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Kobe was so much more than an athlete, he was a family man. That was what we had most in common. I would hug his children like they were my own and he would embrace my kids like they were his. His baby girl Gigi was born on the same day as my youngest daughter Me’Arah.
26 Jan, 11:04 PM UTC


Jimmy Kimmel
So far 2020, you suck.
26 Jan, 08:21 PM UTC


Sab 🌹
Two kids lost both parents and their sister today. This is beyond a tragedy. There are no words for the losses today.. but the Altobelli family deserves equal recognition and prayers today. So so so heartbreaking.
27 Jan, 01:10 AM UTC


Vanessa has gained 2 beautiful angels🕊🕊 May their legacy stay alive forever💙 RIP Kobe & Gianna💙🕊💙 @13Dajerr's photo on Brock
26 Jan, 09:58 PM UTC


Trae Young
All the Lessons All the Advice Every word you ever told me... Will stick with me forever Thank You Kobe🙏🏽❤️ @TheTraeYoung's photo on Lana
26 Jan, 08:00 PM UTC

mike tirico

Barstool Sports
Mike Tirico explaining what Gordon Hayward did on Kobe’s final game to ensure he dropped 60 will give you chills @barstoolsports's photo on mike tirico
28 Jan, 01:22 AM UTC

Kim Namjoon

BigHit Entertainment
[기사] #투모로우바이투게더 “데뷔 1주년 앞두고 책임감 더 강해져”
27 Jan, 06:48 AM UTC


今の小学生は知らない @yeskiri's photo on Riddle
26 Jan, 12:02 PM UTC


jogos vorazes influenciou até na moda parecem que todos saíram de alguma festa de panem
27 Jan, 04:47 AM UTC


Ana Navarro-Cárdenas
Bondi made a strong case Hunter Biden’s Burisma appointment was nepotism. Probably true. But, if giving a job to an unqualified kid or spouse of an influential member of government was illegal, half the Senate would be indicted and Trump would have been impeached for nepotism.
27 Jan, 10:10 PM UTC


maybe: clare
When you’ve been giving your boyfriend the silent treatment in the car the whole way home and then he asks if you want to stop for food @clur19's photo on Meadows
27 Jan, 04:02 AM UTC


Fat Big Sean
Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Thugger, girls. @Nip__'s photo on Mojo
27 Jan, 08:42 PM UTC


hayley from Paramore 🌺
not able to watch tonight but i had to search the internet for this performance cause i knew this bish was gonna serve talent and delicious, buttery vox. congrats @billieeilish & @finneas.
27 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC


maria poppins
26 Jan, 10:46 PM UTC


"We're literally standing here heartbroken in the house that Kobe Bryant built." At the Staples Center, @aliciakeys opens the #GRAMMYs with a touching tribute. @CBS's photo on Billie
27 Jan, 01:44 AM UTC


Maggie Haberman
Per sources, some GOP senators privately pushing White House for information on who at administration had visibility into the manuscript over the last month. Senators feel blindsided.
27 Jan, 01:36 PM UTC


robby d
My favorite part of Kobe’s last game #KobeFarewell @bramante__'s photo on #KobeFarewell
28 Jan, 04:17 AM UTC


Complex Music
billie eilish vocals >>> #Grammys @ComplexMusic's photo on eilish
27 Jan, 02:43 AM UTC


Justin Amash
Cool, then let’s put Bolton under oath.
27 Jan, 06:34 AM UTC


Outlands Television
While some think he’s not ready for the Games, James "The Forge" McCormick is confident his Shatter Gauntlets and full backing from Hammond Robotics will help him make his mark in the Arena. Don't miss this special episode of "Up Close and Personal with Lisa Stone". @PlayApex's photo on Forge
27 Jan, 06:00 PM UTC


Laura Ingraham
Dershowitz by far is the best of the day. A liberal defending the Constitution...persuasive and insightful analysis. Bondi also filleted the Bidens.
28 Jan, 01:22 AM UTC

National Security Advisor

Rudy Giuliani
.@LouDobbs There is no way in the world President Trump would say this to John Bolton. It’s a shame that a man will sacrifice his integrity to make a few bucks on a book. No wonder he accomplished so little as National Security Advisor.
27 Jan, 12:02 PM UTC


Jerome Polin Sijabat
Bulan pertama di 2020 kok rasanya banyak hal menyedihkan yah
27 Jan, 10:46 AM UTC

Jane Raskin

Rudy Giuliani
Jane Raskin is doing a masterful job defending me in my role as defense counsel. As she pointed out, I did not dig up dirt on Joe Biden. The information RE his outrageous criminal conduct was handed to me, along with a video tape, 4 witnesses &...
27 Jan, 09:12 PM UTC


Scott Dworkin
BREAKING: Mitt Romney just said he supports calling John Bolton as a witness for Trump’s removal trial: “I can't begin to tell you how John Bolton's testimony would ultimately play on a final decision but it's relevant. And therefore, I'd like to hear it.” #BoltonMustTestify
27 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC

Ivanka and Jared

George Takei
Watching the GOP decry nepotism while Ivanka and Jared are in the White House is like watching the NRA send thoughts and prayers after a school shooting. It's truly dizzying, the ethical gymnastics these sycophants will do.
27 Jan, 10:35 PM UTC

Jerry West

LA Clippers
Statement from Jerry West. @LAClippers's photo on Jerry West
26 Jan, 11:08 PM UTC

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