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Luke Maye with 6 points and 5 turnovers in the opening 12:22 of play.
16 Feb, 05:30 PM UTC
Pat James
With two rebounds already, Luke Maye has eclipsed the 800 mark for his career. He is the 21st Tar Heel with 800 or more rebounds.
16 Feb, 05:09 PM UTC
Adam Smith
Carolina leads 32-7. Roy is letting Luke Maye have it here during the timeout for the turnover just now. He barked at Kendall Marshall before starting in on Maye.
16 Feb, 05:30 PM UTC
Rick Heidrick ⚾
Remember that one time when Marvin Bagley III hammed it on Luke Maye? #MTNDEWICERisingStars #NBAAllstar
16 Feb, 02:38 AM UTC
Bryan Ives
Luke Maye on pace for the points, rebounds and turnovers triple-double.
16 Feb, 05:32 PM UTC
Adrian Atkinson
With 2 blocks today, Luke Maye has moved past David Noel, George Lynch, Rashad McCants, and Reyshawn Terry into 36th in UNC history with 62 in his career.
16 Feb, 06:23 PM UTC
Dadgum Box Scores
Luke Maye passes James Worthy on all-time scoring list Dadgum Box Scores's photo on Luke Maye
16 Feb, 06:32 PM UTC
Starting Five VS. Wake Forest Coby White Kenny Williams Cameron Johnson Luke Maye Garrison Brooks #UNC #TarHeels #TarHeelNation #GoHeels
16 Feb, 04:51 PM UTC
Aaron Beard
Woo boy, UNC with a 3 from Cam Johnson, a layup from Luke Maye and a putback by Johnson to force Wake's Danny Manning into a timeout after 2:10 of game action.
16 Feb, 05:09 PM UTC
Tar Heel Illustrated
Luke Maye now has 5 turnovers: 3 seconds, lost ball going up for a shot, stepped on line inbounding the ball, charging and losing the handle driving.
16 Feb, 05:29 PM UTC
Conor O'Neill
The end of the UNC bench, which is a few minutes from entering the game, pulling for Luke Maye to pour in more points because of one Wake student yelling that he eats pizza with a knife and fork.
16 Feb, 06:28 PM UTC
Halftime Stats: Cam Johnson 14 points (4/4) 3 PT 3 rebounds 3 assists Coby White: 8 points 3 rebounds 3 assists Luke Maye: 8 points 5 rebounds Seventh Woods: 7 points Nassir Little: 5 points
16 Feb, 05:52 PM UTC
Brandon Johnson
Luke Maye still finds a way to frustrate me when we’re winning 32-7
16 Feb, 05:31 PM UTC
Kelly Moore
Luke Maye, I love your game man, but please quit bringing the ball up, thank you! Tar Heel Nation
16 Feb, 05:30 PM UTC
UNC is playing really well, but I could do without Luke Maye turning it over 5 times already
16 Feb, 05:30 PM UTC
Even if you don’t like Luke Maye you have to respect his game. Man was a no name walk on, became a starter, hit one of the clutches shots in Carolina history as a sophomore and became a National Champion. Nothing but respect for this man 💪🏼🙏🏼👏🏼
16 Feb, 05:29 PM UTC
Cole Sifford
Somebody tell Luke Maye he is not a point guard
16 Feb, 05:29 PM UTC
Mike Morgan
@InsideCarolina Someone tell Luke Maye he’s not Larry Bird and to give the basketball up to a guard my God
16 Feb, 05:29 PM UTC
Dev and Faith
@Prime_VC @UNC_Basketball Well 5 of them are from the apparent PG named Luke Maye
16 Feb, 05:49 PM UTC
Sammy Batten
A 7-0 run by #UNC capped by Luke Maye easy layup at the end of the break gives Tar Heels a 49-21 lead and causes #WakeForest to call time out with 30 seconds left in the first half.
16 Feb, 05:46 PM UTC
Kenneth Watlington
Luke Maye has as many turnovers as Wake Forest has points. Probably.
16 Feb, 05:31 PM UTC
* 🥀
There is no offensive technique in the game of basketball that Luke Maye doesn't know. Truly remarkable considering his limitations. True student of the game.
16 Feb, 05:31 PM UTC
Doug Stevens
Luke Maye is so selfish with the ball
16 Feb, 05:29 PM UTC
Jay DiStefano
I really hate when people call Luke Maye a walk on because he’s not he was #100 but he was still a top 100 recruit out of high school
16 Feb, 05:28 PM UTC
Dee Tallman
@UNC_Basketball Honest question. What’s the constant obsession with Luke Maye? I’m assuming his BFF runs this account 😏
16 Feb, 02:53 PM UTC
@MattN9ne @coach_jones51 @bdheelfan @B_Green_08 @isaac_irby Can’t deny the energy around the football program tho! Just as much as the basketball team. And the b-ball team is a consistent luke maye away from huge contenders
16 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC
Rasta Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph
Feel like Andrew Platek might be the one to breakout in year 3 like Luke Maye did
16 Feb, 06:26 PM UTC
Steven Bowers
I know he’s played one more year, but I wonder how much you could have won four years ago if you bet luke maye would score more points than James worthy
16 Feb, 06:17 PM UTC
Erik Beimfohr
So Luke Maye over Cam Johnson was not an ideal decision in my return to CBB
16 Feb, 06:12 PM UTC
nick price
Hey @mikegminski it would be super weird to put Luke Maye in a Walk On Hall of Fame
16 Feb, 06:01 PM UTC
Hey @mikegminski it would be super weird to put Luke Maye in a Walk On Hall of Fame considering he was never a Walk On.
16 Feb, 05:58 PM UTC
Heel Squad
Cam Johnson leads UNC with 14. On his birthday, Coby White has scored 8. Luke Maye also put up 8. Seventh Woods showed out with 7. Nassir Little has 5. Brandon Robinson scores 3. Andrew Platek & Kenny Williams have 2 a piece.
16 Feb, 05:51 PM UTC
Luke Maye, umm 😐#UNCvsWAKE
16 Feb, 05:47 PM UTC
greg millikin
Our turnover situation is bad… Let’s bring Luke Maye back in. Said no one ever #UNCvsWake
16 Feb, 05:43 PM UTC
C Wesley Lindsey, MD
Luke Maye is... Balling?? @oneshiningpod
16 Feb, 05:33 PM UTC
Luke Maye turn the ball over way too much
16 Feb, 05:29 PM UTC
Trevor Honeycutt
Take Luke Maye out and put in Nas
16 Feb, 05:12 PM UTC
DTH Sports
North Carolina jumps out to a 7-0 lead, time out Wake Forest. Cameron Johnson with 5 early points, Luke Maye also on the board.
16 Feb, 05:09 PM UTC
Evan Fonseca°
How hasn't Luke Maye graduated yet?
16 Feb, 05:06 PM UTC
shaunny mayfield
luke maye already drunk
16 Feb, 05:06 PM UTC
Timmy Hawks
UNC vs. Wake Forest today. Luke Maye putting up extra shots before the game. unc_basketball @WakeMBB @goheels @thawks8
16 Feb, 04:32 PM UTC
Sutton Smith Szn
NBA: Mook Morris NFL: Jake Kumerow NCAAF: Sutton Smith NCAAB: Luke "Sour Cream" Maye MLB: Mookie with Coochie Betts NHL:Chara Boxing: Joe Frazier
16 Feb, 02:54 PM UTC
GPP: Luke Maye (F, 8300) UNC - WF has given up huge games to opposing bigs, Koumadje 40DK, Thomas 53DK, Popovic 38DK. Maye is top 40 in DR%, UNC implied score is 87. #bonusplay Jaylen Hoard (F, 7600) WF, had 54DK against Pitt and 44DK against similarly uptempo NC State.
16 Feb, 01:55 PM UTC

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