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Sarah Mucha
After being introduced by Luis Fonsi, Joe Biden pulled out his phone and started playing Despacito ahead of his remarks kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month in Kissimmee, FL. @sarahmucha's photo on Luis Fonsi
16 Sep, 12:26 AM UTC
Just fyi, Biden didn't just walk on stage and played Despacito out of the blue. He was introduced by Luis Fonsi who said Despacito broke barriers for a new generation of Latin music and that Biden would encourage more creativity among latinx community. Biden plays the song.
16 Sep, 02:58 AM UTC
c i n d y ♎️
So the same white folks who overplayed Despacito for 2-3 years are now oppose to it because Joe Biden (who was introduced by Luis Fonsi himself) played it because today’s the start of #HispanicHeritageMonth? @lilicablossomxo's photo on Luis Fonsi
16 Sep, 02:27 AM UTC
Kelsey Walsh
This video is doctored. It did not happen. During an event today, Biden played the song Despacito as singer Luis Fonsi was in attendance.
16 Sep, 04:25 AM UTC
Rene' Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Latinos definitely for Trump!!! CRINGE: After Being Introduced at Latino Event by Puerto Rican Singer Luis Fonsi, Biden Pulls Out His Phone and Starts Playing Despacito (VIDEO) @Rparkerscience on Luis Fonsi"> via @gatewaypundit Follow me @Rparkerscience !
16 Sep, 01:45 AM UTC
Denise Oliver-Velez 💛
For anyone clueless about #Despacito -it's the most streamed track of all time, played 4.6 billion times. So kudos to Luis Fonsi for supporting @JoeBiden - and you trolls and Trump-idiots mocking this are helping Joe - thanks.
16 Sep, 10:30 AM UTC
Ares 🥁🛹
Biden was literally introduced by Luis Fonsi, talking about how Despacito showed him that America can unite around good music. Biden then enters and plays the song. I hate people on this app.
16 Sep, 10:44 AM UTC
Marianna Sotomayor
@JoeBiden @ricky_martin @EvaLongoria @LuisFonsi Echoing what Eva Longoria, Ricky Martin & Luis Fonsi asked, @JoeBiden implored Hispanic voters to make their voices heard this election. "Latino community holds the destiny of the country, may not want to hear it, but it's true. You can decide the direction of this country."
16 Sep, 12:22 AM UTC
Ashley Kuckelman 🌊🐝🕶🥁
@mercedesschlapp @JoeBiden Do YOU realize that he was introduced by Luis Fonsi who performed the song? While we’re talking about SLOW ... 👇🏼
16 Sep, 04:54 AM UTC
W.E. Dupree
WARNING: Unusually high, off-the-charts cringe at your own risk 🤣
16 Sep, 01:45 PM UTC
Brenden Lowe
For those of you who think this is Biden “being racist” you should get the full context of this video. Biden plays this song after Luis Fonsi, the singer of Despacito, introduces him for the campaign event. It’s not racism, just having fun with Mr. Fonsi.
16 Sep, 01:51 AM UTC
Gabriel Bulgakov
Luis Fonsi (que es de Puerto Rico) hace campaña apoyando a Biden quien tiene permiso para usar su canción DESPACITO. El detalle está en que el presidente de PuertoRico es el presi de EEUU pero ellos NO pueden votar, son como una especie de colonia Qué dirá @Residente al respecto
16 Sep, 02:11 PM UTC
Have the t
@sarahmucha @motherFer2 Everyone wants to turn this into pandering or racism. He was introduced by Luis Fonsi who wrote the song. He may have even been making fun of the sleepy joe crap as Despacito means slowly, but I'm just guessing as to his intent. He does have a sense of humor so....
16 Sep, 02:55 AM UTC
RT en Español
El cantante Luis Fonsi presentó al candidato demócrata a la Casa Blanca, Joe Biden, en un mitin. En agradecimiento a la introducción, el político reprodujo la conocida canción de Fonsi, Despacito 👉 @ActualidadRT's photo on Luis Fonsi
16 Sep, 02:09 PM UTC
Trump : Why didn't Biden enact a mandatory mask policy? My healthcare plan is ready, right there in my head. Media : 🦗🦗🦗 Biden : Let's play Despacito from my phone after Luis Fonsi introduces me, that's gonna be cool! Media : OMG! That is so cringe! That's offensive! Shame!
16 Sep, 10:47 AM UTC
But go ahead and make fun of Trump for saying #HerdMentality Imbeciles "Joe Biden played Despacito from his phone at an event in Florida after being introduced by singer Luis Fonsi"
16 Sep, 12:24 PM UTC
Ricky Martin y Luis Fonsi, en campaña con Joe Biden llaman a derrotar a Trump ⬇️ @ricky_martin @LuisFonsi
16 Sep, 02:30 PM UTC
Kevin Munoz
Joe Biden destaca su plan para Puerto Rico en Kissimmee, junto a Ricky Martin y Luis Fonsi
16 Sep, 02:36 PM UTC
@agerena12 So Luis Fonsi se unió al jueguito de la izquierda. No quieren estadidad pero bailan al son del amo.
16 Sep, 02:43 PM UTC
Jc 🌐
Biden did not play fuck the police at his rally, he played Despacito and danced with Luis Fonsi because he’s here in Florida. But trump will twist it and retweet a whole different video to convince his small brained group of supporters. #BidenForFL
16 Sep, 02:43 PM UTC
Of course it’s relevant that the person standing next to him is Luis Fonsi, the guy who wrote the song Despacito. Unless of course the purpose of this tweet is to mislead. But I’m sure that’s not the case.
16 Sep, 02:45 PM UTC
Calypso (Remix) Karol G - Luis Fonsi Karol G - Luis Fonsi - Calypso (Remix) # LATINO / ELECTRO
16 Sep, 02:45 PM UTC
@meyerjef @TrumpStudents Luis Fonsi sucks. Not every Latino person likes “Despacito,” or reggaetón in general. Biden using it as a joke at the event and trying to be ‘cool’ and ‘one of us’ was quite insulting.
16 Sep, 02:44 PM UTC
@Havethet1 @sarahmucha @motherFer2 Luis Fonsi did not write the song he just performs it
16 Sep, 02:44 PM UTC
Mami que tu quieres ✨
@trish_regan Lmaooooo. You don't even know anything. Luis Fonsi is the one who introduced him therefore he played his song which was a sweet moment. Stfu.
16 Sep, 02:43 PM UTC
@nocksies @sarahmucha First of all were not spanish ppl..were hispanics if you wanna be inclusive stop telling us what's offensive to us..the only reason why he even played that song was because luis fonsi introduced him🧍🏽‍♀️vete a la verga
16 Sep, 02:42 PM UTC
[VIDEO] Biden Misses His Cue, Doesn’t Come On Stage When Singer Luis Fonsi Introduces Him at “Latino Event” in Florida via @WayneDupreeShow
16 Sep, 02:42 PM UTC
Kristen Larsen
Joe Biden played Despacito from his phone at an event in Florida after being introduced by singer Luis Fonsi. English Translation includes, " Slowly, I want to breathe your neck slowly. Creepy Joe at it again. slowly
16 Sep, 02:42 PM UTC
@gothixTV I mean normally I'd be all wtf, but this makes sense. The guy who talked before him was Luis Fonsi (the singer of despacito) and Biden has a history of pulling up crap on his phone mid event to reference a famous person that's participating.
16 Sep, 02:42 PM UTC
Imagine_This 🇺🇲
In case you were wondering about the song Biden played yesterday. I sense a theme in his campaign with CardiB and now this.
16 Sep, 02:42 PM UTC

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