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𝔎𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔞 🪱
lucy hale secured a DILF. it’s hard seeing other people living your dreams
22 Feb, 09:28 PM UTC
Lucy Hale is 31, I wish people would stop infantilizing grown ass women.
22 Feb, 07:27 PM UTC
Sarah McGonagall
the youngins are wondering why lucy hale is dating THE billy loomis despite their age difference, all I can say is YOU WEREN’T THERE!!!!!
22 Feb, 09:58 PM UTC
Page Six
Lucy Hale photographed kissing Skeet Ulrich @PageSix's photo on Lucy Hale
22 Feb, 06:47 PM UTC
Lucy Hale is so lucky to be dating Skeet Ulrich. That's one fine man. @careal89's photo on Lucy Hale
22 Feb, 10:25 PM UTC
My rule is that If both people are over 30 than it’s none of my business. Lucy Hale is 31
22 Feb, 08:58 PM UTC
quenton in ⁴ᴷ⁶⁰
Gen Z is currently saying that 31 year old Lucy Hale is being preyed upon by dating 51 year old Skeet Ulrich. @ROUSEYSHIRAl's photo on Lucy Hale
22 Feb, 10:05 PM UTC
Cyndi is Openly Black
I canNOT BELIEVE Lucy Hale is living out my dream. She got a Dilf who is booked and busy ITS NOT FAIR. @Cyn_Harris1's photo on Lucy Hale
22 Feb, 11:56 PM UTC
Wishing I was Lucy Hale right about now
22 Feb, 07:28 PM UTC
Film Updates
Lucy Hale and Skeet Ulrich spotted out and about in Los Angeles
22 Feb, 07:49 PM UTC
butterscotch queen
Skeet Ulrich is fine as hell. I’d date him too, tf. Good for Lucy Hale @AshleyPoitevien's photo on Lucy Hale
22 Feb, 11:11 PM UTC
hana ミ☆
lucy hale and aria montgomery @santnaIopz's photo on Lucy Hale
22 Feb, 08:59 PM UTC
Anita bonita🌻
Suddenly idk if i wanna be Lucy Hale or Skeet Ulrich but... @hogazaparrillaa's photo on Lucy Hale
22 Feb, 08:26 PM UTC
Higor Magela 200K
eu to passado, chocadoh! Lucy Hale, de Pretty Little Liars e Skeet Ulrich, FP de Riverdale, foram fotografados juntos. @HigoorSelifi's photo on Lucy Hale
22 Feb, 09:11 PM UTC
Y’all remember when Lucy Hale was in Scream 4 and now she’s dating THE Billy Loomis?
22 Feb, 08:00 PM UTC
Petition to make Skeet Ulrich and Lucy Hale’s celebrity couple name “Pecan”
22 Feb, 10:08 PM UTC
Sarah Bear ⁷𖧵
Lucy Hale is dating Skeet Ulrich?? She’s really out here living my dream
22 Feb, 10:24 PM UTC
Alan Sarapa
Lucy Hale is 31. It isn't gross for her to be banging Skeet Ulrich. Let 30-somethings bang 40-somethings in peace.
22 Feb, 09:42 PM UTC
Alan Sarapa
Okay, so Skeet Ulrich is 51. I hope Lucy Hale is enjoying sitting on that 51 year old face.
22 Feb, 10:02 PM UTC
Audrey Lynn ✨ Freelance Illustrator
So happy for Lucy Hale and Skeet Ulrich
23 Feb, 12:44 AM UTC
carina adly mackenzie
Skeet Ulrich is arguably the hottest man I’ve ever seen in person so honestly I’m STOKED for Lucy Hale. I’d 100% let Billy Loomis murder me.
23 Feb, 02:47 AM UTC
𝕽𝖎𝖉𝖑𝖊𝖞 𝕹𝖔𝖆𝖍🖤📚
Being bisexual is being unsure if you wanna be Lucy Hale or skeet Ulrich rn
22 Feb, 09:46 PM UTC
Louis Peitzman
Everyone is talking about the Riverdale franchise connection, no one is talking about the Scream franchise connection.
22 Feb, 08:05 PM UTC
Morgan L. Stringer, Ace Associate
Seeing Lucy Hale kiss Skeet Ulrich, and...
23 Feb, 03:28 AM UTC
Si Lucy Hale y Skeet Ulrich son pareja, por supuesto que yo puedo andar con Tom Hiddleston
23 Feb, 01:36 AM UTC
sol 
lucy hale le dio mg a la foto que subió el estilista a su ig de tini😭😭
23 Feb, 03:40 AM UTC
bruna louise
skeet ulrich and lucy hale on a date literally the most random thing ever??? but i love it???
22 Feb, 07:38 PM UTC
jeslee | BLM
so envious of lucy hale kissing skeet ulrich
23 Feb, 03:41 AM UTC

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