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Geraldo Rivera
A loyal friend, hounded without mercy by Democrats intent on destroying him from Day 1. Then he lost the election. It made him crazy or revealed a dysfunction I had refused to see. He then unleashed a mob to make war on their own government. 5 to their doom. @LizCheney is right
13 Jan, 01:23 AM UTC
Laura Ingraham
This from a loyal Republican donor: “Laura, if McConnell goes along with Impeachment and they actually go through with the process the Republican Party will cease to exist! This is ludicrous.”
13 Jan, 02:21 AM UTC
Ana Navarro-Cárdenas
For the life of me, I don’t get how complicit Republicans can be so blindly loyal to Trump. For 4 years, Pence looked at Trump with the same doe-eyes stare Nancy Reagan looked at Ronnie with. Yet, moment Pence said “no” for once, he sent his savages out to literally hang him.
13 Jan, 02:53 AM UTC
Chris Hayes
Anway, there is a real line in the sand here between, basically The Loyal Opposition and something way way darker and more existentially threatening to American democracy and I'm genuinely encouraged to see Republicans openly choosing to stand on the right side of that line.
12 Jan, 11:12 PM UTC
@shannonrwatts I think there needs to be a whole lot more alarm over the Q reps- they cannot be trusted in any capacity. They aren’t loyal to the Constitution, they’re only loyal to the next conspiracy theory. I’d be alarmed if I had to work with them.
13 Jan, 03:51 AM UTC
The New York Times
The blowup between President Trump and Mike Pence played out in dramatic fashion behind closed doors last Wednesday, a falling out between a president and his loyal vice president before Trump publicly urged supporters to the Capitol. https://t.co/kODbXBAgfZ
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
Erie Siobhan 🌱
@GeraldoRivera @LizCheney “Loyal friend”? Trump is only loyal to himself. Losing the election didn’t make him crazy; he has always been that way. Where were you when he was mocking a disabled reporter and putting kids in cages?
13 Jan, 02:05 AM UTC
Joseph Robertson
@GeraldoRivera @LizCheney Honestly, NO one anywhere believes he is loyal. He sent a mob to kill the @VP. He cheats at everything & turns on everyone. But thank you for recognizing #LizCheneyIsRight #TrumpBetrayedAmerica
13 Jan, 03:17 AM UTC
Morris Monye💙
U.S House of reps approved a resolution for Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and fire Trump. Pence refused. Trump has a loyal VP.
13 Jan, 08:10 AM UTC
I have friends from New York City who have known for decades that Trump is a low-life criminal & dangerously unstable. The fact that you considered him a loyal friend speaks volumes about you & your judgement, Geraldo. https://t.co/r1HEX8wEKj
13 Jan, 12:25 PM UTC
Relationships takes effort from both sides. Not one being loyal & faithful while the other can go acting single and be a buaya.
13 Jan, 01:19 PM UTC
🇮🇳 B L A C K 🕊
Vijay's biggest strength his loyal family audience. Even in this pandemic period, they came to watch a movie on the very first day. Some Journalists, Analysts gave interview on Youtube people won't come, only fans will go to watch. They're off-base! #MasterPongal
13 Jan, 01:29 PM UTC
Terms of Virgo
#Virgos are loyal friends.
13 Jan, 10:57 AM UTC
I’ll be the first to admit my attitude ain’t always all that but I’m loyal, I show up and I keep it real every time!
13 Jan, 02:53 AM UTC
Immigration.Com #Resist
@GeraldoRivera @OkiesweetieDeb @LizCheney Mr. Rivera, Trump started destroying lives from day one. The list of people he victimized is long. Your “loyal friend” was always a weak, characterless, narcissistic vulture. Be honest. #TrumpCoupAttempt
13 Jan, 04:01 AM UTC
Luci Power
This full video was uploaded to my VIP OnlyFans members for FREE. How did they become a VIP? They’re loyal. They have subbed to me for at least 6 months, and will be rewarded with free and EXCLUSIVE footage. Join now, and be loyal to become a VIP. https://t.co/0Hn7szapJp https://t.co/abOEmUtS1H
13 Jan, 07:32 AM UTC
Ain't this some sh*t. Imagine the type of person you would have to be to rise quickly through the Trump campaign at 20 something and having only graduated in May. It's a rise built for the most loyal, craven and mendacious of Trump supporters. He should have been fired. https://t.co/YX5lsfIpyz
13 Jan, 11:06 AM UTC
J.F. Riordan
For all his wildness and ball-focus, Auggie is a deeply loyal and loving friend. https://t.co/zJ3QPabxkH
13 Jan, 01:44 PM UTC
⠀ ⠀https://t.co/WVlK3Xifrx⠀ loyal brave daring chivalrous. adventurous. 𝗚𝗜𝗢𝗩𝗔𝗡𝗡𝗜 𝐆𝐑𝐘𝐅𝐅𝐈𝐍𝐃𝐎𝐑. descendant of godric gryffindor. a walking trouble. ⠀ https://t.co/7JfSu67Pjk
13 Jan, 01:50 PM UTC
Even Wizkid knows that Nigeria is bigger than Ghana but fact still stands that @shattawalegh fanbase called shatta movement is biggest nd loyal Fanbase...this not Yuroba, igbos or biafra. #Sm4lyf Go vote >> https://t.co/OxvTdTup1B https://t.co/03JPrxzTCh #1DonStreamingMinded https://t.co/zEVFuBTgpR
12 Jan, 07:46 PM UTC
ηαυѕнєєη кнαη 🍂🕊️
From 1989 till today his Stardom and fan following has remained loyal towards him that's Says he is the biggest and most loved Megastar #SalmanKhan #26YrsOfHistoricKaranArjun
13 Jan, 02:05 PM UTC
Princess Kelsey's mongrel
Stop what you are doing right now and kneel Kneel before @Mommy_Hikari Let the world know you are her loyal servant and a mindless drone You work for her https://t.co/46QY5JuWRa
13 Jan, 10:54 AM UTC
Mi most loyal confidente Miguel Pompeo, you are my one true Sancho Panza. Muchas Gracias for helping me fight for los American People. I love you, Miguel Pompeo. I LOVE YOU!!! https://t.co/1sYPNr9sTp
13 Jan, 02:05 PM UTC
Justin Fryer
So 18 month contract with #virginmedia on oomph £79.00 and a free 43" TV, existing customer renewing their contact £139.00. Surely cheaper to keep an existing customer than to find a new one, why treat your loyal customers this way? £980 extra for the same service over 18 months!
13 Jan, 01:27 PM UTC
Still wearing a mask
@GeraldoRivera @LizCheney He separated families and put kids in cages He ignored a pandemic and then ignored the thousands who died. He vilified Muslims. but hey so he was a "loyal friend" to you so ok then.
13 Jan, 04:08 AM UTC
MasterFzz 4K
Looking for a loyal sub to dry my feet with a towel while i am playing with his savings account 💦 @MASTER_UPDATES https://t.co/SWsBJTF3MS
13 Jan, 02:10 PM UTC
Being loyal is really attractive
13 Jan, 02:13 PM UTC
azeel ☁️
napapagitnaan ng cheater at loyal ah hmm
13 Jan, 02:13 PM UTC
This is what happens when someone font care about your feelings https://t.co/DBMhwQ3YRK
13 Jan, 02:15 PM UTC

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