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¡ESCÁNDALO EN LA MLB! ⚾ Grandes Ligas descubrió que Jeff Lunhow (GM) y el entrenador AJ Hinch de los Astros de Houston usaron la tecnología para hacer trampa en el año que ganaron la Serie Mundial (2017) *Serían suspendidos un año y el equipo deberá pagar 5 MDD @ESPNmx's photo on Lunhow
13 Jan, 07:59 PM UTC
Brittany Ghiroli
So still a title, rings, playoff share $. Astros give up some draft picks and Hinch & Lunhow get a year off. To win a World Series. Lot of teams would make that deal. Harsh. But not harsh enough.
13 Jan, 07:11 PM UTC
Guillermo Celis
Y ahora el propietario de los #Astros, Jim Crane, anuncia que tanto Jeff Lunhow como A. J. Hinch están despedidos.
13 Jan, 08:13 PM UTC
NOTICIA DE ÚLTIMA HORA 🔥 MLB suspendió por un año al manager de los Astros AJ Hinch y a su Gerente General Jeff Lunhow como resultado de la investigación sobre el robo de señas que este equipo realizó a sus rivales con el uso de tecnología no permitida por la liga. Los Astro… @ESPN_Beisbol's photo on Lunhow
13 Jan, 10:28 PM UTC
Offszn Flow
“I’m dismissing AJ Hinch and Jeff Lunhow”
13 Jan, 08:36 PM UTC
Guillermo Celis
A. J. Hinch y Jeff Lunhow (Manager y Gerente General) de #Astros, suspendidos un año y la organización multada con 5 millones de dólares, tras el caso de robo de señales en el 2017.
13 Jan, 07:47 PM UTC
Gerrit Cole is a Yankee!
@Ken_Rosenthal Don’t worry Lunhow you’ll always have this moment:
13 Jan, 10:53 PM UTC
Pedro Antonio Domínguez
🚨🚨 Último momento: Astros de Houston castigados por robar señales en la Serie Mundial de 2017 vs Dodgers *1 año de suspensión para el GM Jeff Lunhow y Manager AJ Hinch *Multa de 5 millones de dólares *Perdida de selecciones de 1ra y 2da ronda de Draft en 2020 y 2021
13 Jan, 07:00 PM UTC
Diego Venegas Díaz
Castigo ejemplar de MLB a los Astros de Houston por usar tecnología avanzada para hacer trampa. A.J. Hinch y Jeff Lunhow son suspendidos un año de sus funciones. Pierden sus selección de draft de primera y segunda ronda en 2020 y 2021. Reciben multa de 5 millones de dólares.
13 Jan, 07:19 PM UTC
Ian Browne
Wow, the Astros just got rid of Lunhow and Hinch. What will become of Alex Cora?
13 Jan, 08:07 PM UTC
Chris Vinson
The Houston @astros have announced that after today's news, they will be playing the 2020 season as the Houston Asterisks. Astros GM Jeff Lunhow and manager AJ Hinch, as well as Boston manager Alex Cora have yet to comment on the new logo.
13 Jan, 08:49 PM UTC
Greedy Pinstripes
Hinch and Lunhow fired. Alex Cora, you're officially on the clock.
13 Jan, 08:39 PM UTC
New Jays unis did you say? Donaldson not getting paid Where were you when the Astros got fined. Hinch got fired Lunhow too Cora I think they'll come for you Where were you when the Astros got fined. What a day MLB What about the Tigers? Signing Ivan Nova Signing Ivan Nova
13 Jan, 10:34 PM UTC
Aurelio Ortiz
Para mi @LosAstros eran hasta hoy, una franquicia digna de admirar y copiar por la forma cómo pasaron de ser sotaneros a campeones. Ahora esa gloria ha quedado eternamente manchada gracias a Hinch, Lunhow y su combo de tramposos. @MiDiarioPanama
13 Jan, 08:52 PM UTC
Shea in Irving
jeff lunhow got time-servied and still snitched
13 Jan, 11:42 PM UTC
Brian LaLima
If you would have told me the day after the worst loss in Texans franchise history that AJ Hinch and Jeff Lunhow of the Astros would lose their jobs and NOT Billy O’Brien, I’d call you a jackass. But here we are. Unreal.
13 Jan, 08:12 PM UTC
Replacement Level Analyst
challenge to all sportswriters in 2020: don't write the uncritical pr rehab profile of lunhow and how much he's learned during his suspension
13 Jan, 11:55 PM UTC
Justin Striebel
Firstly, Jeff Lunhow is lying. Secondly, their were allegations against the Astros over the past few years. He had plenty of time to investigate and put a stop to it. Quite clearly he did not. He is more than complicit.
14 Jan, 12:00 AM UTC
@loserpoints “From the halls of McKinsey where, as a young riser, he recommended that elementary schools release carbon monoxide into their air systems to reduce childrens’ appetites and lower school lunch costs to the bright lights of the baseball world, Jeff Lunhow was always an achiever”
14 Jan, 12:02 AM UTC
Liz Wike
Thank you Hinch, thank you Lunhow!
14 Jan, 12:03 AM UTC
I wanted them to lose their entire 2020 draft class, and then lose their first in '21 and '22, along with lifetime bans of Cora, Lunhow, Hinch and suspensions for the entire front office. And international money restrictions for the next 3 years too.
13 Jan, 11:52 PM UTC
Hoodie Lisa Kolstad
So AJ and Lunhow get suspended and ultimately fired, but every last player on that Asstros team is culpable.... they are all guilty in this cheating scheme b/c they all took part in it....not one of those players has an ounce of integrity.
13 Jan, 11:49 PM UTC
Colin Garner
Between starting the epidemic of tanking and the sign stealing, nobody did more damage to baseball in the last decade than Jeff Lunhow.
14 Jan, 12:15 AM UTC
NOTICIA DE ÚLTIMA HORA 🔥 MLB suspendió por un año al manager de los Astros AJ Hinch y a su Gerente General Jeff Lunhow como resultado de la investigación sobre el robo de señas que este equipo realizó a sus rivales con el uso de tecnología no permitida
13 Jan, 11:49 PM UTC
The RedSox bandwagon
Well, at least he didn’t throw Alex Cora under the bus and run him over like Lunhow did
13 Jan, 11:39 PM UTC
Drew Balis
I have a hard time getting past how dismissive AJ Hinch was during the ALCS, but his statement is much better than Lunhow’s. Took some blame for the situation at least.
14 Jan, 12:10 AM UTC
Callie Tsai
•The replay room system was mentioned in at least two (2) emails to Luhnow, and there is conflicting evidence about Lunhow’s knowledge on the system •Manfred says it is the fault of Lunhow and Cora/ Hinch for not instilling a culture of sticking to the rules
13 Jan, 11:54 PM UTC
@PadreHomer He shouldn't get more than Hunch and Lunhow. But I would suspect the redsox do the same and let him go.
13 Jan, 11:54 PM UTC
J. Robert Aycock
Also - I firmly believe what Hinch and Lunhow did is much, much worse than what Pete Rose did. Hinch / Lunhow cheated in order to directly affect the outcome of games, including the 2017 World Series.
13 Jan, 11:51 PM UTC
#UPDATE: Former Astros manager A.J. Hinch released a statement Monday evening. He apologized for not stopping the electronic sign stealing, even though he said he did not "endorse or participate" in it. READ FULL STATEMENT in this article:
13 Jan, 11:43 PM UTC

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