like Brown, Loving enforced the original, plain meaning of the 14th Amendment—a meaning disfigured by a century of Jim Crow. Hugely important decisions for our country, but also easy ones legally. #LovingDay
12 Jun, 04:24 PM UTC
Tynisa Citizen Journalist of Witchy Affairs Walker
It's hard to believe years ago my family would have been considered illegal. Love should never have such hurdles and its why I fight for equality. Be sure there are still so many whose love is shunned by society. #lovingday https://t.co/WWTN3sSAW7
12 Jun, 06:53 PM UTC
Happy Loving Day!!!! Thank you to Richard and Mildred for all you endured to make marriages like mine possible!!!! #LovingDay https://t.co/O6kgtigTp5
12 Jun, 08:46 AM UTC
Council of DC
Fifty-two years ago today, the Supreme Court legalized interracial marriage nationwide. Mildred & Richard Loving got married in DC. #LovingDay @councilofdc's photo on #LovingDay
12 Jun, 03:29 PM UTC
Ralph Northam
On this day 52 years ago, the Supreme Court voted unanimously to strike down laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Today, we honor the enduring love and courage of Mildred and Richard Loving and celebrate their lasting impact on Virginia and our nation. #LovingDay @GovernorVA's photo on #LovingDay
12 Jun, 06:58 PM UTC
Tori Mason
As children we’re taught to judge others not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I knew before I was born. Thank you for persevering through hate, so that I could know love. #LovingDay https://t.co/uvb8fzAGOD
12 Jun, 01:53 PM UTC
Rev. Jacqui Lewis PhD
Before 1967, my marriage would have been illegal in most of the United States. Love is always right. Except when we as humans call it wrong. #LovingDay https://t.co/u3Uf2tjUdZ
12 Jun, 12:06 PM UTC
Loving Day
Thank you, Senator @MarkWarner, for sharing #LovingDay. It's especially meaningful coming from you. From 8.4% of all U.S. married couples & 14% of infants who are #multiracial, we appreciate you today, and hope you'll bring official Loving Day recognition to the U.S. Senate. https://t.co/dBxTmBQDfQ
12 Jun, 05:23 PM UTC
Amanda Brown Lierman
❤️ Happy #LovingDay! https://t.co/yliZ1laXVJ
12 Jun, 03:29 PM UTC
Rep. Abigail Spanberger
Today in 1967, the Supreme Court made their landmark decision to strike down laws against interracial marriage. Our ongoing work toward equality before the law is only possible due to the persistence & courage of ordinary Americans like Mildred and Richard Loving. #LovingDay @RepSpanberger's photo on #LovingDay
12 Jun, 08:20 PM UTC
Jon Kagan
Happy Loving day! Today we celebrate the repeal of the law that prohibited interracial couples from marrying. Without this legalization, my amazing marriage and children could not legally exist. #lovingday @lovingday https://t.co/WuMtErK3Dg
12 Jun, 11:32 AM UTC
Todd Breasseale🏳️‍🌈
Happy #LovingDay to all. On a day which later saw the #PulseNightclub massacre, let us endeavor to be better, to love each other a without prejudice, to judge one another a little less harshly, to be worthy of the sacrifices of the Lovings, who fought and won the right to marry.
12 Jun, 06:01 PM UTC
Stacy-Ann Gooden
Today we celebrate and give thanks to the Lovings for what they did for families like ours. I chat more about Loving Day on my blog https://t.co/B8TkKa9Ck2 #LovingDay @stacyanngooden's photo on #LovingDay
12 Jun, 06:51 PM UTC
Jenny Jackson
Happy #LovingDay These are the people I love with all my heart and am so lucky to have them in my life for they bring they greatest joy and laughter to our house ❤️ https://t.co/JO1Vi8BdVS
12 Jun, 01:08 PM UTC
Adrian L. H. Graham 🙋🏾‍♂️ 🏳️‍🌈
I should never number my threads. Here's a pic from my wedding reception! (I have the cutest husband!!!) 🏳️‍🌈 ❤🧔🏾🧑🏻❤🏳️‍🌈 #LovingDay https://t.co/BVD9dqZubK
12 Jun, 12:35 PM UTC
Daisy C. Abreu
Thank you, Richard and Mildred. @lovingday #LovingDay https://t.co/ZXpwgPCp31
12 Jun, 01:37 PM UTC
Adrian L. H. Graham 🙋🏾‍♂️ 🏳️‍🌈
My favorite wedding portrait! #LovingDay #Pride #Loveislove https://t.co/SnJdFI1q9f
12 Jun, 12:41 PM UTC
Legal Defense Fund
#OTD 52 years ago, the Supreme Court unanimously struck down state laws banning interracial marriage in Loving v. Virginia. Read our amicus brief here: https://t.co/1b6ekhgyt2 #LovingDay @NAACP_LDF's photo on #LovingDay
12 Jun, 08:42 PM UTC
Nick Bartlett
Happy loving day! #LovingDay https://t.co/X9CE3dgtdX
12 Jun, 12:09 PM UTC
Meredith Schorr
You can’t buy love, but you can buy books about love! All my smart and sassy #romcoms are less than $5. Treat yourself on #LovingDay https://t.co/lCDgXvx98D
12 Jun, 02:54 PM UTC
AC Parham
Today is #LovingDay--the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision of Loving v. Virgina, in which SCOTUS ruled that states could no longer deem interracial marriages illegal. Interracial love is beautiful, powerful, and most of all, normal!! https://t.co/NQoMme4ApT
12 Jun, 07:02 PM UTC
Tricia Lane ☮️
love you guys! Happy #LovingDay ⁦@KellyCartwright⁩ ⁦@JeffShacklefor1https://t.co/GvDFbzHsRZ
12 Jun, 06:56 PM UTC
Happy #lovingday! No this isn't another Valentine's day. ❤️ 53 years ago our marriage would have been illegal. Our family would not be what it is today...thanks to the Supreme Court in Loving v. Virgina on June 12, 1967 Americans were free to marry whoever they wanted. https://t.co/yKbCcbEsZr
12 Jun, 07:25 PM UTC
andrew kimler
52 years ago today SCOTUS abolished miscegenation laws in the US. Happy #LovingDay! https://t.co/VnkFqCedsP
12 Jun, 08:44 PM UTC
June 12 is the anniversary of: 1. Medgar Evers' assassination 2. Loving v. Virginia, outlawing discrimination in Marriage 3. The Pulse Nightclub attack, the deadliest attack on the LGBTQ population in America We have work to do yet #MedgarEvers #LovingDay #Pulse #EqualityForAll
12 Jun, 07:01 PM UTC
Happy #LovingDay to all the #interracialcouples out there! On June 12, 1967, marriage became legal for interracial couples in America. Celebrate your marriage today! #interracialmarriage #marriedlife #love 👩🏾‍🦱❤️👨🏻 https://t.co/OZXIvMtIn4
12 Jun, 08:13 PM UTC
Anj Handa FRSA
There are many types of love. Today I felt the love from my biz contacts, with not 1 but 6 recommendations for my work on LinkedIn 😎 A great boost - I was feeling flat for a combination of reasons. I also felt agape kind of love for the wildlife in my garden. Happy #LovingDay 😍
12 Jun, 08:43 PM UTC
Portia McGonagal of Winterfell
@Kalarigamerchic Same Sis. Happy #LovingDay to you and your beautiful family!
12 Jun, 08:42 PM UTC
Adobe Spark
Love is #LovingDay! Share your history and pride on this special day celebrating marriage equality 💖: https://t.co/YND2Uvy3j5 @AdobeSpark's photo on #LovingDay
12 Jun, 08:39 PM UTC
Wicked Specialist
It’s crazy to think that only 52 years ago today, it became legal for people like me to marry people like my wife. All thanks to the Loving Family’s fight for legitimacy. All right here in my home state of Virginia. #LovingDay https://t.co/EMJSSnu2Lj
12 Jun, 08:37 PM UTC
Bianca R.R
«Happy #LovingDay!» 💓 . [Whether you have a cheesy relationship like Emmet and Lucy, or a little bit more intense as Green Arrow and Black Canary, it is always great to have someone to love... oh, and excuse Dinah's… https://t.co/qjHoV3rTXf
12 Jun, 08:44 PM UTC
The Basic Mom
Celebrating #LovingDay today. 52 years ago the Supreme Court ruled marriage is a civil right and cannot be infringed upon. Ending state laws that banned interracial marriages. My family probably wouldn’t exist without Loving V Virginia. ❤️
12 Jun, 08:44 PM UTC
JayRay - رشيد التشيرا
#LovingDay commemorates 52 years since Supreme Court ruled that laws criminalizing interracial marriage were unconstitutional. If you want to sink your teeth into this (you should) watch this series abt the cultural waves & topics that have emerged since: https://t.co/NPvIoC4zB0
12 Jun, 08:40 PM UTC
Melinda Zosh
Today is a historic day for men and women in the U.S. Before June 12, 1967, interracial marriage was still outlawed in 16 states. However, 52 years ago today, the Supreme Court Case Loving Vs. Virginia made interracial marriage legal in America. #LovingDay https://t.co/ckslAbivq3
12 Jun, 08:37 PM UTC