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Anthony DiComo
It won't be a bullpen game tonight after all for the Mets. They've recalled left-hander Joey Lucchesi, who will start against the Cardinals.
03 May, 07:56 PM UTC
Mike Puma
Good job by the Mets bullpen tonight. Only underscores the miscalculation on starting Lucchesi.
04 May, 02:52 AM UTC
Anthony DiComo
Mets Game 23 of 162, @ STL Monday, May 3, 7:45 p.m. ET RHP Adam Wainwright (0-3, 4.08) McNeil 2B Lindor SS Conforto RF Alonso 1B D. Smith LF Pillar CF Villar 3B Nido C Lucchesi LHP (0-1, 6.75) Brandon Nimmo and J.D. Davis remain absent due to finger injuries.
03 May, 09:09 PM UTC
Joey Lucchesi honoring his Italian heritage by serving up spicy meatballs 💪🏼🇮🇹
04 May, 01:36 AM UTC
Mets Fix
Not sure why the Mets like Lucchesi as a starter. He doesn’t have the repertoire to be effective in that role, he just doesn’t
04 May, 01:02 AM UTC
Good job Reid-Foley. Now go sit back on the bench for 2 weeks. We have no need for you and your 0.00 ERA. Have to look for more opportunities for Lucchesi to pitch.
04 May, 02:27 AM UTC
Mets bullpen was solid Mets offense was solid Joey Lucchesi was not Back at it tomorrow #LGM
04 May, 03:26 AM UTC
In Mets We Trust
Rotation is a plus. Bullpen is a plus. Offense is a plus. Even defense has looked good. Lucchesi has been the only bad starter. It must be hard to get a feel when he only pitches every 10 days. Lindor will come around eventually, and the Mets will be a great team. Book it #LGM
04 May, 03:41 AM UTC
Mike Puma
Joey Lucchesi says Tomas Nido told him the Arenado call was correct; foul tip.
04 May, 03:39 AM UTC
Subway To Shea Podcast
The phantom foul tip was the turning point of this game. Arenado sold it to the umpire and he bought it. Nido should have started walking of with Lucchesi. That whole situation still bothers me. #Mets #LGM #LFGM
04 May, 03:12 AM UTC
Tim Britton
Tomás Nido told Joey Lucchesi that Arenado did get a piece of that two-strike pitch in the third inning, by the way.
04 May, 03:33 AM UTC
Joey Lucchesi talks about what happened in Nolan Arenado's at-bat in the 3rd inning: "I was trying to go up and away, threw too middle and got hurt for it" @SNYtv's photo on Lucchesi
04 May, 03:40 AM UTC
@Mets rojas and lucchesi next
04 May, 04:00 AM UTC
New York Post
Joey Lucchesi falls flat as Cardinals outslug Mets @nypost's photo on Lucchesi
04 May, 03:38 AM UTC
Danny Abriano
Mets tonight: Good: The offense Good: The defense Good: The bullpen Not good: Joey Lucchesi It’s a really aggravating loss, but they won’t lose many games where they score 5 runs, play tremendous defense, and the bullpen allows zero runs Back at it tomorrow
04 May, 03:30 AM UTC
Happy deGrom Day(11-12)
@SNYtv fire Rojas, the only reason the Mets lost this game is because a struggling pitcher was left on the mound for about 3 batters too long. It was a no brainer to take Lucchesi out, but unfortunately Rojas has no brain
04 May, 03:58 AM UTC
Steve Cohen Fan Account
@Mets Please don’t let Joey Lucchesi pitch again. Thank you
04 May, 03:31 AM UTC
Tweet News
Per la presidente e la responsabile comunicazione di Filo&Fibra è importante garantire alle generazioni future le stesse risorse di quelle precedenti
04 May, 05:00 AM UTC
@JustinCToscano Now do his decision to start Lucchesi.
04 May, 04:39 AM UTC
Dave Del Greco
@SNYtv Lucchesi implodes so they fire the hitting coaches. Makes sense.
04 May, 03:57 AM UTC
Knish Nosh
@timbhealey Ridiculous. Did they bring in Edwin Diaz? Start Lucchesi? Bury Jizzleman? The team finally is scoring so yeah fire the hitting instructors. Brilliant.
04 May, 03:49 AM UTC
History Teacher
@Mets Whose bright idea was it to give Lucchesi another start? Mets management stop giving away games.
04 May, 03:48 AM UTC
🇩🇴 809 🇩🇴
@Mets Reminder, send Lucchesi to gulag
04 May, 03:31 AM UTC
Grace Carbone
Ayyyyy, dis Joey guy, I don’t think he’s got da stuff to make it in the bigs, ya know what I mean? Starting pitching? Fuhgeddaboudit!
04 May, 03:31 AM UTC
@MetsCB1969 @EvanRobertsWFAN Totally agree! Lucchesi is the perfect example of why you use an opener like Gsellman or Barnes. No way Arenado gets a piece of that pitch if it’s the first time he sees Lucchesi that night.
04 May, 04:32 AM UTC
@EvanRobertsWFAN If you fire Chili and Tom, you do it before the team travels to St. Louis. Tonight’s problem: Lucchesi should only face the heart of the lineup once (which is why you have Barnes or Gsellman open). I’m concerned if this is a Lindor thing.
04 May, 04:29 AM UTC
rowlet nut
Mets send down Joey Lucchesi for Tony Gabagool
04 May, 03:57 AM UTC
New York Post Sports
Joey Lucchesi falls flat as Cardinals outslug Mets @nypostsports's photo on Lucchesi
04 May, 03:38 AM UTC