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Tej Dhaliwal
Love Luongo but he literally slapped the #Canucks org in the face (not the fans) by not going on LTIR & retiring instead. Y'all want to retire his number still? I'm sure Bobby Lu loves his fans but he did the org dirty there, albeit returning the favour for the Heritage Classic.
12 Aug, 09:31 PM UTC
Summer Lad 🏳️‍🌈
What is with Vancouver's obsession with trading Loui Eriksson to Ottawa??? Do they not know that he's owed $3 million next July 1st and $9 million from now until the end of his contract? Melnyk ain't doing that unless LTIR insurance pays for it. #Canucks
12 Aug, 03:14 AM UTC
Clay Imoo
#Canucks fans: did your opinion of Roberto Luongo change when he decided to retire (triggering the cap recapture penalty) as opposed to going on LTIR?
12 Aug, 10:52 PM UTC
@TheOakLeafs I've never seen basketball fans worry about if they need to put players on LTIR to sign a young star
12 Aug, 07:20 PM UTC
Sean Gordon
@DavePrattSports He choked in big games and acted like a Princess. He retired instead of going on to LTIR, so he screwed the Canucks one more time. Kirk McLean has done a lot more for the Canucks.
12 Aug, 04:56 PM UTC
Ryan Bentley
@TheStanchion @DrDangles87 Not to mention it seems like it was Tallon who convinced Lu to just retire instead of go on LTIR. Not sure that Luongo would've turned down the remaining money on his contract if he wasn't nudged in that direction
12 Aug, 09:36 PM UTC
Eller & Corson’s Dad 🤟🏻
@Chris_Ravary I’d speculate a few have handshake deals in place already and just waiting on LTIR cap relief
12 Aug, 05:54 PM UTC
Frank Pitkewicz
@BlueshirtsBreak Can someone Tanya Harding Marc Staal so we can put him on LTIR lol
12 Aug, 02:02 PM UTC
Ken Henderson
@DrDangles87 @Fan2Abby I think the Panthers were adamant they wouldn't support him to go to LTIR. They have less of a cap hit with the burden shifting to the #Canucks when he retires. Blame the Panthers not Luongo... hell, blame Bettman because this cap-recapture is bullcrap.
13 Aug, 12:07 AM UTC
@DrDangles87 I'm with you on this one, players have faked having conditions and injuries to go on ltir for teams to not affect their cap situations and Luongo didn't and he had actual injury issues. Don't retire the jersey let the Panthers do what they need to.
12 Aug, 09:44 PM UTC
@strombone1 If you want something new to put on it’s called ltir.
12 Aug, 08:21 PM UTC
Eller & Corson’s Dad 🤟🏻
@mhngguy @Chris_Ravary Just can’t see them letting him go & they have 2 big contracts to put on LTIR that gives them over $10 in space.
12 Aug, 07:38 PM UTC
@krufrank Anaheim has said repeatedly it wants to clear cap space to bring in their young players. No way they're taking on LE for 3 years. They'd get far more use out of Kesler's LTIR than an aging problem from another team in their own division.
12 Aug, 04:38 AM UTC
@boi_davey @RockinWestVan @Berger_BYTES @hoglanderr @Canucks This tweet makes me think you dont understand how LTIR and cap space work. They cannot match any OS until the start if the season. Which basically means if someone OS him and he signs it. He walks. I find it hard to believe this would happen but the Leafs hands are tied.
12 Aug, 03:48 AM UTC
Tej Dhaliwal
@krusty027 @Fan2Abby Totally get that. But for debate purposes, I believe the player could be equally as adamant that he go on LTIR and kinda force the organizations hands too, with legitimacy behind the injuries ofc. But yeah, I hear ya.
13 Aug, 12:22 AM UTC
@LilUziPat @BrandonM823 @oldpappy59 @adater It's a lot different if you're comparing an LTIR contract to a cash rich team
12 Aug, 11:51 PM UTC
Mark Allred
@KyleOHowe @cmancuso9797 @Mike_Cratty I agree but the players you mentioned were put on LTIR because they’re injuries were career ending. Sorry but that’s not the case here until a medical professional signs off on it. Both Moore and Miller are expected to be back to playing sometime in the upcoming season.
12 Aug, 10:50 PM UTC
Kyle O’Howe
@BlackAndGold277 @cmancuso9797 @Mike_Cratty It’s quite a confusing scenario. The only thing they could do is have a deal in place, but if any player is cleared healthy that will be closer to October. Guys on LTIR can be moved aka Callahan/Clarkson, but guys who aren’t on LTIR are protected from trade. The CBA = 💩
12 Aug, 10:46 PM UTC
Tej Dhaliwal
@tonytanti1 I believe there were ways for Lu to pursue LTIR, what with all his nagging injuries and etc.
12 Aug, 10:02 PM UTC
Tej Dhaliwal
@bruuntuun Respect your opinion. Saying he did it for Florida is also saying he didn't do it for the Canucks tho. Retiring was more detrimental to "one" organization than going in LTIR would have been.
12 Aug, 09:54 PM UTC
Sat Oberoi
@Fan2Abby Agreed but they can go over slightly until LTIR kicks in or wait until the season begins to sign. PTO during training camp.
12 Aug, 07:48 PM UTC
Hey @CapFriendly if a player on an ELC is placed on LTIR does the ELC slide a year?
12 Aug, 06:47 PM UTC
Is it October yet?
@depoisdacurva @cgytradecentral With Valimaki out now, I imagine he's going on LTIR, so that frees up what like 800k or so? How does that work? Not a ton of cash, but a bit of padding?
12 Aug, 06:33 PM UTC
Charlie Burge
@aigemac My opinion. Gardner and Marner already have deals in place. Which is why silence in both camps. Have to wait for Horton and Clarkson to go on LTIR.
12 Aug, 05:26 PM UTC
@paper_seas Maybe the Canucks told them to go fuck themselves because they didn't put him on LTIR, lol
12 Aug, 02:43 PM UTC
Ken Henderson
@CanuckClay The Panthers made him retire, they wouldn't agree to LTIR. Come on now...
13 Aug, 12:23 AM UTC
@DrDangles87 ...he had zero responsibility to the organization when he chose to retire instead of LTIR. He actually did that to help his current team, the Panthers, hey a cap break...he’s a class guy, and is deserving of this honour!
12 Aug, 10:48 PM UTC
Tej Dhaliwal
@calicanucks @TheStanchion It's just that he had both options, LTIR and retirement, and he chose the option which had a more detrimental effect to one team v.s. the alternative that wouldn't have been as bad for the other team.
12 Aug, 10:46 PM UTC
Chris Mancuso
@BlackAndGold277 @Mike_Cratty You can have deals in place before they can go through lol the LTIR option is what Matt said if you’re over the cap which Boston could very well be. Also at the start of the conversation I said I didn’t know and I still can’t find where I asked what you thought lol
12 Aug, 10:06 PM UTC
@DrDangles87 Oh he had the injuries for sure. My understanding though is that the team decides to put a player on LTIR. Not the player's decision. I could be wrong but that's what I read when it was all going down.
12 Aug, 10:04 PM UTC